You live my life *complete*

One Direction is the biggest band in the world. Well, it used to be.
It's been one year since the band is over. Niall and Harry had an argument which causes the end of the boys band. But what if Niall and Harry meet again one day, at random, and they end living each other's life? Could the weirdest incident ever fix their friendship?


12. We need to fix this...

Niall's POV

Waiting for Harry to open the door, I stood their awkwardly, feeling a prat for knocking on my own house's door. Don't matter that I'm in someone else's body, this was my crib, it just felt bizarre. Harry answered, shocked to see me. "Erm come in," he stuttered

I stepped in, feeling super weird. This was the first time we'd been in the same room since the swap and it was surreal, seeing my body in front of me and not being in it.

"So what's up?" Harry's body asked.

"We need to fix this."

"I know. Don't wanna be like this forever."

The silence followed, neither of us really knowing what to do.

"Look, Niall. I know about things, like how you felt after the band broke up and such. And what I'm trying to say is I'm sorry, none of it was your fault. We all had a part in the break up, I guess I was just looking for someone to blame and you happened to be the fall guy..."

"Harry it's fine. Think we've both grown up. Maybe this body swap thing is a test. Maybe we have to learn how hard things were for each of us after the band so we'd stop blaming each other."

"Maybe, I just don't know Nialler. Nothing seems to be working."

I smiled to myself, Harry hadn't used that name since we fell out, were we slowly getting better? Even if we were, we were still stuck like this. Can we re-unite as a band? Can we mend the broken friendships? All these questions were running through my mind and as of yet none were being answered.


A/N: So so sorry for the time between this and the last update! I really hope you like this and hopefully there'll be no more unnecessary delays. Thank you all so much for your patience! Lots of love! Nuke xxx

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