Justin Bieber Love story

It is not me the credits go to for this story, it is a group on facebook called The Beliebers who made this, I just thought that everybody schould get a chance to read it!


4. Chapter 3.

I You're waking up, in the middle of the night. Justin is still in the top of you.

You: Justin? JUSITN!.... J.U.S.T.I.N!

Justin: Wha... What?

You: Why are you still on the top of me?

Justin: Because, you haven't kissed me... YET!

You: Why should i kiss you.

Justin: 'Cuz, when we kiss, i feel like i'm in heaven.

You: Aww, Justin. Wait, what? I mean....

Justin: Haha, just admit it. You like me.

You: Justin, no i don't. You're such a jerk.

Justin: Hm :-/. If i'll move me, then i'm cute? Huh?

You: Uhm, yeah. Let's say that.

Justin: But, i won't, because then i'll never get my kiss.

You: I've kissed you before. And that was the first and LAST time!

Justin: You're actually weird right now. You said in the car, that we could be friends, and now you're so mad at me. And you said that you enjoyed to kiss me.

You: Justin. First of all. YOU kissed me. And yes, we're friends. But "friends" doesn't kiss eachother!

Justin: In my world, they do.

You: Orgwh. Can i go to the bathroom. I really gotta pee.

Justin: Okay. But hurry up. I want my kiss.

When Justin moved, you run over to the door and try to opened it. Since you just going to take the handle, Justin takes your hand and pushes you up against the door.

Justin: The bathroom is over THERE!

You: Justin. Let me go. I'm calling my mom. I want to go home. Not with you.

Justin: NO! Sorry (your name). I just really like you. And you can't get home now. It's too far away. Stay here with me.

You: Hm.. I thought you were cute, but now.. You're just a jerk.

Justin hugs you up at the door. You're also hugging him.

You: I've always dreamed about this.

Justin: Then, why are you so mad? Enjoy the moment with me. Feel me.

You: Okay. I'll try, if you're not such a jerk.

Justin: I'll try too. But, then kiss me. Just a friend kiss.

You: Justin, look me in the eyes, and litsen. Friends doesn't kiss, okay?

Justin: Hm.. But, we're more than friends.

You didn't answer him.

You stand and stare into each other's eyes. Justin touching your cheek. Then you begin to kiss again.


I need 5 'like's for part 7. Are you REALLY falling for Justin. Is he actually nice. Or is it just you, who is ridiculous.

I hope you liked it : ).

hope you liked it : )

You and Justin were kissing up at the door, in the middle of the night.

You: Justin stop. I need air.

Justin: Okay.

You stop kissing.

Justin: So, that means that were a couple now.

You: No. I only gave you a chance, to be friends, right?

Justin: But, why did you kissed me then?

You: Hm.. I don't know.


You: Let's go in bed, i'm tired.

Justin: Fine.

Next morning.

Justin: Good morning, princess.

You: Can you please stop calling me that. Remember we're only friends. Good morning : ).

Justin: Okay. I'll try.

You: Thanks. Let's take some breakfast.

Justin: I go down and get some breakfast to us.

You: Okay.

You're thinking: Is Justin actually cute? Of course he is. I just never give him the chance to show it. I think i'll try to be more friendly. He IS actually cute. Hm.. But, why do I like when he kisses me. Hm.. I'll do my best, to be friendly.


Justin: I'm back...

You: Great.

Justin: Just take some food.

You: Thank you.

You're both eating breakfast on the bed.


Justin: Oh, (your name). You've got something on the lips.

You: Oh, embarrassing.

Justin: Haha, let me remove it.

You: Thank you, again.

Justin: There you go.

You're just smiling to him.

Justin: Why are you smiling? I haven't seen your smile ever since, you saw me in the center.

You: Oh :I

Justin: But, i like your smile.

You: I like yours.

Justin: Are you sick or something?

You: No?

Justin: You're just so nice to me now.

You: Justin, sorry i've been so mad at you. It's because.. You famous, and i've always dreamed about to be your girlfriend and all that.

Justin: Hm, you've got the chance now.

You're just smiling.

Justin: Are you done?

You: Yeah, thanks for breakfast.

Justin: You're welcome, sweetie. We can watch a moive, if you want to.

You: Sure.

Justin: What kind of movie, do you wanna watch?

You: I don't know. It's up to you.

Justin: Okay, let's take a scary movie then.

You're sitting in the bed and watching a scary movie. You and Justin are sitting very close.

Justin: If you are afraid, you can just sit with me. I'll look after you.

You: Okay.

You're sitting on Justin's lap. Justin takes his arm around you, and kisses you on the cheek.


I need 5 'likes' for part 8. Are you and Justin really getting a couple? Are you gonna kiss in the movie? What about after?

I hope you like it : ).

 You and Justin were still kissing.....

Justin: (your name)?

You: Yeah?

Justin: I'm really glad, that i've found you.

You: Aww, Justin. You're also a very nice friend.

Justin: Oh.. I meant girlfri..

You're blushing and look into Justin's eyes.

You: Justin... I don't know how to say this.. But..

Justin: What?

You: I can't stay here with you forever.

Justin: Why-y-y... Why not?

You: I've got school, homeworks and my other friends.

Justin: I know. When are you leaving then?

You: I think i'll call my mom, today.

Justin: To-to today? :/

You: Yeah :/

Justin shows you a very sad face. He almost crys..

You: Aww, Justin. Don't cry.

Justin: I just can't stop my feelings for you. You're just something special. And i didn't even got enough time to show you, that we're actually a perfect couple.

You: You can have my phone-number. If that makes you happy?

Justin: I can't be happy without you.

You: Justin stop. You got all your amazing fans a-a-and your lovely family.

Justin: It's not the same.

You: Yes it is! If you never had met me, then you...

Justin: Yeah, and i'm really glad that i met you. You're just so amazing.

You: Thank you. And you too. But i have to call my mom now. I'll be back in a minute.

Justin: Kay ...

You're calling your mom.

You: Hi mom. I've missed you.

Mom: Hi sweetie. When are you coming home?

You: I'm actually calling you, to get me home now.

Mom: Okay, i'll go to the car now.

You: Thank you, mom.

Mom: I'll be there in 2 hours. Kay?

You: Okay, mom. See ya : ).

Mom: Bye hunny.

You hung up.

Justin: When are your mom coming.

You: She's on the way now.

Justin: Okay... I had a great time with you.

You: Me too.

Justin: So, can i get your number?

You: Sure.

You're giving Justin your number.

You: So, the movie is done. What are we gonna do now?

Justin: I don't know..

You: Hm..

You and Justin are sitting in the bed, and don't even talk. You're just looking in the wall.

2 hours later..

Kenny: (your name), your mom is here.

You: I'm coming, now.

Justin: Bye.

You: Bye Justin. Glad to meet you.

Justin: You too.

I need 5 'likes' to part 9. Will Justin come back for you? Are he letting you go? What about your school and friends?

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