One Direction Imagines

An imagine/preference with your boy from One Direction? Just add your name, description of yourself, your boy and the situation, and I'll work on your story! :)


9. Harry & Poppy *I like you too*

Harry has been your best friend since you were young. But the more you hungout with him, the more you started to have feelings for him.

It's been awhile you two have seen each other, since he's on tour with the lads. You started dating and had a lovely boyfriend. Everytime Harry popped up in your head, you thought to yourself: 'The Harry Styles could date any girl, so why me?'


Your boyfriend just left, when you got a text from Harry.

Harry :) : Hey Poppy! it's been awhile, but you wanna hang out, like the old days? I'm in town x


Your heart skipped a beat. You texted back 'yes' and got to the place where you guys used to hang out a lot with each other.

When you arrived at the park, Harry wasn't there yet. You were worried about how he would react. Like, it's been more than a year, things changed.

''Poppy!!,'' you heard from behind. You turned your back and saw Harry running to you.


He held you in his arms and swung you around.

''How's the tour?'' you asked.

''Great! The fans are incredible. Every concert is different and I enjoy every minute of it.''

You two sat down under a tree and talked and laughed a lot.

''So.. are you seeing someone?'' Harry asked, smiling to me.

''Yeah. His name is David. We're not officially together though, but he's cute.''

''Oh... I see.'' He mumbled.

''And you Hazza??  Are you seeing someone? I bet thousands of girls want to date you!''

''Um, actually... No. I've been dating a few times while I was on tour.., but this girl just kept popping up in my head, you know...''

You looked at him, surprised. ''Oh? Is she so special, you can't date those other hot celebrities?''

''No. She's different.''

''Oh.'' Even though you started seeing David, you still felt the soft spot for Harry now. When he said there was this special girl, it felt like you were stabbed in the back.

''Do I know her?''

He looked at you, then to the blue sky. ''Yeah.''

''Then who is it?'' You had to know, so you could move on.

''Well, you see, I can't tell you.''

''Why not?''

You looked at him and he looked at you. When he looked you in your eyes, your heart melted. You still had feelings for him, while he obviously had set his mind on another girl.

But his eyes kept looking into yours, and before you knew it, you two kissed. It was a long, passionate kiss. You felt butterflies in your stomach.

When he pulled away, you felt a bit disappointed, but happy at the same time.

''It's you.'' Harry whispers.

''I like you too Harry. A lot...'' 

A big smile appeared on his face, as he leaned in to kiss you again.


~Hope you liked it Poppy! ~M<3

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