One Direction Imagines

An imagine/preference with your boy from One Direction? Just add your name, description of yourself, your boy and the situation, and I'll work on your story! :)


10. Niall & Alex *The Birthday Party*

Niall's POV

''Okay, is the cake on its place? And, the banners? Where are they?! The balloons, I need some more of them! More food guys! C'mon!'' You yell to everybody, busy decorating the garden of him and Alex. Today was Alex' birthday, and it needed to be perfect. You really loved her, but the last few days have been really drastic and you didn't spend so much time with her.

An hour left before she comes back home.

An hour left to be ready.


Alex' POV

You were exhausted. It was your birthday today, but nothing went right. You had bad luck during your work, you missed the bus back home and Niall didn't mentioned anything. It's your birthday, you really thought he would remember that. The only thing he said this morning was 'Good morning sweetheart' and 'Have fun at work!' Fun, yeah right.

As you walk up to your door, you see that the curtains are closed. Couldn't Niall even open them? Your last few days have been really busy, and you missed Niall a lot since you only saw him in the evening.

You open the door. All lights are out, and doors are closed. You see a paper. 'Go to the garden!' You wondered why.

You opened the door...



You couldn't believe your eyes. The garden was filled with decorations, balloons, and a lot of people! ''Guys! What is this all about?!'' Your friends hug you and congratulate you. Then everybody's watching the door, and when you turn your back, you see Niall. He's wearing a tux and has a rose in his hand.

''Happy birthday, baby.'' He walks to you, and gives you a peck. You start to blush.

''Niall, I thought you forgot my birthday...''

''Never in a billion years, babe!'' He starts to laugh.

''Let's sing for the birthday girl!,'' someone yells.

''Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Alex
Happy birthday to you!!!''

A tear escaped from your eye, as Niall kisses your cheek.

''Happy birthday baby. You're the most beautiful girl in the world...''

You glanced at him, and walked away.

You didn't know why, you love him with all your heart. But you just hadn't spent much time with him, and when he called you beautiful, you couldn't believe him...

''Alex, wait!'' Niall chases you until you stop. You turn around.

''Baby, is everything alright?''

''I... I don't know why I'm so emotional, Niall. I don't know. Maybe because we didn't spend much time together lately, and I missed you. It's a bit overwhelming, I guess...''

''I see...'' He pulls you over to give you a big hug, and kisses you on your head.

''You did this all?''

''Baby, believe me when I say you're the most beautiful girl in the world. I'm sorry I wasn't there lately, but I promise you, I won't leave you. Please don't leave the party. Please, stay. With me.''

You look up to him, and he pecks your lips. You start to blush. ''Come on, love, let's go and have some fun!''

~Really hope you liked it, Alex! ~M<3


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