Cast Away

What happens if 1D gets stranded on an homeless or so They think it is,island?
Read and find out!

I also wanted to say that this is my first movella so, hope you like it!!


2. Meeting the group

*One day earlier*

Zayn's pov

Yes! Finally off too hawaii for some vacation! Niall happily said. Yeah finaly, it was about time! I said.

I mean i really loved singing and touring and meeting the fans but sometimes it gets a little bit too much. I started packing my stuff and cleaning my room a little bit. Come on it's time to go! Liam yelled. I'll be right there! I yelled back. We all got in our private jet and took our seat. Then the seatbelt light turn on and we all put on our seatbelts.

We talked and laughed all the way. Then suddenly the plane started shaking and we all started to panic. The captain spoke through his microfone and said we should stay calm and we were going to need to make a waterlanding. After that the yellow oxygen masks (i dont really know how they are called :p)  popped out of the cabinet above us and we all put it on. We started landing but something went wrong. We crashed and that's when i blacked out.


Harry's pov

We've been walking around for ages! I whined.

Harry we walked like 10 minutes. Liam said. 

I'm hungry! Niall pouted. YEAH! We all said in unision.

Okay let's find some food then. Liam said. Suddenly we heard someone say something. Liam motioned us to be quiet. So we did as he said. He've always been the "daddy" from one direction.

After that the noise faided away and we started walking again. Then suddenly louis yelled: A treehouse! ( sorry i didn't mention it earlier the girls live in a treehouse :D) Maybe they have food! Niall said drooling. We all started laughing and started going to the treehouse. 


*Author's note*

Soooo hope you like it so far :)

If you did like and comment what you think about it.. I know this chapter sucks but yeah.

I will upload a new chapter if i have 15 likes.

Love ya'll ~jc

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