My Life

Rebecca Is 17 and live a normal teenage girl life. But will the new kids in school make her life upside down or can she keep it normal?.


2. Those Three

"Come on Penny, let's get som breakfast, I said and took her by her arm. We came to a big cafe, with big windows and bright colors.

"I'll go and get som breakfast", Jimmy walked away. Me and Penny found our old table, it stood far back but you could still see everyone in the room. I sat down and Penny did the same. "Here is you're breakfast Girls", Jimmy said and put the washer on the table infront of us. It was alot of food on it, water, coffee, sandwiches, yogurt and juice. "Eh.. Why so much food?", I asked while a took a coffee. "I love food", he answered. Penny immediately started to take a bite of a cheese sandwich and drank some water. Jimmy toke a big sandwich and ate it realy fast. "It's so good Becky, you should try it", Penny said with alot of food in her mouth. "No thanks, i'm not that hungry". Breakfast have never been something for me, I ate a little this morning but not much. Ever since my parents had a divorce I didn't eat so much that I used to.

"Look", Jimmy punched me easy on the arm. I followed his gaze and so did Penny. At the entrence stood three students, we hadn't seen before. Penny swallowed her food and sat down infront of me. "How do I look?", she asked me. She looked at me with those big green eyes of hers. "You look great", I smiled. Penny took a Deep breath and walked over to the strangers. Jimmy and I looked over and saw her talking and laughing with them. "What do you think they are talking about?", Jimmy asked. "I have no idea".

It didn't take long before Penny sat down at our table again. "Well?", Jimmy asked curiously. "Girl's name Is Annie and she is the youngest of them", Penny said. I looked over her shoulder and saw a girl that I almost thought were Vanessa Hudgens. She looked exactly like her, but Annie had a lighter skin tone and shorter hair. "She's hot", Jimmy said and drank some water.

"Anthony and Jeremy Is the other two", Penny started to play with her hair and bite her lip.

Anthony had black short hair and he had a lot of muscles. While Jeremy had a little more Brown hair color and it was longer than Anthonys too. "I need them in my life", Penny said and looked at them. "Don't say that, It sounds wrong!", Jimmy explained.

"Shut up Jimmy, did I say that they are siblings?", Penny smiled even more. So typical Penny. "Hey does anyone know when our lesson start?", I asked just to get away from the topic. Jimmy took up a piece of paper from his pocket, "we have sports about 30 minutes".

"Guys look", Penny whispered. "I really don't want to look", I explained and looked down. Penny pulled my long brown hair so I would look over at them. "Tess!?", I shouted so loud that I thought everyone in the room would here me. "She tries to take them, this Is not the first time she does that with guys", Penny sounded bitter.

"I remember when she was flirting with me cause she thought I was new in class, altough we had attended the same class since fourth grade", Jimmy continued. "Well it is Tess we are talking about guys", I said.

"She can't pass one week without having a guy she can drool over". "I feel sick, look at her!", Penny said and pointed at her.

Tess with her model legs and blonde long hair, I was absolutely sure it was hair extensions. With her grey eyes she could have every guy she wanted. "Why does she Always have shirts with a big cleavage, and short skirts?", Penny asked and looked askance at Tess. "Let It go Penny, our lesson start soon. We can't be late", I explained and walked away. Jimmy followed and after afew minutes Penny ran after us. She gave the guys a flirty look before she walked out from the room.


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