Justin Bieber Love story

It is not me the credits go to for this story, it is a group on facebook called The Beliebers who made this, I just thought that everybody schould get a chance to read it!


6. Chapter 5.

  Next morning. You and Justin are waking up.

Justin: Good morning, babe.

You: Good morning, sweetie.

Justin: Thanks for calling me that.

You: You're welcome, i think? : ).

You and Justin are changing.

You: So, is it today Pattie is coming home.

Justin: Yes hunny. It's today.

You: What if she doesn't like me?

Justin: Don't worry. You're amazing. And i know my mom would like you.

You: I hope so..

Later on that day....

Kenny: Justin and (your name), Pattie is here.

Justin and You: Kay, we're coming.

Justin: Just take it easy. Let me talk.

You: Kay, babe.


Pattie: Hi Justin! I've missed you so much! Aw, hunny. I love you!

Justin: Yo mom. I've missed you too! Annnnnnd i love you too!

Pattie hugs Justin.

Justin: So mom?

Pattie: Yes sweetheart?

Justin: I've got a girlfriend : ).

Pattie: Really! Awesome. Where is she?

Justin: Inside. Wait here, i'll go get her.

Pattie: Kay.

Justin is getting you.

Justin: Mom, this is (your name).

Pattie: Hello. Wow, you look beautiful. Nice to meet you darling.

You: Hi. And thanks a lot. Nice to meet you too.

Pattie: So. How are you? Is Justin a nice guy? Has he been alright?

You: Haha. Yes, Justin is a nice guy. And he's been a lovely boy : ).

Justin: Thanks babe.

Pattie: Good. And, Justin? I've got a surprise for you. Take (your name) with you. The surprise is in the car.

You and Justin are going out in the car.

Justin: Omg! Chaz and Ryan. Hey boys. I've missed you so much!

Chaz: Hi Justin. I've missed you too!

Ryan: Yeah, i've really missed you.

Justin, Ryan and Chaz are hugging, while you're standing there like a shy girl.

Justin: Oh, Ryan and Chaz. I've got a girlfriend.

Ryan and Chaz: Cool, where's she?

Justin: Ryan and Chaz, this is (your name).

Ryan: Wow, she's actually cute.

Chaz: Yeah, and HOT!

You're blusing.

Justin: But guys. She's mine.

Ryan and Chaz: Of course.

Justin: Come, let's go inside.

Ryan, Chaz, You  and Justin are going upstairs.

Ryan: Heeey (your name)? When did you and Justin meet?

You: Oh, that's a long, long, loooooong story.

Justin: It's totally long.

Chaz: Tell us.

You and Justin are telling the story.

You: So, that's the story.

Chaz: Wow, Justin. You really liked this girl.

Justin: And i'll always do.

Ryan: Wow...


Justin: Ryan and Chaz, i'll show your rooms now.

Chaz: Why can't we stay with you guys?

Justin: Uhm, hello. I want to be alone with my girlfriend.

Ryan: Take it easy boy.

Justin: I'm fine. You should just know : ).

Chaz: So this is our room?

Justin: Yes. Isn't it nice?

Ryan: Yes it is. It's really big. I love it!

Chaz: So do i!

Justin: I'm gonna go to my room. (your name) is waiting.

Chaz: See ya.

Ryan: Aye, Justin. Don't make strange noises.

Justin: Shut up, your jerk.

Chaz: Hahah. See ya Justin.

Justin: See ya.

You and Justin are alone in his room.

Justin: So, what are we gonna do now?

You: Hm, go to the pool.

Justin: Or, we can kiss?

You: Haha, sure.

You and Justin kiss. But this kis, you could feel his tongue. You kissed like in 6 minutes.

*Knock, knock*


I need 7 'likes' for part 12. Who's knocking on the door? 

I hope you liked it : ).

You and Justin were sleeping, in the middle of the movie.

Ryan: Knock, knock?

Chaz: Hello! Are you in there?

Justin: (your name) go open the door.

Ryan: Hello?

You: Wha... What? Why me? I'm so tired.

Justin: Okay, i'll do it.

Justin open the door.

Ryan: Wow, you looking tired.

Justin: I AM tired.

Chaz: Haha.

Ryan: So.. Do you wanna go bowling?

Justin: I'll just ask (your name). Kay?

Chaz and Ryan: Okay.


Justin: (your name)?

You: Yeah?

Justin: Do you wanna go bowling, sweetheart.

You: Uhm. Yeah, sure.

Justin: Then come.

You: Kay.

You, Justin, Chaz and Ryan are on the way to the bowling center.

- In the car:

Chaz: So, Justin?

Justin: Yeah?

Chaz: Did you have sex?

Justin: No? We watch a movie. And then we felt alseep.

Ryan: Suuuuuuuure...

You: It's right Ryan.. And Chaz.

Justin: Yeah.

In the bowling center:

Justin: (your name) you start, then Ryan, then Chaz and me.

You: Okay.


Chaz: Help her.

Ryan: Yeah, help her.

Justin: I think she do it herself.

You: I actually can't.

Justin: Okay, then i'll help you.

Justin holds your hand and has an arm around your waist.

Justin: One, to, three, GO!

Chaz: Omg, omg!


You: Yes! Good Justin.

You kiss him on the forehead.

Ryan: Now it's me.

Chaz: You can't do it.

Ryan: Oh, shut up. I'm the best here.

Justin: No, that's my girl.

Ryan: Aww, Love is in the air.

You: Haha, yearh.

You were bowling in like 3 hours and now you should home. It was dark, and you should walk home.

You: Aw, it's so cold. I'm freezing.

Justin: Come here, babe. I'll warm you.

Chaz and Ryan: We can also warm you.

Justin: Shut up guys. She's mine.

Ryan: Don't worry Justin. We're just kidding.

Justin open his jacket to let you in. Now you're walking hand in hand, in Justin's jacket.

You: Aw, you're so warm Justin. Thanks.

Justin: It's because i'm so hot, babe.

You: Haha, yeah. That's the reason.

Chaz: Yeah, now we're home.

Ryan: I'm gonna get the x-box first! LOSER!

Chaz: No, 'cuz i'm faster! BIGGER LOSER!

Ryan and Chaz are running upstairs to get the x-box. You and Justin are walking hand in hand.

Out in the garden:

You: Wow. The stars are beautiful!

Justin: i only see one beautiful star.

You: Yeah. It's that in the middle, right?

Justin: No. It's you, babe.

You: Aww, you're so cute.

Justin kisses you, and you can feel his tongue again.

I need 7 'likes' for part 14. What will you and Justin do in the garden?

I hope you liked it : ).

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