Never believe it would happen to me..............

An ordinary girl from Ireland meets the Janoskians at a concert and the story begins................


3. The O2

We finally got to Dublin. We parked up at the hotel and checked in. They brought our bags upstairs and we went up to to our rooms. We had two different rooms beside eachothers. After we where settled in we decided to go to YOSUSHI down town. They was a group of people outside we where wondering why? We went inside and the waiter showed us out table. I gave Meach my bag and I went to the bathroom. *BEEP BEEP* my phone vibrated. It was Meabh ' Get outside mow I think I'm about to die!' I ran out of the bathroom and went over to Meabh. "WHATS WRONG!?" I said. Meabh just pointed behind me. I slowly turned around. My jaw dropped. It was them, THEM!!!!!!!!!! I slowly turned back around and sat down. "Stay cool don't act weird or they'll leave" Meabh just nodded she couldn't speak. I sat down and Luke Brooks my FAVORITE Janoskian was sitting beside my but I didn't scream (yet).

I began taking sushi from the belt that went around, trying to act normal as for Meabh she was paralyzed. I continued eating sushi but as I was speaking to Meabh the dish I wanted went over by Luke. I tried to reach for it but I was just out of reach. Then I saw someone grab it and turn to me. Luke had got it for me and was facing me. I was SCREAMING inside me with happiness. He handed it to me. "Here you go, guess you just missed it" he said with a small grin on his face. "Thanks, sorry I didn't mean to lean over on you so much" I said shyly. " It's ok I don't mind when pretty girls are doing it" he said . I must have been bright red when he said that. " Hey, Luke who you talking to?" said Beau. "Am.... a girl" he said "Her name dumbass!" said Beau. "What your name?" he said to me kindly. I had a face full of the sushi he handed me, I must have looked like a real retard. " Bonnie" i said covering my mouth. I turned to Meabh she was just like a statue. I saw her mouth the words OMG. Someone came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around. It was Beau ." Hey beautiful whats your friends name shes pretty sexy" he asked. I tooks a deep breath and said "Meabh". 

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