One Thing

For a competition!

Harley is just a normal high school boy, not looking for trouble or a relationship as a matter of fact.
When Amy, a shop keeper in the best clothes store in the mall meets plain old Harley James, it is love at first sight.

Will their relationship last? Find out in this romantic movella!


3. The movies

"Erm, can I help you?" I took a step forward and tripped over my own feet, failing miserably. Oh, her eyes! They were hazel and glistened in the small amount of sunlight that was pouring through the window of the shop. Oh and her glistening hair! She was staring at me now, fiddling with her perfect, natural fingernails. 


Either she was thinking about me like I was thinking about her or she was wondering why I was buying some hot pants that were way too small for me anyway.


She scanned the label. "Twelve pounds" she smiled, showing her bright white teeth. 


I dug out twelve pounds in change. "Here you go,"


There was an awkward silence. "Um, do you want to... Come out to see a movie tonight?" 


A movie! A girl wanted to see a movie... WITH ME! "Urm, sure!"


She beamed. "Tonight? 8?"


I nodded, my long blonde hair falling in my face in the process. "Consider it done!" 



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