Justin Bieber Love story

It is not me the credits go to for this story, it is a group on facebook called The Beliebers who made this, I just thought that everybody schould get a chance to read it!


9. Chapter 8.

 Justin was running into you;


You: Justin!

Justin is hugging you very tightly and kisses you on the mouth.

Justin: Omg, i'm so sorry baby. It's all my fault.

You: No, it isn't your fault.

Justin: Yes it is. I shouldn't had leave you alone.

You: Justin, please. It isn't your fault.

Justin is just smiling, because of your beautiful face.

Pattie: Oh sweetheart. Are you okay?

You: Yeah, i am. I just have a headache.

Scooter and Pattie: We understand :).

Justin: Oh (your name). I've missed you so much!

You: Aww. You're so cute Justin.

Justin: I love you.

You: I love you too.

Scooter and Pattie: Awww.

Justin: Are (your name) ready for my tour, sir?

Doctor: Yes. She can come with you now, but she has to relax all the day.

Justin: Fine. I'm gonna relax with her - Justin gives you a dirty look.

Pattie: Good. Can we drive home now, then?

Doctor: Yes. But take care.

Scooter: We'll promise.

You're driving home. Justin and you are in the back seat, while Scooter and Pattie are in the front seat.

Justin kisses you slowly with his soft lips. He's opens his mouth, and you do too. Now you can feel eachother's tongues.


Pattie: Are you taking (your name) slowly, upstairs.

Justin: I'd love to. I won't let her go.

You're smiling.

Scooter: I think you should get some sleep. Actually, i think we all should. We're going on tour tomorrow. Kenny called me for an hour ago.

Justin: Really? Then i have to get my thing.

You: Yeah, a..and me too.

Pattie: Don't worry sweetheart, i'll get your things.

You: Aww, thank you my extra mom.

Justin: WHAT! What about my things?

Scooter: You're gonna get them, yourself.

You're laughing.

Justin: Hey, that's not funny. I'm gonna kill you upstairs (your name)..

Scooter: What did i just heard?

Justin: I mean, i'm gonna relax with her upstairs.

Scooter: Good boy :).

You and Justin are getting upstairs;

Justin lays you down in the bed.

You: Wow. It's already tomorrow.

Justin: Yeah.

Ryan and Chaz are coming in.

Ryan: Omg, what's happened?

Chaz: We've just heard something about it in the news.

Ryan: Yes. They said you got attacked by a big man.

Chaz: Is that right?

Justin: Wow, wow, wow. Slow down, dudes. And yes, that's right.

Ryan: Are you okay?

Chaz: Yeah, are you okay?

You: Yes i am. Don't worry.

Ryan and Chaz: Goooooood.

Justin: You gotte get some sleep. We're going on tour tomorrow.

Ryan: We know. And we're going now. Sleep well.

Chaz: Yeah, good night.

You and Justin: Good night.

You and Justin are alone.

Justin: Done, with my things. Now, i'll jump in bed, and get some relax with my girl.

You: Haha.

Justin: Good night my love, see ya tomorrow.

You: Good night.

Justin: Can i get a kiss. If i don't then i think i'll die.

You: Aww - you said laughing.

You and Justin kissed. Now everybody are sleeping.


I need 9 likes, for part 23. What will happen on the tour. Do it gonna start okay?

I hope you liked :).

 Next morning - Justin is going on tour! :-D.

Scooter: Justin and (your name) get up. You have 30 minutes, to get ready.

Justin: Aw. I'm so tired. I'm laying good here.

Scooter: Justin, up..

Justin turns around.

Scooter: NOW!

Justin: Okay.


Justin: (your name)?

You're waking.

You: Yeah?

Justin: We have to get up now, sweetie.

You: Okay.

You and Justin changing. - Out in the tour-bus.

Scooter is checking, if everybody is here.

Scooter: Ryan? Yeah!  Chaz? Yeah!  Pattie? Yes, sir. Haha!  (your name)? Yes, man :). Kenny? Yes. And the last one: Justin?  .... Justin? ... JUSTIN!  Justin is coming.

Scooter: I'll try again: Justin? Yes, i'm here.

Pattie: Good. Come on Kenny. Now we're going! :)

Now, you've been driving in 2 hours.

You and Justin are playing a card-game.

You: Yes! I won, again!

Justin: Omg, how can i lose to a girl!?

You: Mwuhahaha!

Justin: You shouldn't had said that, hunny!

You: Help, help. Justin will kill me. Help.

Scooter just laughing!

Justin: I'm gonna get you. Just wait.

You and Justin are running in the bus, suddenly Justin caught you. You're layin' on the floor and Justin's on the top of you.

Justin: Haha. I said i'd got you.

You: Get off me, your loser.

Justin: Shut up!

You: Make me!

Justin kisses you with his soft lips. You're making out in 11 minutes.

Scooter: Now you've been making out in 10 minutes.

Ryan: Wow.

Chaz: Ten seconds back. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, STOOOOOP!

Justin: Yes, i made it. It was my longest kiss ever!

You just laughing.

Justin: I think we've beat the record.

Ryan: So do we!

Pattie: My first kiss was only in 10 seconds.

Chaz: Yeah, and mine was 5 secounds.

Scooter: I-I don't remember mine. Actually.

You: Mine was 11 minutes and 2 seconds!

Justin: What! Then, we've haven't beat the record. Orgwh! You should have said that!

You making a smiley face :D

Pattie: Aww Justin.

Everyone laughs. - 2 hours and 30 minutes later.

Kenny: We're in Austalia, now.

Pattie, Ryan, Chaz and Scooter: YAY!

You and Justin were sleeping.

Pattie: Justin, Justin?

Justin: Yeah, mom?

Ryan: We're in Australia now.

You: Cool!

Chaz: Wow. There's so many fans out there!

You: Wooooooow! Imagine that I have been one of them before.

Justin: You're still my 1# fan, right?

You: Of course, baby.

You're going out off the bus;

All the fans are screaming: JUSTIN, JUSTIN, JUSTIN, JUSTIN!

Fan: Fuck you (your name)! You took my boy! I hate you.

Justin is holding you tight.

You: It really hurts. They're so mean, your fans. Or, some of them. You're whispering to Justin.

Justin: Don't litsen to them. They're just jealous.


You, Chaz and Ryan playing around. Justin is on stage and practicing.

Ryan: Uh. We can play hide and seek.

You: Yeah. I count to 20, then i'm coming - you said laughing.

Chaz: Okay.

I need 9 likes for part 24. What will happen while you're playing hide and seek. What will happen after?

I hope you liked it :)

 You, Chaz and Ryan were playing hide and seek.

You: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20! I'm coming - you said laughing.

You went around and searched for 3 minutes, then you suddenly see Chaz behind a giant box with light stuff in.

You: Found!

Chaz: Aww, bullshit!

You laughed.

You: I seriously can't find Ryan.

Chaz: I could tell you, where he is.

You: Okay, but keep it as a secret, then.

Chaz: Of course. He's under blanket.

You: Thanks Chaz.

Chaz: You're welcome.

You and Chaz walking over to the blanket.

You: Found!

Ryan: Wait. How did you know? It was the best place to hide.

You: Uhm.. I-I-I just, looked everywhere and then i found you.

Ryan: You're good.

You: I know :).

Chaz: Haha, i told her where you were hiding.

You: I said you should keep it as a secret your idiot!

Ryan: You did what?

Chaz: Like i said before. I said to (your name) where you were hiding.

Ryan: Oh no. You better run.

Chaz was running and Ryan after. You went over to Justin while he was practiced.

You sat and waited until he finished.

Justin: Hey Scooter. Can i stop now?

Scooter: Yes.

Justin: Thank you.


Justin: Oh hey sweetie - he said walking into your arms and hugs you.

You: Hey hottie.

Justin: Uh, i like my new name.

You just laughed.

Justin: So, now i have time to hang out with you.

You: Yeah.

Justin: Where's Chaz and Ryan.

You: Haha. We were playing hide and seek, and i found Chaz as the first one. And i couldn't find Ryan, so Chaz told me where he was hiding. And then Ryan is after Chaz.

Justin: Uhm.... Cool.

You: Yeah.

You and Justin sat in the sofa - Then scooter came with a woman.

Scooter: Justin? Someone want a interview with you and (your name).

Justin: Me and (your name)?

Scooter: Yeah.

You: Cool. I'd love to.

Scooter: Get ready. It can be hard sometime (your name).

You: I'm ready.

Justin: Scooter don't worry. I'll help her, if she can't figure it out.

You: Thank you Justin - You said with your fingers through Justin's hair.


Interviewer: So Justin. How is it to be on tour?

Justin: I love being on tour. Meet new fans and and hang out with my crew.

Interviewer; Yeah. Is it great to be in love? And is it great to have your girlfriend on tour?

Justin: Yeah, it's really nice to be in love. Especially with a girl, i really have fun with. And it's great to have her on tour. She really means a lot to me. My family and my friends, thinks she's an awesome person. So yeah, i'm really glad.

Interviewer; Aww. So (your name). How is it to be on tour?

You: I've always dreamed about to be with Justin. And now it's just in real life. It's all new for me, but Justin is such a good person. And i'm really glad, that i've met those amazing people, like Justin.

Interviewer; I'm glad to hear. Thank you for some answers. Nice to meet you both.

You and Justin: Nice to meet you too.


1 hour to the concert;

Scooter: Justin, we have to do the whole dance now. It's about 1 hour to the concert.

Justin: I'm coming now.

Justin kissed you with his soft lips and hugged you.

Justin: See ya babe. I promise you. After the concert, i'll only be with you. Love you.

You: Love you.

I need 8 likes for part 25. What will happen to the concert? Is it gonna be okay? What will happen after?

I hope you liked it! :)

 The concert started;

Dj: When i say Justin, you say Bieber. Justin!

Fans: Bieber!

Dj: Justin!

Fans: Bieber!

Dj: Make some noise!

The song 'Love me' started.

Justin sang - ( now, the song finished )

Justin: Hey Australia!


Justin: Are you having a great time?


Justin: Good.


Justin: You're looking pretty up close.

Fans screaming.

Justin: How many of you are single?

Fans: ME, ME, ME, ME, ME!

Justin: How many of you single girls, are lonely?

Fans: ME, ME, ME, ME, ME!

Justin: 'Cuz tonight... I'm gonna find One. Less. Lonely. Girl.

All the fans are screaming!...

You were stading backstage, and suddenly some of the crew grabs your arms and a chair. You get picked as the One less lonely girl. You were sitting on the chair, while Justin is on the way to you.

Justin touches your cheek, and taking his fingers through your hair. He has his arm around you, while he looks out to all his fans. He walks onto the stage and dance to the music.

He goes back to you, and takes both his hands up to your head and touch it gently as he looks you in the eye. He smiles a lot to you and you smile again.

When the song ends, he kisses you on the mouth in front of all his fans.

He takes your hand and goes out behind the scene.

All the fans are screaming.

Dj: Give it up for (your name) and Justin Bieber!


Justin is going to sing his last song. The song is Baby.

Justin: Baby, baby, baby oh. I'm like baby, baby, baby no! I'm like, baby, baby, baby oh. I hope (your name) Always will be mine, mine. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah......

Good night everbody, LOVE U!


The concert is done!.

Pattie: Good job, honey.

Ryan and Chaz: Great Justin, we're all so proud.

All: Yes! Great job Justin, we love you.


Justin: Did you like the last line, i sang.

You: Yes, i loved it. And i'll always be yours.

Justin and you start to kiss.

All begin to get the things down, the light, the music, everything.

Out in the bus;

Pattie: So, (your name) how was it to be the OLLG?

You: Wow. It was amazing. I've always dreamed about that. Thank you all.

All: You're welcome :).

Justin: (your name) come here, and lay you down with me. We should get some sleep. Night everybody.

You: Kay babe.

You and Justin laying in his bed and sleeping - Next stop London.


I need 8 likes for part 25. What will happen in London? Are they happy for you and Justin?

I hope you liked it :)

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