Summer Love

Will you be their summer love?


11. Chapter 11


We get to our seats just as the lights come up and the first song starts playing. 

"Woooooo!" All the girls start screaming from our seats at the edge of the stage. I get quite excited too. 

The boys run out into the stage and start singing. I start to relax and sing along with them. But then Kiss You comes on. The strobe lights start flashing, hitting my eyes and making me blink. I try shutting my eyes but I still can't make them stop. 

"Sam are you alright?" Maddy asks me. 

"I can't do it," I tell her. My head starts to feel dizzy and I knew what was coming. 

"I have to go. I'll meet you at home," I blurt out before I bolt up the stairs. I don't turn around but there's only music playing, no-one singing. 

"Harry?" Louis laughs. I turn round swiftly to see Harry's eyes on me. But he's not singing his part. I shake my head, the tears threatening to spill and make my way out of the arena. I rush to the toilets and splash my face with cold water. 

My legs are shaking like crazy so I slide down the wall and put my head between my knees. I felt like if I looked up I would pass out. I slow down my breathing and don't think about anything else. 

So this is what a panic attack feels like. The strobe lights had set it off. I'm positive that I wasn't epileptic, I've never had anything like this happen before. My body must have thought I was outside again, panicking about the crowd around me and prepared to shut down. 

I put my head back against the wall, the tears falling down my face. I guess I just gave myself the answer I've been looking for. It's not fair to Harry if I have a panic attack every time I'm out with him. And do I really want to bring it on myself. I know that's selfish but I'd have to deal with this all the time, could I really do it? I think I'd already made my decision. 

I texted Maddy telling her I was fine and that I'd meet her at the apartment later. 

I took another deep breath in, sorted my face out and left the toilets. Outside the arena was derelict and I could hear the bass of the music from inside. Tears stung in my eyes knowing that I should be in there. Making my way out of the building, security guards are looking at me like I'm crazy, just a sad fan who got a bit over excited. Little did they know. I hailed a taxi and got in the back. 

As he drove off I looked back because if I didn't now then I never would. 

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