Justin Bieber Love story

It is not me the credits go to for this story, it is a group on facebook called The Beliebers who made this, I just thought that everybody schould get a chance to read it!


12. Chapter 11.

 You and Justin took Chaz in the arms and let him to the bathroom.

Ryan and Maria heard screams from the bathroom.

Maria: What's happening?

Ryan: I don't know. It sounds crazy.

Maria: Yeah. I can hear that.

Then you, Justin and Chaz came bag.

Maria: Oh no. What's happened with Chaz - She said with a little laugh.

You: We just made his pants wet.

Ryan: Uh, it sounds sexy.

You: Ryan shut up, your goat! - She said joking.

Ryan: Sorry.

Chaz: Hey, come on guys. Help me with some dry clothes.

You: Okay. I'll help you. Come, let's go into your room.

Justin: That sound more sexy.

Maria: Haha!

You: Omg, Justin. What's on your mind?

Justin: You + Me + Bed = Se..

You: Shut up. I don't wanna hear the rest - You blushing.

Justin: Fine, babygirl. Hurry up, I don't wanna miss you for so long.

You: I'm just helping him with some dry clothes.

Ryan: Or..

You: Omg, boys. Come on Chaz, we're going now.

Chax: Great idea.

You and Chaz walked in the room together.

Chaz: So, what should I take on?

You: Hm. Try this...

Chaz: Okay.

1 minute later.

You: Wow, you look handsome.

Chaz: Do I?

You: Yeah, of course. I'm not lying.

Chaz: Okay then. I'm gonna wear this today.

You: Yeah, great idea.

10 seconds pause.

You: Why are you looking at me like that?

Chaz: You're.. You're just so beautiful.

You: Aw, thank you bro.

Chaz: No I-I-I really mean it.

You: Yeah I know. Of course you're not lying.

Chaz walked closer to you. You sat on the bed.

You: Uhm, I-I-I think we should go back to Justin, Ryan and Maria now.

Chaz: No. I'm fine here.

You: Chaz, I'm..

You couldn't finish the words. You felt his lips on yours. He layed you down on the bed and began to kiss you even more. Back to Justin, Ryan and Maria.

Justin: What is taking so long? I'm going in there.

Maria: Okay.

Ryan: Hurry, I wanna play x-box.

Justin walked into you and Chaz. When he walked in, he saw you and Chaz kissing. He was heartbroken, he couldn't believe it. He had tears down he's face.

Justin: (YOUR NAME)!

You and Chaz stopped kissing.

You: Justin! O-:

Justin: H-H-H how could you do this to me!

You: Justin, please. Justin wait....

Justin ran out of the door and outside. Maria and Ryan came into you and Chaz.

Maria: What's happen to Justin? He looked heartbroken.

Ryan: Yeah. I've never seen him like that.

You: He.. He saw me and Chaz kissing.

Ryan: WHAT! What the hell are you doing (your name)?

You: I...

Chaz: Listen. It wasn't her, who kissed me. I kissed her.

Ryan: I don't care. He's my best friend. BYE!

Maria: How could you?

You: Maria, please listen..

Ryan and Maria ran out of the door to find Justin.

Chaz: Look (your name). I'm so sorry. I just couldn't get my lips of you.

You: Don't say sorry. It's not your fault. I'm such a bitch. I hate my self.

Chaz: Yeah it is. It was me, who kissed you. And you're not a bitch, you're beautiful. Please, listen. It was me who kissed you.

You: I am a bitch. How could I do this to Justin. He'll never wanna talk with me again. How could I? And why did you kiss me! - You said with tears down your face.

Chaz: I'm so sorry. I wouldn't hurt anyone. And, it was just a sister and brother kiss.

You: Sister and brother kiss. Aww, come on Chaz. Brothers and sistes doesn't kiss. Okay.

Chaz: I'm so sorry.

You: You've already told me that. I don't wanna hurt Justin. I really love him. And now, i'm a bitch.

Chaz: No, you're not..

You: Shut up! I am. He'll never wanna talk with me again. NEVER. I'm just.. I was cheating on him. How could I! I really love him so so so so much. Now i've lost my best friend. And my extra brother.. AND my boy. I wanna die. Can you please leave me alone?

Chaz: Are you sure?

You: GET OUT! - You said really sad and angry.

Chaz: Okay.

Chaz got out of the room. You were just sitting on the bed, and looked out of the window. Then you looked on your mobile. You saw your background, who was a picture of you and Justin kissing. You turned off your mobile, then...


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 You turned off your mobile and then you heard a knock on the door.

You: Who is it? - You said with a sad, sad voice.

Maria: It's me.. Maria.

You: What do you want?

Maria: I wanna talk with you.

You: But I don't wanna talk with you.

Maria: Please, I really need it.

You: Aw, okay.

Maria came into you.

You: So?

Maria: I'm so sorry. I shouldn't talk to you like that.

You: No you shouldn't.

Maria: I just can't belive how you could cheat on Justin.

You: Aww! How many times do I have to say it! I'm so sorry.

Maria: Look (your name). It's not enough to say ' I'm sorry'. It isn't.

You: How do you know?

Maria: Listen to me. It's not enough. Justin do really loves you. And I know you love him back. But, how can he trust you if you're cheating on him, baby?

You: First of all, it was Chaz who kissed me. Ask him, yourself. And I really really love Justin. I would never ever ever hurt him.

Maria: I know that. But Justin is so heartbroken right now. He can't believe you. Me and Ryan either.

You: Omg. I thought you'd be my friend. But I was wrong.

Maria: No baby. I'm just trying to tell you, that it's very very wrong to cheat on your boyfriend.

You: I know that Maria. IT WAS CHAZ WHO FUCKING KISSED ME! - You shouted.

Maria: Don't shout at me. I don't like that. I'm new here in the house. I believe you.

You: Sorry. But, you know what? Justin was also cheating on me once. He kissed Jasmine.

Maria: Now it doesn't sound like you love him.

You: I do. I really do. You should just know.

Maria: I think you should go talk with him..

You: I don't think he'll talk to me.

Maria: Try.

You went outside to find Justin.

You: Hey Chaz.

Chaz: Yeah?

You: Where's Justin?

Chaz: He's with Ryan.

You: Where?

Chaz: Behind the tree.

You: Okay I'm..

Chaz: He don't wanna talk with you. He's crying.

You: Aww.. Then go say to him I don't want him anymore.

Chaz: WHAT? No, I can't say that. Are you sure?

You: Yeah. If he don't wanna talk with me. I don't want him anymore - You said with tears in your eyes.

Chaz went over to Justin and Ryan behind the tree.

Chaz: Justin?

Justin: Y.. Yeah?

Chaz: (your name) don't want you anymore.

Justin: Why?

Chaz: Because you don't wanna talk with her.

Justin: Bu... Omg. I don't wanna loose her. She's my everything. I'm just freakin' mad at her. I just can't forgive her.

Chaz: You have too. Please, become a couple again.

Justin: We are.

Chaz: No you're not. She just told me, she don't want you anymore.

Justin: Then I'm gonna talk with her.

Chaz: If you can't.

Justin: But Chaz? Why did you kissed?

Chaz: Justin, listen to me. Don't be mad or anything. You'll promise that?

Justin: U.. Uhm, maybe.

Chaz: It was me, who kissed her. Okay! I don't wanna be a lier or anything.

Justin: WHAT? But, she kissed you back. And I don't want that.

Chaz: I'm sorry Justin.

Justin: Okay, Ryan come here.

Ryan: What's up man?

Justin: You two, go up to Maria. I'm gonna talk with (your name).

Ryan: Sure man.

Ryan and Chaz went up to Maria. You sat behind the tree where Justin was before. Then you felt a hand on your shoulder....



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Ryan and Chaz went up to Maria. You sat behind the tree where Justin was before. Then you felt a hand on your shoulder you looked back and then you saw Justin.

Justin: I need to talk to you.

You: Why? You wouldn't talk to me before. So why should I talk to you?

Justin: Baby, how could you do this to me?

You: Why are you calling me 'Baby'? We're not together anymore.

You turned your head to look at Justin. He started into your eyes, and then you saw him crying.

Justin: Because, you are my baby. I just don't know if I can trust you anymore.

You: Omg, Justin. I didn't kiss Chaz. He kissed me.

Justin: I know. But you kissed him back. And I don't want that.

You: Justin! Yeah, I know I kissed him back, but he started to kiss me.

Justin: It doesn't help.

You: I'm moving in the house, with my mom and dad tomorrow, when they're coming.

Justin: No, please stay with me...

You: Justin, no. Like I said to Chaz, I don't want you anymore.

Justin: Come on, you know you want me, right?

You looked down.

You: I just don't know if you're the one for me.

Justin: I am.

You: Justin, i'm tired.

Justin: No baby. We really need to talk about some things.

You: We've already did.

Justin: No!

You: YES, JUSTIN! - You shouted at him.

Justin: Why are you mad at me?

You: I.. I just am.

Justin: I should be mad at you, but I'm not anymore. Now I know the truth.

Justin touches your cheek, and turned your head to his. You felt his warm breath on your lips.

You: Justin..

Justin: No, ssh.

He stared into your eyes, and then he tryied to kiss you. But you didn't let him do it.

You: No.. Justin.. Not now.

Justin: Come on baby.

You: Look Justin. I'm so sorry, I really am. And I love you to death, but I think we need a breake.

Justin: Why? Do you got enough of me?

You: No Justin. It's not that. I just think we should take a breake.

Justin: But I don't want to be without you.

You: Justin, I'm living next door to you.

Justin: I don't care. It's not the same.

You: I..

Justin: What about Maria? What about Ryan and Chaz.... What about me?

You layed down on the ground and looked up at Justin. ( Justin was sitting up beside you ).

You: I don't know. I really don't know.

Justin: I can't imagine a life without you.

You blushed and smiled.

You: Me either.

Justin: Then stay with me.

Justin came on top of you. He touches your cheek, and began to kiss you. You let his tongue in, and so did you. He hugged you, while you were kissing.

You: Can you forgive me? - You said with a little voice, while you were smiling.

Justin: Yeah baby. Of course. Just, don't do it again.

You: I promise you.

Justin: Okay baby. Why are you smiling?

You: Because, every single minute with you, I become more in love with you.

Justin: Aww, really?

You: Yeah, sweetheart.

Justin: Finally, you called me that again. I hate when we're not friends. It's just, best when I'm with you.

You: Aww. I'll never hurt you again.

Justin: Never?

You: Never, ever, ever, ever!

Justin: Great baby. So... What's the best thing about me?

You: Hm.. When you touch me.

Justin: Uh. That sounds hot.

You: Haha. So, what's the best thing about me?

Justin: I can't choose.

You: Say, two things.

Justin: Kay. When you touch me, and when you kiss me.

You: Aww, I love you Justin. I can't believe I kissed Chaz. I'm so sorry.

Justin: Baby, Try to forget that. It's over. You won't do it again. And I know you're sorry. Love you too.

Justin kissed you again. And then Ryan, Chaz and Maria came down to you.

Ryan: Omg, are you having sex in the garden?

Justin: Yes, we are.

You: No, silly.

Maria: So, you're okay again?

Chaz: I think they are. They're having sex in the garden.

You: No we're not. Justin is just on the top of me and.... Omg, it looks like we're having sex.

Justin: Haha, and it's great.

Justin kissed you again, and then you all went inside.

Maria: It's so great, when we all are friends.

Ryan and Chaz: Yeah.

You: Thank you all for helping me and Justin.

Justin: Yeah. Thank you. You're just the best friends ever!

Ryan: Group hug?

You: Group hug!

You, Justin, Ryan and Chaz hugged.

Justin: Come here Maria. We don't wanna miss your hug.

Maria: Uhm, okay.

Then you all hugged again - Now you all went upstairs. Ryan, Chaz and Maria went into their rooms, and then you and Justin together.

Justin: Goodnight baby girl.

You: Goodnight lovely.

Justin: See you in my dreams.

You: No, because I'm gonna dream about Zac Efron.

Justin: Then I won't let you sleep.

You: Haha, you're so cute Justin.

You and Justin kissed goodnight, and then you all fall asleep.


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 Next morning, you woke up, to hear Justin singing in the bath.

Justin: (your name) got that smile, that only heaven can make.....

Then he came out. He only had a towel on his waist.

Justin: Goodmorning princess.

You: Goodmorning my boy.

Justin kissed you on the cheek.

You: So, what do you wanna do today?

Justin: Well.. It's good weather. What about the beach?

You: Yeah. That could be cool.

Justin: Awesome babe. Then I'm gonna tell the others.

You: Do that.

You kissed Justin on the forehead, and then you went to the bathroom.

*Knock, Knock*

You: Who is it?

Justin: It's me.

You: Stay out.

Justin: I've already seen you naked.

You: I don't care. Just.. Stay out, kay?

Justin: Okay babe. But, hurry up.

You: Yeah, I'm trying. Will you get Maria to me?

Justin: Sure.. But, you're in bath?

You: Yes I am. But, she's a girl.

Justin: Yeah, and I'm your boyfriend. That's not fair.

You: Baby, come on. Go get her.

Justin: Okay - He sighed.

Then Maria came into you.

Maria: So... Justin got me.. What is it?

You: Okay. Don't scream or anything.... But I'm pregnat.

Maria: WHAT!

You: Ssh. Haha, no I'm just kidding.

Maria: Omg. I got the biggest shock ever. Don't ever do that again.

You: Nono. But, get ready. We're going to the beach.

Maria: We can't.

You: Why?

Maria: Your mom and dad are coming today.

You: So?

Maria: We need to stay here.

You: No. We don't. Mom called me in the night, and she said, that they're coming next week.

Maria: Oh. Cool, then I'm gonna get ready now. Bye loser.

You: See ya loser.

Now you all got ready, and went to the beach.

Ryan: Wow, there's a lot of people.

Chaz: They can't see us here. Then we'll get surrounded with fans.

Maria: Don't worry. Me and (your name) know a place, where there's no one.

Justin: Cool, let's go then.

Then you went to the secret place.

Ryan: Omg, there's cool!

You: Yeah, it's awesome.

Justin: I love it.... And I love (your name) - He said walking over to you.

You: Stop Justin. I know you're trying to get me in the water.

Justin: Of course not. Or..... Just a little bit. Come on baby. We can go in together.

Maria: Aww, you're so cute together.

You: Yeah, you and Ryan are too.

Ryan: Me and Maria?

You: Yeah?

Maria: I'm sorry. But we're not dating.

Ryan: Yet!

Maria blushed.

You: Oh.. I knew that. I was just joking.

Justin: No you weren't. You thought they were dating.

You: No, shut up Justin.

Maria: It's okay.

Ryan: Yeah, 'cuz today we're getting a couple - He said flirting with Maria.

Maria: What..

She couldn't say anything, because Ryan kissed her.

Justin: Aww. Ryan got a girlfriend.

Chaz: Yeah, and I'm still single.

You: Aww, Chaz. Come here - You gave him a hug.

Justin: Hey, that should be my hug.

You: You're a loser.

Justin: Oh no. You shouldn't have said that. You better run.

You: Wh... Haha, sure.

Ryan: Run (your name). He's gonna get you in the water.

Justin: Yeah man.

You began to run, and then Justin came after you. He got you from the back, and then he layed you down in the sand. He start kissing you on the neck, while he was on the top of you. He turned you around, then you layed face to face. He whispered in your ear ' I love you, my baby girl '. Then he start kissing you on the lips. You felt his tongue, and it felt so good. You were all alone. You were behind a rock. He kissed you like crazy and then you saw a big shadow......


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He kissed you like crazy and then you saw a big shadow. You stopped kissing and looked up, at the shadow. You saw a paparazzi taking pictures of you and Justin kissing. The paparazzi tried to touch you. He was like really into you.

Justin: Don't touch her!

Paparazzi: Go away beaver!

Justin: I don't care you're calling me that, but don't ever touch my baby.

You were behind Justin's back. He tried to protect you from the paparazzi. Then Ryan, Chaz and Maria came.

Ryan: What's wrong Justin. I heard you shouted.

Justin: He was taking pictures of me and (your name) kissing. And now he's trying to touch her.

Chaz: Don't ever touch her!

Paparazzi: Wow Justin. Your girlfriend got a hot friend. Now I got two girls.

Ryan: Fuck of, don't ever touch our girls.

Justin: Fuck of.

Maria: Go away your big monkey!

The paparazzi tried to get into you and Maria. But Justin, Chaz and Ryan pushed him away from you.

Justin: Why are you doin' this?

Paparazzi: I just really like girls. Small girls.

Chaz: Ew. Go away or we'll calling the police.

Paparazzi: Yeah, do that. They won't ever believe you. Come on girls, come with me.

You: NO. Go away. You're such an asshole. Don't ever be like that, in front of my baby Justin. - You shouted.

Ryan: Don't worry girls. He's not gonna touch you.... EVER!

The paparazzi pushed Ryan, Chaz and Justin away, and then he grabbed your arm and held a knife in front of your throat.

Justin: (YOUR NAME)!

You: JUSTIN! - You said while you were crying.

Paparazzie: If you're coming near me, I'm gonna kill this girl. Alright?

Justin: No! Please, let her go. I love her so much...

Paparazzi: I don't care. I want her! Not you, fuck of! Didn't you hear what I said?

You: Don't ever talk to him like that!

Paparazzi: Shut up, bitch!

Maria: (your name)! Please, let her go! She's my best friend.

Paparazzi: I don't fucking care how much she means to you. I want her, and only her.

Chaz: I'm calling the police now, don't worry sweetie - He mouthed to you.

Chaz went away from all of you, for calling the police. Justin, Ryan and Maria were crying. They really love you.


Paparazzi: GO AWAY, YOU!

Justin: She's fucking mine, go away. You're such a jerk!

Paparazzi: No, now she's mine.

Justin: NGANFAMTHAEMTI. Take me instead!

You: Justin no.

Justin: Baby, yes. I don't want anything bad happen to you.

You: No. I won't let you do this. Baby, please. Understand me.

Justin: Baby, I can't. Please, let him take me instead of you!

Paparazzi: Stop talking to eachother. I don't want you saying 'Baby' to eachother. She's mine, MINE!

Chaz came back.

Chaz: They're coming! - He mouthed to you.

You: Thank you - You mouthed back.

Justin: This is hell. I can't live with this. LET HER GO! I'LL KILL YOU, IF YOU DON'T LET HER GO.

You: Justin, don't. He's not gonna kill me!

Paparazzi: Yes I will if you don't shut up. Understand?

Justin gave you a look like 'Baby, if nothing's gonna happen with you, I'll just let you know, that I'll always will be yours, and that you'll always will be mine shawty. I love you, beautiful '.

Justin: Can I say one last word to her?

Paparazzi: Only 1 word.

Justin: I love you, shawty.

You: I love you too baby!

Paparazzi: That was more than only 1 word.

The paparazzi kicked you in the stomac, and then you felt on the ground. The police came, and grabbed the fucking paparazzi. Now he's coming in prison. The police talked with all of you. Then they drove back to the prison. You were still laying on the ground.

Justin: BABY!

You: Justin!

Justin got you up, and then he kissed you like crazy. He hugged you really really tight. The same thing, did Ryan and Maria. Chaz hugged you all, and then you went home. Upstairs;

Justin: Baby, are you sure your okay?

You: I'm fine. I'm just shocked baby. I can't understand it.

Maria: Omg, I can't believe it just happened.

Ryan: Don't worry. Now your both in safe.

Chaz: Aw. I feel so sorry for you.

You: Chaz, thank you so much for calling the police. I love you bro - You and Chaz hugged.

Chaz: I love you too, sis.

You: And Ryan. Thank you for protecting my bestie. It really means a lot. I love you too, bro. - You and Ryan hugged.

Ryan: I love you too, lovely sis.

You: Maria. Thank you beautiful. Thank you! I love you.- You and Maria hugged.

Maria: I love you too.

You: And the last one. Justin. Thank you for everything, Justin. You're just such a gentleman. I can't live without you. You're just the best boyfriend I've ever had. I love you, so so so so so so so so so much baby.

Justin: I love you too my everything.

You and Justin kissed again.

Maria: Yeah, and everyone. What a start. I don't know, if I've said this before. But, thank you for letting me come here. It's a pleasure.

All: You're welcome, beautiful sis.

Maria: Wow, now I'm your sister. Thank you, brothers and sister :)

You all hugged.

Justin: So, what do you wanna do? I understand if you and my baby don't want to do anything.

You: Nono, it's fine for asking. I just want to relax, and watch a movie with my boy.

Justin: I'm on it. Byebye guys.

You: No silly. We all can.

Justin: I knew that. I was just joking.

Then you all sat down in your and Justin's bed. Justin has his arms around you, while he was kissing you on the cheek. Maria and Ryan sat together, and Chaz were on the floor.



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