Justin Bieber Love story

It is not me the credits go to for this story, it is a group on facebook called The Beliebers who made this, I just thought that everybody schould get a chance to read it!


3. Chapter 2.

Justin: I really mean it... You ARE beautiful.

You're blushing again..

Justin: Arv, i have something in my eye.

You: Really. Good for you.

Justin: Help me. It's hurting.

You: Orgw, okay.

You're helping Justin..

You: I can't see anything.

Justin: I can feel it. And it's hurting. Take a closer look.

You: Okay.

You took a closer look.

Justin: Wow, you've got pretty eyes.

You: Thank you.

Justin: Look me in the eyes.

You: Why?

Justin: Just do it.

You: No, i won't.

Justin: Why?

You: Because, i really love your eyes and when i look in your eyes i melt. Wait, did i just said that loud.

Justin: Haha, yes you did. And that was very cute. Then, if YOU don't look me in the eyes, i'll kiss you.

You: I won't look you in the eyes.

Justin: Then I'll kiss you.

You: No..

Justin: Then look me in the eyes.

You: Okay, but only in 10 seconds.

Justin: It's fine.

You're looking Justin in the eyes.

You: Wow. I really melt when i look in your eyes.

Justin: Kiss me.

You: No.

Justin: Kiss me.

You: No i won't.

Justin: Kiss me.

Justin lay you down in the backseat and kissed you on the mouth. Now your start making out.

You: Justin.. Justin stop.

Justin: Why, you're a great kisser.

Justin kisses you again.

You both stop for air.

Justin: So, that means that we're a couple.

You: No, no, no.. Don't ever say that again. 'Cuz it's never gonna happen.

Justin: Aw.. What can i do? I really like you. I've never had those fellings before. When i kissed you, i just want more.

You: But... I actually felt the same, when you kissed me. But, we can start by being friends.

Justin: Okay, i'm on it :).

I need 5 'likes' for part 5.  Do you really like Jusitn? Do you acturally feel the same way?

I hope you liked it :)

You and Justin decided to be friends. But only friends, for your sense.

Justin: Hey, there's Kenny. 

You: Finally.

Justin: Why are you saying finally? I thought you had fun. Especially when we kissed.

You: Justin, YOU kissed me. And stop talking about that. It was just a friend kiss.

Justin: Yeahyearh, but you kissed me back. And if it's just a friend kiss. Then we could kiss all the time.

You: Shut up. Kenny is coming.

Justin So what?

You: Don't say that we've kissed. I'll kill you if you do it.

Justin: Okay, i won't.

Kenny is in the car now. We're driving home.

Justin: Kenny, me and (your name) were making out in the car.

Kenny: Justin, you're so dirt.....y..

You: Omg, i kill you when we're home!

Justin: Uh, exciting.

You send killer eyes to Justin.

Now you're home, at the hotel. Justin walks to his room, and you're ready to kill Justin.

Justin: Oh no, (your name) is going to kill me.

You: Shut up. It's not funny! I'm very serious.

Justin: Argh, what i'm gonna do. She's coming closer.

You and Justin are fighting. Suddenly, Justin lay you down in the bed. Justin's on the top and you're under him.

Justin: Haha, i'm stronger than you.

You: Move!

Justin: Haha, no, no, no.. I'm having fun up here.

You: You're heavy.

Justin: I won't move until you kiss me.

You: Why should i do that. I'm not in love with you or anything.

Justin: You just said in the car, that you loved to kiss me.

You: Uhm... I-I-I- I don't remember that.

Justin: Then, i won't move.

You: Orgh!

It's been an hour now, and Justin is still on the top of you. Justin is trying to look into your eyes. But you're moving your head.

Justin: Why can't i look into your eyes!

You: Because..

Justin: Oh. Your biggest weakness is my eyes. So, when we're alone should I just get you to look me in the eye and then you'll kiss me. Haha, i'm clever.

You: Justin, please move. You've lain on me for an hour now. Please move.

Justin: Only if you kiss me.


It's been an hour now, and Justin is STILL on the top of you. He's still trying to look into your eyes.

Justin: I can lay here all day long.

You: No, 'cuz we gotta get some sleep.

Justin: I can just sleep on the top of you.



You: No, i won't kiss you. You're so....

You couldn't say more, because you suddenly got eye contact with Justin.

Justin: I really love, when you look me in the eyes.

You: ..............................

Justin laid his head down on your chest, and fall a sleep.


I need 5 'likes' for part 6. What will You and Justin do, when you're waking up? Will you ever kiss Justin again.

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