2 Years Later (a Harry Styles Fanfiction)

One Direction split up 2 years ago, i have gone to 14 of their concerts. I guess you could say they made it out there longer than most bands, 12 years, 14 tours, and 14 albums. Well to let you know my name is Caitlyn and this is my story when Harry Styles yes THE Harry Styles was pushed into my life, when I least expected it!! Well things were going alright but see how me and my new best friend, boyfriend, my everything get through it all.



Harry's Point Of View


OH MY GOD NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO there is no way in hell I'm doing this. "Um Harry?" Caitlyn says. "Yeah?" I say noticing the room seems like its moving. "You look like you saw a ghost. You know you don't have to do this right?" She says holding onto my hand. I nod and Perrie starts to scream in pain.... Whale I'm just gonna leave, I start to turn around. "HARRY EDWARD STYLES if you leave I'm going to cut your balls off." Whale I quite enjoy my balls so I'm just gonna stay here and cover my eyes. Covering my eyes is a good idea, especially because they are showing everything. Whale hands over eyes. If I faint I hope someone catches me.


3 hours later

Whale that was the creepiest thing ever. Child birth does not look fun, note to self never get Caitlyn pregnant again. Whale they had a girl and named her Amelia she's really pretty. Whale its 4 in the morning and everyone is at the hospital, even Caitlyn's parents. (Haha Whale is in here a lot and I'm jamming to story of my life) We are about to go home, well me and Caitlyn so we can get some rest, everyone else is asleep here, but I slept in a hospital chair for 6 months its not comfy, I like my bed better. "Bye mum we are heading out." I say hugging her and Caitlyn hugs her and she whispers something in Caitlyn's ear and Caitlyn laughs and nods. "What?" "Nothing babe." She say grabbing my hand and we start walking to the car. "Really babe what?" I say when we get to the car. "Your mum said we would make cute kids." She says no no kids for us, I'm not making her go through that pain. I just nod and open her door and then walk to my door. "What don't you want kids?" She says once I get in. "Of course I want kids I just don't want you going through that pain." I say and she gets a look of hurt on her face then just nods. "Babe don't be hurt, I just don't like it when your in pain and it would be all my fault and I really want kids." "I understand." She says but the pain is still evident. The rest of the ride is quiet except for right when we get home. "Don't even bother sleeping in our bed tonight." She says opening the door and slamming it shut and walking to the front door. "Ugh." I say turning the car off and walking inside. She has the bedroom door locked, I knock on it. "Baby please let me in." I say and she unlocks it. I open the door to find her in her bra and panties whale my pants suddenly got tighter. I walk over to her and wrap my arms around her waist and start kissing her neck. "Harry stop." She says but I continue anyways. "Harry no." She says trying to push me away. "I'm not stoping." I say in between kisses. I start sucking and she pushes my face away. "You just don't know what stop means do you?" "No." I say and she crashes her lips onto mine. "Your so irresistible, you know that right?" She says as I put my hands on her bum. "Mhm." I say connecting our lips. "We don't have a bed to do this on." She says. "We have a wall for a reason." I say and she gasps as I push her against the bedroom door, she locks it and hops on my waist. "Shit Harry." she says as I suck on her neck. "Tonight is going to different then any other night." I say starting to take her underwear off. I fling it off and lift her to where her legs are around my neck. "Are you ready?" I say and she nods and I dip down and start sucking on her inner thigh.


Caitlyn's Point of View

Oh my god. Harry starts licking me and I nearly die. I feel his curls brush against me. "Okay are you ready for the real thing?" Harry says unbuckling his belt, I nod and realize I'm still on Harrys sholders he shrugs his pants down and grabs a condom from the dresser and puts it on and he lowers me onto his waist. He enters me with no hesitation and slams in me. "Harry that hurt." I say as he keeps slamming in me. "Harry stop that hurts." "Sorry love." He says slowing down a bit. "I'm really sorry." He says stroking my hair. "Babe." I say kissing him "It's okay." I say and he pulls out. "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you." He says laying me down on the ground and he grabs a blanket from our closet and covers me and lays down and covers his self too. "I love you." He says and I curl up in his chest. "Hey babe guess what." Harry says. "What?" I say. "Your birthday is in 2 days." He says kissing my forehead. "Yeah I know, your mum is still going to be here right?" "Yeah, we are all going out to dinner but that day I'm taking you out and we are going to have a pinic and then I'm taking you somewhere else." He says (OMG THE 24 hour mark literally just past. so sad) I just kiss him in response and he deepens it in return. "I know right they would make cute babies." I hear my mum say. "Whale they ruined it." Harry says "See now everyone is talking about how we would make cute babies." I say and Harry's eyes turn grey (or Gray however the fuck you spell it) "My daughter is not having kids until she is 40." I hear dad say and Harry chuckles. "Oh yeah I bet you she will be pregnant in the next 2 years." My mum says. "Okay then." I say. "It's a bet, I bet you shes still a virgin." My dad says. "They don't know why I was in acoma?" I ask. "I told the doctor to tell them, I guess he didn't." He says. "Oh." "I bet you she's not, her and Harry live together and you know what that means, I bet you they have had sex since we've been here." "We've only been here 3 days. God woman my daughter is a virgin and that the end of it." "You know shes not a virgin." "LALALALA. CANT HEAR YOU." He says and I mouth wow. "Well lets go ask her right now." My mum says. "Unlock the door." I tell Harry and he unlocks it and lays back down and we act like we are asleep. I hear the door open. "Awe they are asleep." My mum says. "Wake her up and ask her." My dad says. "I'm going shut up." She says and she starts shaking me. "Whatttttt???????" I say. "Are you a virgin?" My mum says "Um, you woke me up for that?" I say and Harry acts like he is waking up. "What about you Harry, are you a virgin." "Um awkward." He says. "Wait a minute you don't have a shirt on." My mum says pointing at me. "Haha I was right she isn't a virgin and they have had sex since we've been here." "Oh my god mum get out of our room." I say, I turn and look at Harry and his face is red as a fucking tomato. "I'm just going to go back to sleep." Harry says laying back down. "Me too." I say awkwardly laying down and curling into Harry's chest. "We aren't leaving." "Mum leave us the fuck alone." "What did you just say?" "Mum. Get. Out. Of. Our. Room." I say closing my eyes. "No." "Ugh." I say turning around and trying to fall asleep. I finally fall asleep.

"It's been 10 years Caitlyn." Perrie says. "I know I'll always love him though." "I know you will but you have to move on, Harry wouldn't want you here sulking about him being dead." "It's not fucking that Perrie, its I promised the day of my wedding I wouldn't be with anyone else but him and that's what is gonna happen, I'm not gonna move on get over it already." I say. "But Caitlyn you're only 36 you can still get a new boyfriend, you're still so young." "Perrie please shut the fuck up already, you got every thing you wanted, you were in a girlband you married and had kids with Zayn Malik for Christ sake. Okay I had a miscarriage and my husband died exactly a year after we got married in a car wreck coming to pick me up. You have it so easy compared to me, I'm never moving on."

I wake up crying. "Are you okay love?" Harry says hugging me. "No." I say hiccupping. "Shh it's okay, I'm here." "But that's it you weren't there." "Baby I'm always going to be here." "No your not." "Your gonna die and then I'm going to be here alone all by myself." "Baby you need to calm down." "I love you." He says rubbing my back. "Can you take a shower with me?" I ask. "Yeah babe." "I'm going to get us some towels, go get in the shower babe." Harry says kissing me. I get up and start walking away and Harry smacks my bum. "Oi babe go get the towels." "Okay." I walk in the bathroom and start the shower. I strip down and Harry walks in the bathroom. "Our mums are downstairs talking to eachother." Harry says. "Wow do they know when Perrie is able to come home." "I don't know baby." Harry says taking his clothes off. Everytime he calls me baby or babe a firework goes off in me. I get in the shower and Harry gets in right after me and he kisses my back. "You have a hickey." Harry says pointing to a huge mark on my neck. "Thanks a lot Harry." "At least they know your mine." He says kissing the lovebite



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