Im Incomplete Without You

Marie and Jenna are sisters they tell each other everything, they even share the same obsession and that is one direction. They win a trip to a radio station and they get a huge suprise a date with there favorite member of 1d, the trick is they have to guess what member they other likes if they get it right they get to kiss the boy of there choice if not they don't get anything. What happens when a member gets jealous?


1. The Radio

*Jennas POV*

i woke up to a scream, "JENNA GET UP!!" Marie screamed at me an I got up to take a shower. I know we are going to a radio interview thing since we won a contest but it's not like we were going to meet one direction. I took a shower and changed into a stripped t-shirt and red pants with matching red toms, I walked down stairs and saw bacon with orange juice "food!" I smiled wide as she handed me my pass and I put it around my neck and ate all my food. I got up "lets go" Marie said as we both headed out to the car, "I can't wait till we get there" I said excitedly as we both got in the car and Marie drove off to the radio station. We arrived at the radio station and we got out then showed the guy our pass and walked up to the room we were supposed to wait in. I couldn't wait till it was time!


*Louis's POV*

 We were going to surprise the winners of the radio contest and I couldn't wait till we went in. I looked at zayn he looked nervous "are you ok mate?" I said looking at him knowing he was nervous about meeting the girls "I'm fine mate" he said as he looked at his feet. God we were going to meet them in a few minutes I was so excited!


*Zayns POV*

 I was so nervous I was going to kiss the most beautiful girl on the planet....


*AUTHORS NOTE: I hope you guys like it!!!*  

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