Dark and Dangerous

This is my first movella. Just trying to get into writing. Let me know if you like it x :D


4. The newcomer.

He sat next to me and just stared. I didn't want to look at him but I kept glancing over. He had nice eyes. Almost impossibly blue but soft and caring. I shook my head and snapped out of it. He leaned over and smiled at me. "Hi I'm Shane." Oh my god, what do I do? I can't just ignore him. That would be rude. I stuck my hand out. "Elizabeth, I'm Elizabeth." He took my hand and shook it. I think I was blushing. I probably looked like a strawberry. He started talking again, "I just moved here from California, England is a lot colder." I was racking my brain. Finding something to say. "You'll get used to it." I sounded like an idiot. Even worse, I sounded rude. I pushed my head down and started scribbling down answers into my book. I wished this day would end. 

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