The Falling Petals

*This is the first time I've written a story in this format, so no hate!*
Daisy takes her life, like it's a...Well, a daisy. But, she moves, and things change. What happens when her petals begin to fall? What happens when the petals are gone?


3. Gardens



Stepping away 

from a building I


I took a left

towards a place

like home.

The garden.


Most think

its fairly weird,

how I go to 

the garden

after school.


Whereas others,

hang out with 

their friends,

their boyfriends,

their parents.



I like that too.

But, I also like

being alone.


I have friends 

who hang out with me.

I also have flowers,

who I hang out with.


Sometimes the flowers

are better

than the friends.

The flowers 

don't say mean things,

talk about boys,

stupid things.


I opened the gate

breathing in

the sweet scent

of daisies.


Home at last.

I look,

the perking flowers,

stood taller.


The roses in the corner


compared to the daisies.


But comparing a rose

to a daisy,

is like comparing 

the sun to the earth.

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