Dark and Dangerous

This is my first movella. Just trying to get into writing. Let me know if you like it x :D


26. Awakening.

I breathed in and out in the morning sun. Icy breath escaping my mouth into the air. Numb and tingling. Waiting to feel the cold and the burning sweet pain. Lying in the snow and waiting for the world to become real. The golden light to become solid and take me back. The reassuring weight of my body on the snow made me open my eyes. Ice crystals encrusting my eyelashes and hair; strands shining individually in the sun. I propped myself up on my elbows and looked around, I don't know where I was expecting to be but it definitely wasn't here. Lying on ivory snow in a cascade of branches, hidden from the outside world in a cage of evergreen bristles. With somebody else on the other side. I instantly sat bolt upright and peered through a small gap in the green curtain. Golden hair brushed over his eyes and huddled in a grey sweater that had hopefully seen some better days. He rolled over and yawned, smiling as he saw my face poking out from trees. "Are you stalking me?" He whispered as he blinked his eyes up at me. I was speechless for a couple of seconds before finally deciding to come out from behind the trees. "You mean you didn't drag me here?" I asked as I shimmied out between a couple of splayed branches. He rolled onto his knees and got onto his feet as I managed to fall out and onto my back. Shane smiled at me and offered me a hand to pull me up. I took it and tried to work out what he was about to say. He grimaced at me for a second. "God you look awful," he said. "Here." He started to pull his sweater over his head. Before I could object he was already holding it out to me. "Thanks a bunch," I muttered as I straightened out the too big sweater. It draped just past my knees and I tried to sort it out when I heard him laughing. "You look like a midget," he spluttered. "You're just so small." I was trying to think of a come back but he was already walking away. He yelled back to me, "Come on then. Unless you know the way back." I jogged after him quickly. 

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