Respect your brother,his friends may be hot...

respect your brother,his friends maybe hot!


1. Harrys kinda hot...

Zain Javadd is my brother,also known as Zayn Malik. I am the sister he tells everything to, i was the first person to know he was auditioning for X-Factor, he trusts me with everything and picked me to go on tour with him. I am so excited to go it starts in a few days ill tell you more whenever we get to Amercia.


We are here, in AMERICA!! Zayns band are kinda hot especially Harry! It was a long flight from London to New York but it was worth it i sat down at the back of the aeroplane by myself and Harry kept turning around and looking at me! We got to the hotel at around 7 p.m and Zayn and his friends were watching toy story she i decided to go and watch it to and as soon as i walked in Zayn told all of the five of them who i was and not be to be hitting on me but Louis shouted out "cough cough Harry" and Harry said "What?she is hot!" Zayn just pointed at him and shook his head and Harry winked at me and we watched the film.

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