You live my life *complete*

One Direction is the biggest band in the world. Well, it used to be.
It's been one year since the band is over. Niall and Harry had an argument which causes the end of the boys band. But what if Niall and Harry meet again one day, at random, and they end living each other's life? Could the weirdest incident ever fix their friendship?


13. At Niall's house

Harry's POV

We both were sitting on the couch in silence. I stood up a while later unable to bear this  any longer.

"We better go to sleep. We'll look for a solution tomorrow." I saw my body nodded. We really need to fix it up! I will never get used to see my own body in front of me!

"I'll sleep on the couch. You get your own bed as it's your place," I told him.

He smiled weakly. "Thanks. But my body doesn't like to sleep on the couch," he chuckled. I raised an eyebrow.

"You don't sleep in your bed when at home?"

"It's too long to explain," he genuinly said. I shrugged Niall's shoulders.

He grabbed a small suitcase he had brought and went to his bedroom. I followed him. Once there, he gave me a pillow and a blanket.

"Erm... Niall, why did you bring clothes? You could have taken yours," I asked him.

"Yes, I know. It's just... I don't think my clothes would fit to your body," he stuttered.

I didn't answer though I agreed with him. I walked toward the door, whispered good night and went back to the living-room.



I opened my eyes as I felt the couch sinking him. Niall had sat on my feet, turned the TV on and was guzzling himself with food.

"Stop eating like that!" I yelled, making him release the food he was about to put in his mouth.

"I'm gonna gain on weight if you keep eating that much!" He looked down at my body.

"A little bit less or a little bit more... You won't see any differences! And I'm hungry!"

And he focused his eyes back on the TV.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes. Niall had been right, I slept badly. I tried to get up but I couldn't because he still was sitting on my feet.

"Niall, move!" I yelled. He stood up still watching TV and eating.

I went upstairs and got dressed. Then, I went to the kitchen but I didn't find something good to eat so I decided not to do so. I turned around to go back in the living-room to talk to Niall but here he was, standing in front of me.

"What are we going to do?" he asked me while sitting on a chair. I sat on the opposite chair and looked straight into my own eyes. This is so weird!! But I have to say that I have beautiful eyes.

"I think we have to go back to London to see Simon. Everything started since we met him." He nodded.

"If I had known, I would have stayed there!" he complained.

He stood up. "I take my suitcase and then, we'll head to the airport to go to London!" I nodded, "Ok, I'll be in the car waiting for you!" And he walked out of the kitchen.

I went into the hall, grabbed a jacket and opened the door. But I found myself facing someone; the man that had hugged me in the tearoom.

"Where are you going, Niall?" he asked me. "Don't tell me you forgot the rehearsal we have today?" he sighed. I just stared at him, without knowing what to answer him.

Then, I heard some noise behind me.

"I got it! Let's go to the airport, Ha..." but Niall didn't finished his sentence.

Oh no!! How are we going to explain that to that guy? Can't Niall be a little bit more discreet? I looked at the guy, whose face seemed to be confused. I turned around to look at my body but what I saw wasn't really what I was expecting to see...

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