My Life

Rebecca Is 17 and live a normal teenage girl life. But will the new kids in school make her life upside down or can she keep it normal?.


3. Time For Sports

We walked seperate ways to the changing rooms, "I'll see you soon", I shouted to Jimmy. He nodded back.

In the girl changing room it smelled floor wax and soap, "euw I hate having sports in the morning", Penny complained and took the locker beside mine. I changed into my sport clothes and put my hair into a ponytail. "Becky, do you know what Tess told them?", she asked while she putted on Britney Spears new perfume all over herself. "No", I answered. Penny started to braid her hair, "she's going to have a party". She looked around so no one would here her.

"Hello ladies", Tess walked pass us. Ready for sports as usuall. She always looked a Little slutty when we were going to have sports, she had a shirt that was way to short so you could see her belly button piercing in gold. And those black tight sportpants she weres, you could see her fitting ass perfectly. That was the guys wants she always says.

Tess have two friends, Sarah and Linda. They are around her most of the time, and they were the same clothes when we have sports. The only thing you could tell them apart is that Linda and Sarah has Brown hair and Tess is a blonde.

"Have you seen the new guys?", Tess asked us while putting on more pink lipgloss. We did not answer cause the new girl came in, Annie. Everyone in the changing room was staring at her. She instantly changed clothes to a black sweather and a pair of sweat pants. "Nice tattoo", Linda said and looked at Annies hip. She pulled down her sweather to hide it and looked at Linda. "Thanks", she gave her a half smile. Annie left the room to go into the sport hall, all the other Girls followed. Cheesy Sofia, scary Selma, the sport nerd Frida and the school golden girl Ida.

Tess putted her hair into a ponytail and left with Sarah and Linda. Me and Penny was the one who left the room last.

"I'm glad you could come Girls", I handsome young man said. He had training clothes on and had a whistle around his neck.

Everyone was in the room and stood infront of him, Mr Flink wasn't so bad to look at. We seperated so we stood in two Groups, Girls at the left and the guys at the right. I looked at my right and saw Jimmy stand with the other guys, all he had on was in the color black. Behind him stood Jeremy and Anthony, Jeremy had a blue shirt on with black sweat pants and Anthony had a White shirt with black sweat pants.

"Today we are going to do some gymnastics and strength", Mr Flink said loudly. "Yes", Tess mumbled to her self.

"Great Another lesson she can show how sexy she is to the guys", Penny whispered in my ear. "Who want's to start of the Girls?", he said and looked around in our Group. "The guys can start with some pushups and then wait for my signal", he continued. All the guys started with the pushups but not Larry, Larry the sick one.

He had a new disease for every week, last week he had a bad headache so he couldn't play soccer. He's short Brown hair and glasses did not make him attractive, but he was the best student in our class. Well except from sports.

"Excuse me", Larry said and put his hand up. "Yes Larry?", Mr Flink sighed. "I have a sore throat so my doctor says I need to skip sports until I get better", he explained. "Fine". Larry sat down on a bench beside him.

"Herr Flink, can I start?", Tess asked and bite her lip. "Sure why not Tess Matthews".

Most of the´guys was already done with they're pushups, so they sat on the floor watching us.

Tess walked over to the beam, to get ready. The other Girls sat down beside the guys.

She stepped up on the beam and maked some sexy moves. At the same time she flirted alot with Anthony and Jeremy. "Okey thats enough Tess", Mr Flink stopped her.

Tess jumped down and looked a Little pissed of what happend.  "You know what guys, we need to end this lesson", he continued and looked at his phone. "Why did something happend?", Jimmy asked curiously.

"I need to go to a quick meeting but you guys can stay, the next Group doesn't start until fourty minutes". Mr Flink left room.

Me and Penny laid down on the floor and looked at each other. "Did you see her moves?", Penny asked me. "Yeah It looked terrible". Penny started to laugh and Jimmy came with a smile on his face. "Are you guys talking about Tess?", he asked and sat down next to Penny. "Yeah you should hear what Becky said", she started to laugh even harder.

"Can I talk to you for a moment?", a tall guy with big muscles and blonde hair came up to me.


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