Summer Love

Will you be their summer love?


7. Chapter 7


I stretched my legs as they reached the end of the couch. I sighed slightly, feeling my bones wake up. My head was on something soft but I knew it wasn't Harry, it was just a pillow. I looked around the room and saw that everyone was still asleep. Maddy and Louis had taken up the armchair in the corner, snuggled together, snoring lightly. Daisy and Niall were nowhere to be seen but I heard a loud snoring coming from one of the bedrooms. I couldn't figure out if it was Niall or Daisy though. And Elle and Liam were snuggled on one side of the couch whilst Faye and Zayn were on the other. I couldn't believe that we'd all spent the night with One Direction.

 I sat up and realised I still only had my bikini on so I grabbed my bag and headed to the bathroom to get changed. I kept my bikini on underneath but pulled on a pair of denim shorts and a white vest over it. I also brushed my hair and pulled it into a big bun on top of my head. I removed last nights makeup and washed my face with soapy water. Then I applied a little bit of mascara and I was as good as new. 

I slipped upstairs on the boat to look for Harry. Eventually I saw him at the steering wheel. I crept up behind him and put my hands round his waist, making him jump. 

"Jesus Sam! You freaked me out!" He shouts but I just carry on laughing. 

"What else was it going to be? We're on a boat?" I asked him, walking in front of him. 

"I was in deep thought," he says seriously. 

"About?" I ask. 

"You," he tells me, his eyes twinkling in the morning light. 

"Yeah? What about me?" I blush. 

"Thinking about if I really want to drag you into this lifestyle," he says again, head down. 

"You're actually considering more with me?" I ask brightly. 

"Yeah, I really do like you" he chuckles, "but I don't want my lifestyle to hurt you, it's pretty different from your own," he tells me. My heart sinks. I knew his lifestyle. The screaming fans, the hurtful fans. Also the criticism off magazines for wearing the wrong thing. I don't own any Marc Jacobs handbags or Mac makeup. I own clothes from charity shops and high street brands. They'd have a field day with me. 

"Oh," I say disappointed. 

"You might be a natural though," he says, taking my head in his hands, foreheads touching. 

I stay silent not really knowing what to say. It really made me think. 

"Come to our concert tonight? You can stay with me so that you realise what it's like, and if you don't like it, you can call out," he tells me. 

"Okay but the girls have to come too," I tell him. 

"I think they're already invited," he grins pulling five tickets out of his pocket. 


"Come on! The car will be here in ten minutes!" Maddy shouts across the apartment. 

"I can't find my shoes!" Daisy yells. 

"They're under my bed!" Elle shouts back. I giggle to myself and apply the last of my makeup. 

I'd gone for the casual but nice look today. I was wearing a pair of lace shorts and a cropped bralet that shows off a few inches of my tanned belly. And I also wore my trusted converse too. I curled my hair lightly so it fell in waves down my back and applied a subtle smokey eye makeup to enhance the green in my eyes. 

I grabbed my bag and made my way into the lounge. 

Daisy was sat on the couch putting her brown sandals on. She was wearing a tight black skirt with a beige puffy blouse tucked in. Her hair was light and fluffy and fell down one side of her face, with gold makeup on. 

Maddy was checking she had the tickets in her bag. She was wearing a tight blue midi dress that came just above the knee. She'd teamed it with a pair of white converse to go for the casual look. She had the little makeup she needed on and a huge spikey necklace around her neck. 

Elle walked in and she was wearing a pair of black shorts with a white flowy top. Her long hair had been straightened so it came to just above her waist and she was wearing a pair of cream converse. 

And then Faye came in, always the last one ready. She was wearing a cropped t-shirt with a metal band on it and a pair of leggings, with cuttings down the side. She was wearing a pair of black Vans with her hair up in a high ponytail on top of her head. 

Individually we looked alright but together we looked amazing. Each one of us gave something into this group. Wit, humour, caring, organisation. Without one of us, this ship would definitely go down. 

"Ready to go, I think the car..... " Maddy starts, looking out the window. We all rush over to see what she's staring at. Instead of a small black taxi, there was a huge limousine waiting in its place. 

"I could get used to this," Daisy says before we all race downstairs. 

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