Dark and Dangerous

This is my first movella. Just trying to get into writing. Let me know if you like it x :D


23. Little girl lost.

I pulled on a coat and stepped out of the front door. An icy breath of air escaped from my mouth and I watched as it faded into the crystal light. I could see the entrance to the woods and stood for a while, just wondering whether to go. Oh well, if I never go I'll never know. My boots make a soft crunching noise as they hit the snow, the cold just making me curl my toes. I looked down and could see another set of footprints next to mine, they had been covered slightly by a light dusting of fresh snow. They were slightly bigger than mine and quite a bit deeper, they had to be his. I followed the trail made by the shoes, stepping in each one. I think I used to do this with my Mum, but I don't know enough to remember it. After a while I found myself stepping away and walking down a different path, it was darker and shadowed by leaning oaks, the dead branches reaching over me to form a cage. After about twenty minutes of walking I reached a clearing, there were stones in a circle and a red picnic rug placed in the middle, there were scattered treads and indents in the snow but I couldn't make out anything out of the scrambled mess. The sky had already started to become orange and a faint outline of the sun was visible over the treetops. Whoever was here had better arrive fast or I would find myself fading into the air. Just then a rustle came from inside one of the trees, a tall silhouette ambled out and immediately I could see who it was. He dropped whatever he was carrying and turned to look at me. "I wasn't sure you were going to come."  He looked down and picked up a large wooden box off the ground. "Do you want to sit?" I collapsed onto the blanket and turned to look back at the sun. Shane looked confused and then I saw the memories relapse all at once. "I need to finish what I started," he uttered. "I need to explain something once and for all."

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