Dark and Dangerous

This is my first movella. Just trying to get into writing. Let me know if you like it x :D


31. Escape.

I woke up by a road. Buried in snow and almost unable to move, it was peaceful though. The icy white clouding my vision and everything too numb to know it hurt. It was painless and happy. The road was quiet and still so I sat up and breathed in the morning air. A fresh wave of pain washing over me and the snow soaked red around me. Just me on a lonely road. My clothes were dyed almost completely red and it seemed unnaturally painful seeing the crimson against my blue-white skin. Everything was just too much but I somehow managed to pull myself onto my feet and start stumbling through the snow and onto the road. It had been cleared and it looked like a black tarmac river rolling through a couple of hills. I recognised it here though, I think I had been on a camping trip here with my family when I was younger. The only one I'd ever been on with my mother and she'd been rather drunk at the time, probably mistaking that I wouldn't fade disappear and I'd still be there when she woke up with a bad hangover and streaming eyes. I couldn't hitchhike anywhere looking like this so I just started walking towards the sun. It felt so warm it burnt and thawed my skin leaving me red and so sore it was hard to move. My hair was sending beads of water down my face and I soon heard an engine coming up from behind me. It was a taxi and out of the back of it came Shane. He was cut and bandaged up so much it hurt to see him. Whatever had happened yesterday was probably completely my fault and I couldn't describe to him in words how much I despised myself. He walked over to me and I noticed a slight limp which I cursed myself for. "Come back," he whispered. "Why did you come all the way out here? You always appear closer to home than this." I gave him a confused look and he glanced back over his shoulder at the taxi driver leaning out the window and staring at us. I gave him a weak smile and we started to walk back to the taxi. "Back home please," he asked and we pulled away. 

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