Different from the Rest

Kady used to have a normal life. She loved to shop, listen to music, and play field hockey, she was on the reserve list for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. She was even lucky enough to meet One Direction at one of their concerts and she kept in touch with them. Liam and Kady developed feelings for each other and started casually dating. That was until Kady discovered she had a life-threatening sickness. She was in the hospital for months, but overcame the sickness. But, the illness left her with a learning disability and now all her dreams are shattered and she has to rebuild her life. She must go from black to white but must learn there are shades of grey in the middle which are needed for healing.


14. Best Song Ever

Me, Liam, and Zerrie walk out of the pool together. Liam tosses me a warm, white towel. I quickly wrap it around me not because I'm cold, but I don't need anyone seeing me in that racy suit any longer. I wring my hair. Cold water hits the tiled ground with a splatter. Perrie does the same with her lavender hair. Liam just whips his hair and all the water droplets land on me. 
"Liam…James Payne!" I yell, but laughing. He whips his hair again and I just walk away. I can not stand the feeling of being partially wet. I can either be completely dry or soaking wet, drenched with rain. There is no middle. We laugh all the way back to the room. Both of us sound like Niall and his giggling, it's contagious. Once we got back to the room I noticed something, "Ugh…I have t-to wear the dress…again."
I had no other clothes here. All the clothes that are here is my dress, my swimsuit, and my robe. 
"You look beautiful in that dress though love," Liam says. I go on my toes to kiss him. It's short, but sweet. I go into the bathroom to change into the dress. It feels good to take off the wet suit. Once I'm dressed, I open the door so Liam doesn't think I'm avoiding him. I blow dry my hair. I use the hotel's blow drier and take-as-many-as-you-want free hairbrushes. Liam plays on his phone while I get ready. I drop my phone and teardrop diamond earrings into my clutch, and I'm ready to leave whenever. I have my robe and wet swimsuit folded neatly at the foot of the bed, ready to be taken also. Liam takes the Optimum remote and goes to on demand, then free, then music, MC Music Choice, and finally under One Direction, "I could watch these videos all day."
He says to me. I smile a shy smile. He plays Best Song Ever. I rest my head into his chest as we watch. He strokes my hair. I can't help but laughing when he comes out as a choreographer. He's in a ridiculous track suit and is doing all these crazy dance moves.
"Your just jealous because I look sexy in a track suit."
"Sexy's…the word f-for it."
He lets out a closer mouth smile. I've never noticed his dimples before, they're very broad, yet often unnoticed. I've never heard Best Song Ever before, but I love the song and video. I could only tell who Liam was because he's next to me. He pointed and told me who was who. Zayn looks good as a secretary! After the music video is over, I look up to Liam, "Are …we still on f-for tomorrow?"
"Wouldn't miss it," he kisses the point of my nose. We watch music videos until one. I text Lou so he can take me home:

To: Lou Tomlinson
From: Kady Brown 

When r we leaving and where do i meet u?

To: Kady Brown
From: Lou Tomlinson 

Who said I was takin u home?

To: Lou Tomlinson
From: Kady Brown


To: Kady Brown
From: Lou Tomlinson 

Nialler will take u home in 20 min. Meet him by the elevators

I never ask Liam to drive me because, well, he doesn't have a license. It's always one of the other boys taking me. Liam puts on Toy Story, his favorite. He puts his arms around me and his hands are on my butt. I ignore it. 
"Hey lovebirds," Harry walks in. I jump off Liam almost automatically. He folds his hands in his lap. 
"Has anyone ever taught you to knock?" Liam asks, with a little anger in his voice. 
"Yeah, but I wanted to see what you two were up to, but I guess I interrupted something," Harry shoots his eyebrows up and down.
"Yeah, you interrupted our movie. Now we'll have to rewind where Andy is playing with the toys," Liam says very matter-of-factly. Harry jumps on the bed, "And I'll join you two to make sure there is no funny business going on."
"Like you don't have funny business, Harry," Liam says. The rest of the movie is quiet. I sit on the left side of the bed and Liam's on the right. Hazza is right between us. After twenty minutes I say, "I got to go now, Niall's driving me home." 
I put on my heels and grab my swimsuit, robe, clutch, and slippers. I go around to the other side of the bed to kiss Liam's cheek, but Harry pushes me away from him, "Bye, bye Kads." 
I put an annoyed look on my face and I walk out the door. I go up against a wall in the hall so I can hear their conversation without them seeing me.
"Why the hell did you do that?" It was Liam and there was rage in his voice.
"Um maybe she's younger than you."
"Shall I bring up Caroline? Someone fifteen years older than you?"
There was a pause, Harry was trying to think of what to say. Eventually he muttered, "That was different." 
I walk away to go meet Niall. He must be wondering where I am. When I turn the bend, sure enough Niall's right there hands in his pockets and his left leg is crossed over his right. He is leaning up against the wall. He hears the sound of my feet against the tile and he looks up. He gives me a crooked smile, "Ready to go?"
I nod my head. He tosses me a hoodie. I put it on and my head is down, "One…two th-three go!" 
It's like we're little kids having to go through a thunderstorm to get to the car. The fans and paps run after us, but Niall has the advantage. I'm halfway across the parking lot when Niall is opening the car door. I can't run as fast because I'm in heels, why didn't I just wear slippers? I'm too slow and the mob catches up to me. Now it will be almost impossible to get out. I try to push through the mob, but the paps are shoving cameras in my face once they recognize that I'm Kady Brown the field hockey player. Fans are confused, why are they taking pictures of a poor girl in a too short of a dress, is what they must be thinking. They crowd around me anyway, not caring I could be Joe the plumber man and they would be like moths and lights. I take off my heels and hold them in my empty left hand. There is a narrow opening in the crowd and I make a run for it. Once I get to the door, the crowd backs off because this is the only privacy they give people. I open the door and Niall quickly drives off. I throw my clothes into the backseat as I catch my breath. 
"How was the party Liam set up for you?" Niall asks once we're on the main road. 
"Niall…it was gr-great, but I-I know you …set it up too," I say. Niall looks startled that I know. But c'mon, Liam's a great guy and all but he could never plan something like this by himself. Niall's face turns red, "Thanks. How was it this morning with Liam?"
"Um interesting. We are …watching Toy Story …and I'm sitting on …his lap. Then Harry …comes in …and I jump up …off Liam. Harry thinks …there's funny business going on, so he sits …between me and Liam …until I leave. When I …get up to leave, I …go to kiss …Liam's cheek. Harry pushes me …away and says bye bye… Kads."
It feels kind of good to get that off my shoulders, I don't want to lose sleep over it. Niall ponders over what I said for a few seconds, "There's some stuff Harry's been going through that I only know about. And I swear, it was by mistake. It's just ex-girlfriend issues." 

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