Summer Love

Will you be their summer love?


1. Chapter 1


"Welcome to Madrid!" The Spanish receptionist bellowed with enthusiasm. We all sighed. It was way too late to be that excited about anything. We'd only just landed and rushed to our hotel and it was the early hours of the morning. I just wanted my bed and sleep. 

"Here's your room key, your room is 203," he says, handing Maddy a small plastic card. We made our way up to our room and plonked our luggage down. We immediately got changed, chose our beds and went straight to sleep. 


"Sam wake up!" I hear Daisy shouting in my sleep. I groan and roll over, pulling my pillow on top of my head. 

"Sam!" She shouts louder. She pulls at my cover and it lands on the floor. She then starts pulling at my pillow until it flies out of our grasp, flying across the room and hitting Faye in the face. "Hey!" Faye shouts. 

"Sorry," I groan, getting out of bed. I grab my new coral bikini and get changed. I look around the flat at all the girls that have come away with me.

 Maddy was sat down having some breakfast. Her dark red hair was in a bun on top of her head and her golden eyes looked wide and awake. She was wearing a new navy blue bikini that she'd wanted forever and it looked amazing on her figure. Maddy was the leader of the group, and without her we'd be nowhere. 

Then there was Elle making some toast with her ridiculously long brown curly hair, falling down her back. We were all jealous of that hair. Her green eyes scanning the small apartment for a knife. She was wearing a pink bikini, with little frills all along it. Elle was quite quiet if you didn't know her but underneath she's a real party animal. 

Daisy was putting sun cream on her milky skin, careful to avoid her long blonde hair. Her blue eyes shone with curiosity. Daisy was the creative one of the group, always drawing or writing. 

And lastly there was Faye. Her long black hair fell down her back as she grabbed a drink. Her green eyes were full of joy and she was never unhappy. Faye was always happy. 

And then there was me. I had dyed red hair and green eyes. I guess you could call me the baby of the group, but just because I'm the youngest, not because I'm immature. But even we need to have some fun. 

Altogether we were a super group. We were all beautiful in our own way and boys had no idea what to do when we came down the street. This holiday was going to be fun, I thought. 

"I think some of us should go to the shop, and some should get sunbeds," Maddy said. 

"Well I'll get the beds," I said quickly, wanting to just lie in the sun. 

"Yeah me too," Daisy said. 

"Right well us three will go to the shop, we'll be back in a bit," Maddy says, grabbing her bag and making her way out the door with Faye and Elle. 

"Let's go and get some rays," Daisy said excitedly. 


The sunbeds were set out in sixes so we grabbed five and put towels on them. Daisy sat on the far left and I sat on the far right. I plugged my headphones in, blasted my summer playlist and lay down in the sun. Heatwave by Wiley came on and my foot tapped to the music. I took my sunglasses off and closed my eyes, ready to fall asleep. Eventually I dozed off. 


I was woken suddenly with someone poking my belly. 

"Daisy get off me!" I shout, headphones still in my ears. But the poking didn't stop. I pulled my headphones out and put my sunglasses on. 

"What?!" I shout. I follow the long finger up to the face next to me. I recognised him immediately. His mad curly hair was pushed back, and his green eyes sparkled with smugness. His mouth was turned up at the corners, dimples showing in his cheeks. 

"Errm I'm sorry I er thought you were someone else," I stuttered. He broke out into a grin. I turned around to see Daisy had disappeared. 

"It's fine, can I borrow this sunbed?" He said pointing to the empty one next to me. Harry Styles has just asked me for a sunbed. I swallowed my fan girl and said "yeah sure, no-ones using it." He smiled that heartbreaking smile and went to pull the bed away. My face fell when I realised that that was it, and he was just moving it away from me. But he stopped, pulled the bottom slightly so we were just inches away, put his towel down and plonked himself on the bed. This was way too much for me and I could feel my heart beating faster. He wasn't even doing anything, just checking his phone and I was already sweating. I heard him sigh out and lay his head down. Should I ask him if he's alright? What if he's fine? What if he just ignores me? 

Just as I'm about to open my mouth he speaks first. 

"Can you put some cream on my back?" Handing me the sun cream. 

My voice caught in my throat so all I could do was nod. He turned around and I silently screamed. I applied the cream to my hands and gently touched his back. 

This was so not happening, I thought to myself. Rubbing sun cream on Harry Styles' back! My breathing increased again, and I was afraid he would be able to hear me. I quickly finished up, wiping the excess on his broad shoulders. And that finished me off. I threw the cream on the bed and got up quickly. Maybe too quickly. I stumbled and accidentally fell onto Harry's back. 

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" I yell. Before he can say anything I walk off to the pool, with the little dignity I had left. When I got to the edge I dived straight in, feeling the cold water around me. I opened my eyes and saw blue, and it somewhat calmed me down. I resurfaced and swam a few lengths, refusing to look at our sunbeds, or Harry. 

Eventually I got tired so I rested next to the wall, my back to the sunbeds. I close my eyes, letting the sun shine off the water into my face. Maybe I was dreaming. Harry Styles can't be here. I knew he was touring but I didn't know they'd be in Madrid when we were. What were the chances of them being in the same hotel as us. 

Suddenly I felt something bumping into my arm. My eyes shot open and I came face to face with a rubber ring and the cutest little girl ever. 

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