Justin Bieber Love story

It is not me the credits go to for this story, it is a group on facebook called The Beliebers who made this, I just thought that everybody schould get a chance to read it!


2. Chapter 1.

It's friday and you don't know what to do. You're calling your best friend, and ask her, what to do. Your friend telling you, to go out and shop with her. That's what you do. You're wearing a JB t-shirt, Converse shoes, and some tight jeans.

In the center;

You: So. We're should we go first?

Your friend: Hm. I don't know. What about H&M?

You: Sure. Let's do that.

In H&M;

Your friend: Omg. Look at that shirt!

You: Yeah, it's really cool.

Your friend: It need to be mine.

You: Uhm, okay.

Your friend: I'm gonna try it. See ya.

You: See ya.

30 minutes later;

You: Oh, how long, can it take. Hm, i'm gonna look me around.

Justin: Hi. I can see that you're wearing a JB t-shirt.

You: Yes. And, who are you? I can't see your face.

Justin: If i'm gonna tell you, then don't scream or jump or anything. Just.. ssh.

You: Uhm, okay.

Justin Bieber show his face. ( Still in the center )

You: Omg, you're Justin Bie....

Justin holds you on the mouth.

Justin: I said you should be quit!

You: Sorry. But you're JUSTIN BIEBER!

Suddenly you're surrounded by paparazzi.

Justin grabs your arm and take you into a locker room.

I need 3 'likes'  and then you'll get part 2. What will Justin do? What will the paparazzies do? How long will you stay in the locker room.


 I hope you like it :)

 Justin grabs your arm and took you into a locker room. Now you're standing there.

You: What are you doing?

Justin: We're surrounded by paparrazzies!

You: And so what. I'm not your girlfriend or anything. So there's nothing to hide.

Justin: I know. But, if we both go out there. Then they all think we're a couple.

You: Oh. Now i understand.

Justin: Good.

You: But, then we have to wait more than 3 hours, maybe.

Justin: Yeah.

1 hour later...

You: Soooo.... What are we gonna do?

Justin: We can't do anything. This room is very small.

You: I know.

2 hours later..

The paparazzies are still there. You're both are sleeping in the locker room.

You: Justin, Justin...... JUSTIN!

Justin: Wha.. What?

You: We've both slept.

Justin: Yes, and that was nice.

You: Justin, come on. Do you have a telephone or something?

Justin: Yes.

You: Why didn't you tell that before!

Justin: Uhm... Because.


Justin: Okay, okay.

Justin calls Kenny.

Justin: Yo Kenny. I'm with a fan in a locker room in H&M. And we're surrounded by paparazzies.

Kenny: How, when, WHAT!

Justin: First of all, i saw the fan with a t-shirt with my head on. And then we began to talk. And she shouted my name loud, of corse. So now, we're surrounded by the paparazzies.

Kenny: Okay, i'll be there in a minute.

Justin: Thank you.

You: So what did he said?

Justin: He'll be here in a minute.

You: Uhm.. Okay. So it means, that i can go out now.

Justin: NO! I mean, no you can't. You're coming with me and Kenny.

You: Why?

Justin: Because.. Uhm..

You: Because what?

Justin: Because Kenny said that.

You: Oh, of corse he said that. Kenny would never say " Take a fan with you "

Justin: But he did now.

You: Aw. I loved you before, but now you're such a jerk.

Justin: Wy don't you like me?

You: Hello, you're a liar!

Justin: Sorry.

You: That doesn't help.

One minute later..

Kenny: Move out of my way.

Justin and You: KENNY!

Kenny: Come here. And is that your fan Justin?

Justin: Yes?

Kenny: Okay. But you can't come with us.

You: But, Justin just said that...

Justin: Nooooo, i didn't?

Kenny: Come on, Justin. We gotta go.

I need 3 'likes' for part 3. What would you do? Will Justin ever come back? Does Justin acturally like you?

I hope you liked it :)

 Justin just went with Kenny. You were just stading there, surrounded by paparazzies.


Justin: Kenny?

Kenny: Yep?

Justin: I don't think we just should leave her alone.

Kenny: Come on Justin. She's just a fan.

Justin: I know, but..

Kenny: But what?

Justin: I just think, that she was special.

Kenny: Justin. Are you crazy.

Justin: No, i'm serious.

Kenny: Are you falling for her?

Justin: I don't know. I just think, that we shouldn't leave her alone with all the paparazzies.

Kenny: Orgw, then wait here. I'm gonna get her.

Justin: Thank you Kenny. But take care.

Kenny: Sure.

Kenny gonna get you;


You: Kenny.. Kenny help. I'm surround...e..d.

Kenny: Move out of my way. I'm gonna get this girl. MOVE! (your name) take my hand!

You took Kenny's hand and went over to Justin in his car.

You: Thank you for saving me Kenny.

Kenny: You're welcome.

You: So, are you driving me home?

Kenny: No, we're going on a hotel now.

You: WHAT! What about my school, my parents my homeworks and all that.

Kenny: Here's a telephone. Go call your mom and dad. We take care of the rest.

You: Uhm. What if my mom and dad don't want it.

Kenny: Just tell them, that you're together with Justin Bieber and his manager.

You: They wouldn't believe that.

Kenny: So, let me talk.

You: Fine.

Kenny is talking with your parents.

Kenny: It's okay with them.

Justin: YES! Oh, i mean. Cool.. Swag..

You: Tsh.. And thank you Kenny.. AGAIN!

Kenny: You're welcome. Uhm. I'll go in a mall, and get some things to you.

You: Cool :).

You and Justin are alone in the car.


Justin: Sooo.. What are we gonna do?

You: I'm not gonna talk with you.

Justin: Come on. Why don't you like me. You just liked me in the center?

You: Because, you're a liar. Like i said before. And you're a player.

Justin: A player?!

You: Yes. You're flirting with all of your fans. And when you get the girls, you'll just breake their hearts.

Justin: That's not true. I'm flirting with the girls, because i like them.

You: Wow, then you reeeeeally like a lot of girls.

Justin: Yeah!

You: Ha, you're a player.

Justin: Omg..

5 minutes later..

Justin: Forgive me.

You: I can't.

Justin: Why?

You: Becau...

Justin: I think you're beautiful!

You're blushing..

You: Uhm. Thank you, i think.

I need 4 'likes' to part 4.

Do you really like Justin. What are you going to do in the car.  Are you falling for him?

I hope you liked it :)

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