You live my life *complete*

One Direction is the biggest band in the world. Well, it used to be.
It's been one year since the band is over. Niall and Harry had an argument which causes the end of the boys band. But what if Niall and Harry meet again one day, at random, and they end living each other's life? Could the weirdest incident ever fix their friendship?


18. Mum and Walter


Niall’s POV

I walked into the kitchen to find something to eat. I moved closer toward the fridge, yawning, and took a look at the clock on the wall. 9 am. I groaned loudly, hearing Harry yell from the living-room. We had spent the whole night playing the guitar.

“What’s wrong, Niall? Your fridge is empty?” I rolled my eyes and opened the fridge’s door, taking the first thing I saw there. I started eating it without really paying attention to what it was; I was way to hungry to care.

“Wake up Harry! You can’t sleep now!” I shouted at him when I went back into the room where I just found him on the couch, his eyes closed and breathing slowly. But he didn’t reply to me so I decided to throw something at him before reaching his side.

“Urgh! What’s that?” he asked with a disgusted voice, holding what I just threw at him. Not finding an object, I had thrown on him what I was holding: food. I sat beside him and replied,
“I don’t know.” I shrugged my shoulders but he kept staring at me with a shocked expression.

“But you ate it! There’s the mark of your teeth here! See!” He showed it to me and I shrugged my shoulders again. He sighed loudly but finished eating what I just thrown at him.

“Harry!! I wanted to finish eating that!” I complained and he started laughing.

“Too late! Think before waking someone up!”

I rolled my eyes and walked back into the kitchen but the doorbell rang before I could reach the room. I heard Harry standing up while groaning, before going to open it.

“Niall! Go away! You can’t stay here as me!” he mutters and I quickly nodded, rushing into the nearest room. I closed the door and listened through it, hoping it wouldn’t be Sally because she would surely kill Harry for not coming to the rehearsal. But luckily, it seemed to be someone else.

“Niall! How are you? Where have you been? I just met Sally and she seemed very angry! She told me you had answered none of her calls yesterday!” I heard my mum’s voice exclaimed in the entrance hall. That wasn’t good. I didn’t think Harry could handle spending another time with my mum; she would find out the truth this time. I looked around me and swore loudly. The wig wasn’t here. I had to find it; I couldn’t get out of there and went to see them while being Harry.

I kept on listening carefully through the door and waited for them to walk in another room before quickly getting out and rushing upstairs to look for the wig.

“They’re worried! You’re going to perform tonight, aren’t you?” Mum’s voice came from the kitchen, followed by an awkward silence as she waited for Harry’s answer. But I couldn’t keep on listening as I went into my bedroom to look for my wig.

“Here it is!” I shouted happily, finding it lying on the floor beside my bed. I quickly put it on and ran downstairs, into the kitchen.

“Morning!” I exclaimed, making both mum and Harry jump. They turned around to look at me and I saw Harry shaking his head while mum was staring at me with her mouth wide opened.
“I’m Walter, Simon’s nephew!” I held my hand out, trying not to burst out laughing at the sight of Harry’s expression. After a short while, she shook it.

“I’m here to see Niall performing tonight! I’m really excited about it! It has been so long since I last saw one of his performances!” I carried on, rather awkwardly. I hoped she wouldn’t doubt of anything. To our surprise, she smiled widely and said, “I understand how you feel! I’m looking forward to tonight’s concert too!”

“I will perform tonight, mum! Don’t worry about that!” Harry exclaimed and she smiled even more.

“I was sure of it! I knew you wouldn’t deceive any of us!” And she hugged him. “I’m leaving now! You have to be ready for tonight so I won’t bother you any longer!” She waved and walked out of the house, slamming the front door behind her.

“Walter? Seriously?” Harry looked at me with a weird look. “There are thousands names but you chose Walter! Why?” he asked me; half complaining, half laughing.

I shrugged my shoulders before taking off the wig. “I don’t know... I just thought it would fit well to that character!”

“I don’t know what would be the worst: people finding out we switched bodies or people knowing I wore that thing.” He pointed out at the wig with a disgusted expression before bursting out laughing.

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