You live my life *complete*

One Direction is the biggest band in the world. Well, it used to be.
It's been one year since the band is over. Niall and Harry had an argument which causes the end of the boys band. But what if Niall and Harry meet again one day, at random, and they end living each other's life? Could the weirdest incident ever fix their friendship?


20. Epilogue



Niall's POV

"Thank you so much to each and every of you for being here with us tonight! We really are happier than ever to be back!" Harry yelled as the crowd started to cheer for the last time tonight while we stepped out of stage.

"It was so freaking good!" he then told me, putting his arm around my shoulders. I nodded.

"I've really missed that. I haven't laughed like that since... since... since our last tour, to be honest."

Suddenly, we felt something bumping into us and a few seconds later, we found ourselves lying on the floor with Louis, Zayn and Liam at the top of us.

"You want to play? Okay! Let's play!" I then yelled before rolling on my back to start tickling Zayn who was the closest. They all stopped to look at me with a surprised expression but then, Harry did the same to Liam and Louis.

The five of us were lying on the ground, involved in a huge tickling battle as if there was no one else around us.

"Niall, stop!" Louis yelled, tears starting to form in his eyes because of laughter. But I ignored him and carried on, glancing quickly at the others to see Harry being tickled by both Liam and Zayn.

Suddenly, I felt someone grab my arm and pulling me away, along with Harry. We all went silent as we heard sighing,

"You boys will never grow up, won't you?"

"No. Never!" we all exclaimed, staring at an amused Paul.

Harry tried to go away from him but he didn't manage to do so.

"Time to go back to your dressing room, Styles!" Paul told him and Harry started to pout.

We all started to walk away to get changed and Harry muttered, "Don't worry. I'll avenge soon." Liam, Louis and Zayn started to laugh loudly before started to run away from him. We smiled widely as we looked at their figures fading away in the corridor; probably thinking the same thing. We really were glad to have reunited the band.

All of the sudden, Harry bumped into someone and nearly fell on the ground.

"I'm sorry," a girl's voice apologized quickly.

"Don't worry! Are you okay?" Harry replied and she nodded.

"Nice to meet the two of you!" she suddenly exclaimed, taking us a bit aback. "I'm Elizabeth, Lou's new assistant!" she introduced herself before walking away without us having time to answer.

I couldn't help but burst out laughing after she was out of sight. Harry turned toward me, staring as if I had gone mad.

"You alright?" I nodded without stopping.

"Don't tell me you don't remember?" I replied after calming myself down a bit, as Harry still was looking surprised. He didn't answer.

I rolled my eyes. "I told Louis you were dating a girl named Elizabeth. You can make that comes true now!" I winked but he kept on staring agape at me.

"So you weren't kidding when you told me that?" he asked slowly and I shook my head.

"Louis thinks it's true, you know..." But I couldn't add any other words because Harry had decided to catch me. As I quickly ran away, I heard him yell, "If I catch you, Niall, you're gonna pay for that!" I laughed.

"Help!" I yelled, "An angry Walter is running after me!"

Harry moaned before I heard him collapse on the ground as he burst out laughing. I stopped and moved toward him while he tried standing up, shaking with laughter.

"You are crazy," he whispered, trying to catch his breath back. I helped him before hugging him tightly.

"I know," I said in a whisper, amused. And I heard him laugh again as he hugged me back.
 A while afterwards we made our way to the dressing room and Harry spoke after a long silence,

"Want to know what? I'm glad you lived my life." I nodded shyly and replied.

"Yeah. Same for me, Harry." I smiled at him and carried on, "We're friend again now thanks to that. I've missed our friendship more than everything else. I'm so happy to have you back by my side!" I turned to look at him and saw he was smiling wider than ever as he slowly nodded.
 "I've missed you more than words can say. But now we're friends again!" And we smiled at each other, trying to hide the tears forming in our eyes.

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