My 5 Best Friends (One Direction Fanfic)

Lucys been best friends with Liam Payne since the age of six and has been with him every step of the way of his successful career. However, with an ex who won't seem to leave her alone and mixed emotions towards Liams fellow band mates, will her life ever be normal?


12. The Triple Date

Lucys POV

I closely examined myself in the mirror checking that I looked suitable for the date. As it was approaching I was now becoming more nervous. What was Harry's surprise? What if I didn't look alright? I was wearing a short red lace dress...

with black heel boots...$prod_main$

with some natural make-up and my hair down in it's natural brown waves. Finally I approved my outfit and left ready for the date. As I walked down the stairs, I saw Harry in a white shirt with black trousers and a cute blazer paired with it. He looked up when he saw me coming downstairs and his mouth formed an 'O' shape.

"You'll catch flies' I said to him as reaching the bottom stair.

"You look, erm, well, you look beautiful" he finally stuttered with a cheeky smile added.

"Thanks, you don't look to bad yourself" I said with a wink.

"Are we ready to go?!" Louis practically screamed as running into the hallway, he actually seemed just as excited as Eleanor!

"Yeah, were ready" Perrie said entering the hallway with Zayn next to her. Everyone seemed to have cleaned up nicely, this was going to definitely be a night to remember. 

Zayns POV

We pulled up at the restaurant with all of us with smiles glued to our face and as we entered the restaurant, I saw all the girls eyes widened. 

"Where is everyone?" Eleanor asked.

"Oh, we hired out the entire restaurant so that we wouldn't have any distractions" Harry said while flashing a smile at Lucy. 

"Wow, you guys didn't have to go to all this trouble!" Perrie said as she pulled me in for a tight hug. 

"Of course we did, we want it to be a special night" Louis said. 

As soon as we were all seated with us boys on one side of the table and our girls all opposite to us, we decided to order a starter each. Then, Harry coughed slightly before beginning, "Erm, guys, there's something that I would like to ask Lucy."

"What's wrong?" Lucy asked in a concerned and confused face.

"Oh, nothing, at all. Nothing has been wrong since you entered my life Lucy. I love you Lucy and I'd love to have the privilege to call you my girlfriend, that's if you wanted to, I don't want to rush you-" Harry said before being interrupted by Lucy's very enthusiastic "Yes!"

"AWWWW" Eleanor and Perrie both chorused as Lucy and Harry both blushed slightly. They both then leaned across the table to kiss each other on the lips.

"Get in there boiii" I said as I lightly punched Harry's arm who was gleaming.

Louis sat there and pouted on the other side of me so Harry decided to say,

"What's up Lou?" 

"What about us Harry? What happened to Larry Stylinson?" He asked and pretended to cry.

"Aww, I still love you too Louis"

"YAYAYA" He screamed like a mental person and ran around to Harry and jumped onto his lap.

"Ok Louis, that's enough now" Eleanor said as she rolled her eyes, obviously feeling sorry for Harry who had his breathing restricted by Louis' tight embrace.

Before we knew it, our starter's were being served.

Lucy's POV

WOW. I'm Harry's girlfriend. Harry's my boyfriend. This is the real shit. Harry was truly amazing and I did love him and that's when it hit me like a brick. Me and Harry haven't had sex yet which yeah, is normal considering it's only been like 2 weeks, but I really want too. Right here, right now. What's wrong with me? Why am I suddenly so turned on by everything he does? Is this normal? Oh crap. Maybe this is how you feel when you have a proper boyfriend?

"I want to have sex" I accidentally whispered under my breath.

"What did you say Lucy?" Perrie asked, who was sitting next to me. Next thing I knew all eyes were on me.

"Oh, I, uh, I need to go to the toilet. Can you come with me?" I said directing the question to Eleanor and Perrie.

"Well, I was just about to-" Perrie begun but I slightly kicked her from under the table and did the need-to-talk-to-you-it's-urgent face and she changed her mind, "Sure". 

"Be back in a couple of minutes" I said to Harry as I stood up with Perrie, who grabbed Eleanor's hand as well, following behind me. As soon as we were inside the toilets, I turned to see the girls who both looked worried.

"Your pregnant" Perrie almost immediately said with a whole lot of certainty in her voice.

"No" I replied and giggled slightly at the remark. "But the thing is I'm confused, you guys have both had boyfriends for a long time now, so you'd like know how you feel when you have a boyfriend?" I asked.

"Yeah..." Eleanor trailed off, waiting for me too continue.

"Well, is it weird the fact that everything Harry does is making me turned on? I mean, it's not like we've even ever had sex." I questioned them, feeling very stupid.

"Aww, honey, is that what this is about?" Perrie said starting to laugh slightly.

"Listen, it's completely normal" Eleanor said causing me to sigh with relief.

"Yeah, it's not weird to crave to have sex with your boyfriend, sometimes you just get times when you really feel like having sex with them." Eleanor told me in a calm voice.

"And it's not a one-sided thing, trust me, boys get times when they feel really turned on by the slightest things you do, I know that Zayn does all the time." Perrie added causing me and Eleanor to burst out laughing, "Ok, ok, I get it, enough information Perrie, thanks girls, what would I do without you?" I said before pulling them both in for a hug.

"Come on girls, let's go" Eleanor said with a big smile and a wink.

We all walked back into the restaurant with large smiles and all sat down opposite our boyfriends.

Harry then pushed his hair back as he had adapted a new look tonight, he had his front curls pushed back making him look SUPER SEXY. Oh my god, could he get any more irresistible? 

"You alright love?" he asked me as he intertwined our fingers from across the table. 

"Yeah, I'm having such a good time"

"Good, only the best for you" after which he winked at me cheekily.

We'd finished our meals and were now laughing at embarrassing stories that we were telling each other. It had been an amazing night and we'd all had such a great time. It was a shame that we had to leave, none of us wanted too! In the van, me and Harry sat in the back with Eleanor and Louis in front of us and Zayn and Perrie at the very front of the car. 

Harry was holding my hand tightly and I leaned on his shoulder. 

"So, you had a good time?" Harry husky voice said into my ear, sending shivers down my voice.

"Yeah, I had a great time" I said back to him, all the time our lips being mere centimeters apart. I filled the gap and kissed his lips forcefully and lustfully which he seemed to enjoy. Our tongues soon made contact and moved in sync until we were disturbed by Zayn saying, "Were home".

Both me and Harry pulled away with bright red lips and we were grinning like mad people.

As we entered the house, we noticed Liam and Niall had fallen asleep on the sofa surrounded by piles of food and both the other couples were going to 'bed', basically meaning they were going to have sex obviously. 

I grabbed Harry's hand and led him upstairs where I planned on continuing our make-out session. As soon as we entered my room, I closed the door behind me and Harry pushed me up against the door while beginning to kiss me which I, of course responded to. He pulled my legs up around him as he supported us both with his strong arms holding me up. Slowly, he began to walk over to the bed where he laid me down carefully. 

By this time, I was beyond horny and I had a feeling that Harry was feeling the same way. Perrie must have been right, it wasn't a one-sided thing. 

As he laid me down, he was about to resume kissing me but then looked concerned at me.

"I don't want you to think that I'm forcing you into anything, because I love you so much and wouldn't want you to think that I'm with you just for the sex." The whole time his minty breath hit my face as his lips were centimeters, no, millimeters away from mine. I pushed my lips into his while smiling into his lips, "Your not forcing me into anything, I want too because I love you" I whispered to him.

We continued where we finished off as I started to unbutton his shirt which I threw to the floor within  seconds. He pulled off my dress which joined his shirt on the floor. Then I sat on top of him trying to unbutton his trousers who resisted at first but eventually was able to undo. We were then both in our underwear, our warm bodies touching. Harry was sucking on my neck as he began to tug on his bra which soon joined the pile of clothes on the floor. After another few minutes we were both completely naked,

"This is it" Harry whispered to me as he was lying on top of me and looking directly into my brown eyes with his gorgeous green eyes staring into mine. He then inserted into me for the first time causing me to let out a very loud groan. Oops. I hope no one heard.

As we both laid on our backs gasping for breath, Harry looked at me again with a stunning smile.

I rested my head on his chest and he had his arms wrapped around me.

"I love you" I quietly said to him, not wanting to wake anyone.

"I love you more" he whispered back to me. 

Then, I feel asleep with a massive smile permanently plastered to my face.

*The next morning*

As I peeled myself off of Harry and entered the bathroom, I stacked it over the pile of our clothes. Forgot about those there. As I stared into the mirror, I now knew the definition of sex hair. Wow. I'm no longer a virgin. I excitedly squealed a bit and done a stupid little dance. 

I have a problem though. Everyone's going to know and I mean EVERYONE. It was very obvious. I had a major case of sex hair, with two love bites either side of my neck, bags under my eyes due to the lack of sleep and I couldn't stop smiling. I looked like a mess. After getting showered and dressed, I still looked just as bad, for gods sake. 

"Good morning beautiful" Harry said in a deep, sexy as fuck morning voice.

"Hi ya" I said with my permanent smile attached.

I bent over to give him a kiss on the lips before going to go downstairs for breakfast.

"Don't leave me" Harry whined.

"I'm hungry, come on, you've got to get up now anyway" I said before running out the room and downstairs.

Liam, Niall, Eleanor and Louis' eyes all widened as I entered the room, making me very uncomfortable. Yep, they knew.

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