2 Years Later (a Harry Styles Fanfiction)

One Direction split up 2 years ago, i have gone to 14 of their concerts. I guess you could say they made it out there longer than most bands, 12 years, 14 tours, and 14 albums. Well to let you know my name is Caitlyn and this is my story when Harry Styles yes THE Harry Styles was pushed into my life, when I least expected it!! Well things were going alright but see how me and my new best friend, boyfriend, my everything get through it all.


3. Birthday Dinner

We arrive at target and I help Adrian out of the car. "Caity can I get a toy?" He says holding his arms up at Harry. Harry picks him up and puts him on his shoulders. Out of no where cameras are all around us. "Harry! Harry look over here! Who's that? Is it true Caitlyn is pregnant?" They scream, Harry grabs my waist and pulls me close. "Is it true the little boy is Caitlyn's baby from her past relationship?" One of them asks and Adrian's grip around Harry tightens. "Adrian calm down, its okay." Harry says taking him off his shoulders and handing him to me. "Caity I'm scared." Adrian says. "Can you guys please back up your scaring the child." Harry says and some of them back away and some of them just get closer. "Caitlyn is it true you had a miscarriage? Is the boy really your child?" One of them ask me shoving stuff in my face. "Guys back up off her." Harry says trying to shove through them. One of them get closer to me and bump into me causing me to drop Adrian. "OWW" Adrian screams and I pick him up and the paps still push at me, Harry is steaming. "Back the fuck off." Harry says pulling me and a crying Adrian through the crowd. "Are you okay?" I ask Adrian and he sticks out his arm that is bleeding. "Harry his arm is bleeding pretty bad." I say trying to stop the bleeding. "Sir do you have a Band-Aid?" Harry asks the man at the front. "Yeah." He says handing him the first aid kit. "Thank you." He says taking out a Band-Aid and handing the kit back. The man nods and Harry puts the Band-Aid on him and throws away the wrapper. I grab a cart and put Adrian in it. I start walking to the toy section and Harry just follows right behind me. "Look this is cool." Harry says giving Adrian a Batman toy. "I love Batman!" Adrian exclaims. "I want some cars." Adrian says reaching across grabbing them. We walk to the next aisle and I grab Adrian a comforter and a couple of blankets. We start to walk to the clothes when a man and a little girl walks up to us. "Hi my little sister is visiting me and I was wondering if you two knew where the barbies and dolls are? I just assumed since you two had a child you would know." He says looking me and Harry up and down. "Oh this is just my cousin but they are about three aisles to the right." I say and he thanks me and walks away. "I want a beanie." Adrian says and I grab a bunch of different color ones. I grab Adrian some pjs and a little suit.

We end up spending $200 on Adrians clothes alone.

We start walking to the car and of course paps are outside waiting. "Adrian!" One of them screams. Adrian grips onto my chest and Harry takes the cart and starts pushing it. He hits a few of them with carts and still has a grip around my waist, and Adrian tightens his grip around my chest. "It's okay Adrian." I say and one of the paps take pictures. "You slut you already have a child!" One of them yell and Harry's grip around me tightens. "Whore!" One of them yell and Harry looks down at me. "It's okay baby." Harry says unlocking the car and I put Adrian in and Harry shoves the bags in the back. I climb in the car and Harry quickly gets in. "Why are there so many paps?" I say and Harry shrugs and turns on the radio. "No I wanna plug my Ipod in." I say and Harry groans and hands me the cord. Point for Caitlyn! Lol. "Bring on the old music." I say clicking on Clarity by Zedd. "Oh this is an old song!" Harry says and I nod and start jamming. The song ends and it changes to I Love It by Icona Pop. Harry starts singing and so do I. Adrian starts singing too, how does he know this song? We pull up in the driveway and my mom is outside. "Finally you two are back a bunch of celebrity news channels are talking about you guys!" She says hugging Adrian and grabbing some bags. I grab the rest of the bags and Harry takes Adrian's luggage. "Guys earlier there were paps out here!" Niall says running up to us. "We got attacked today by them! Wtf up with them?" Harry says and I burst in laughter, most gangster thing Harry will every say. "What?" Harry says looking at me. "Nothing, nothing." I say. "Here let me take that." Niall says taking the bags out of my hands. "Thanks Niall." I say picking Adrian up. "Hey where do you guys want this?" My mom says. "Um Adrian is going to take over one of the guest when everybody leaves so just put it in me and Harrys bedroom." I say. "Is it okay if Adrian sleeps with us?" I say and Harry nods. "By the way Happy Birthday Babe!" Niall says hugging me but since our hands are both full it doesn't last for 5 seconds. "We cant wait to all go to dinner tonight." Niall says. "Yeah I can't wait, we have like 3 hours left, I'm going to give Adrian a bath and get him ready then get ready." I say walking inside. "Okay babe, I'll be up in a bit to help you!" "Okay babe." I say walking upstairs with Adrian still in my arms. I grab 2 towels and walk into me and Harry's bathroom. "Adrian I'm going to start your bath, then I'm going to get your clothes, will you be alright by yourself?" I ask and he nods. I turn the water on and walk out of the room and start searching for Adrian's tux that I bought him. I grab the tux out of the bag and walk back in the bathroom. "Caity can you wash my hair?" Adrian says. I finish washing Adrian's hair, and then I wash off his body then take him out of the tub. I dry him off and put his clothes on him. I dry his hair a little then I spike it. "Okay babe go play with your toy's, if you see Harry tell him I want him." I say and he nods running off. I grab Adrian's dirty clothes and towel and put it in the basket. I grab a pink dress and heels.I grab my stuff and sit it on the counter. I start the shower and hop in. I shampoo my hair and condition it. I wash my body. I get out of the shower and slid the dress on and twist my hair up in the towel. I start putting make up on. My eye shadow being pink. My lipstick being pink too. I don't where anything else so I let my hair down and put moose, gel, and hairspray in it. "Hey babe." I say kissing Harry's cheek as he walks in. "Sorry!" I say wiping the lipstick off of his cheek and fixing his tux. "You look gorgeous." Harry says kissing my forehead. "Thank you, you don't look to bad yourself." I say. "Perrie said she sorry that she can't come, she is going to stay inside with Amelia. Zayn is coming though." Harry says. "It's okay I understand why she would wanna stay inside." I say hugging Harry. "Well we are leaving in about 10 minutes. Some of us are going to take Liam and Daniela's Tahoe and then we are taking our Camaro and then everyone else is taking our Tahoe." "Oh okay." I say putting my heels on. "Well lets go, love." I say taking his hand. "I love you!" Harry coos. "I love you too!" I say as we walk down the stairs. "Okay babe lets go." I say picking Adrian up. I walk outside. Wow its cold out here. "Are you alright love?" Harry asks "Fine." I say shivering. Harry wraps his arms around me and I automatically get warm. I put Adrian in the car and get in.

We arrive at the restaurant and Harry gets out and opens my door. "There you go birthday girl." Harry says. "Thanks babe." I say and Adrian gets out of the car. Adrian puts his hands up at Harry. Harry picks him up and Louis, Daniela, Vanessa, Niall, Zayn, Liam, Grandma, Anne, Mum, and Dad walk over to us with presents in their arms. "You guys didn't have to get me anything." I say. "Yes we did." Daniela and Liam say at the same time. We walk into the restaurant and Harry goes to the front. "Reservation for Styles." Ahh how I love his last name, I can't wait till my last name is Styles. By the way we need to plan our wedding. We our taken to our table and their is like a billion of booths lined up. "Here you go, my name is Shelly, I will be back in a few minutes to get what you want to drink." She says putting down the menus and walking away. Liam and Daniela slide into the first booth and Adrian gets in with them. "Ahh Adrian your not going to seat with me?" I say. "No, I wanna sit with Uncle Lili." I nod and then Niall, Vanessa and Grandma sit down in one booth then Louis slides in and I slide in so I'll be on the end. My mum, dad, and Anne sit in the next booths and Zayn and Harry. Harry is sitting in front of me and has his hand resting on my right leg. "So Zayn how are Perrie and Amelia?" I ask. "Um they are doing good, Perrie said happy birthday and she is sorry she couldn't make it. "Well its okay, if I just had a baby I wouldn't come either." I say and Zayn nods. "Can I stay at Uncle Liam's house tomorrow night?" Adrian asks. "If they want you to, why are you calling Liam Uncle Liam?" I ask. "He can stay with us if he wants to." Liam says. "I think Uncle Lili suits him." Adrian says. Well okay, I guess that makes sense. Weird 5 year old. Everyone starts laughing and Harry looks into my eyes. I stop laughing and Harrys looks down and looks sad. He gets up and walks away. "I'll be right back." I say getting up. "If the waitress comes get me and Harry tea." I say to Louis and walk away. Harry walks out the front door and I follow him, he walks into the alley that is behind the restaurant. "Harry!" I say trying to catch up with him. He turns a corner and I loose him. I've been walking around looking for him for like 5 minutes. I walk into the alley where he ran off and slide down the wall, where is he? I pick up my phone and dial his number. "Hey this is Harry! I'm here with my amazing girl! Well I'll call you back as soon as possible so yeah." It says and I break down where is he? What upset him? All different types of questions are running through my head when someone slides down next to me. I turn and Harry lays his head on my shoulder. "Where did you go?" "No where." Harry says taking his head off me and pulling me into his lap. "Really where did you go?" "To get something." He says kissing my neck. "Maybe we should go back." I say. "One minute." Harry says taking something out of his pocket, its a necklace box. Awe he got me a necklace. He takes it out and moves my hair to the side and puts it on me. "Look on the back of it." Harry says, I turn over the heart shaped necklace and its a picture of me and Harry and its says whatever our souls are made of his and mine our the same. (Yeah I stole it from After, well not the necklace but the quote.) "Thank you Harry." I say hugging him. "Your welcome, do you like it?" He asks. "Love it." I say laying my head on his chest. "Good." Harry says. "Thank you so much." I say hugging you. "It was no problem babe." Harry says. "Were you crying?" Harry asks grabbing my face. "No." I lie. "Babe?" Harry says looking in my eyes. "Yeah?" "What's wrong?" "Nothing." I stand up and Harry pulls me back down. "What's wrong?" Harry asks. "I said nothing, can we go back inside now?" I say and Harry nods getting up with me in his arms. He helps me down and puts his arm around my waist, we walk out of the alley and there is paps all around the restaurant and they notice up walk up. "Harry, Harry where did you two go?" They scream and Harry's arm gets tighter around my waist. "Are you two having a baby? Where is Caitlyn's son?" God are they really that stupid? I don't have a son. I mean other for our baby that I miscarried I had never been pregnant. Me and Harry walk in to the restaurant and we walk to the back and sit down. Our drinks are out and Harry looks confused. "I told them what to order for you." I say and Harry makes an oh face and sips on his tea. "Where did you two go?" Zayn asks with a cheeky grin. "Harry gave me a necklace." I say and he rises an eyebrow at Harry. Well since when has Zayn been so dirty? "God dude no, don't be disgusting, I gave her an actual necklace!" Harry says, um I don't know how that would sound disgusting at all but okay? I just continue to look at the menu. "So where did you two go?" Liam asks. "Well I took Caitlyn somewhere so I could give her a necklace." "Ahh man that's sick!" Niall says reaching across the table to give Harry a highfive. "What fuck does that mean?" I asks and they all laugh. "Oh god you don't know what it means?" Niall says in between fits of laughter. "I don't know what it means either?" Nessa says. Niall turns around and looks at her like she is stupid. Niall whispers into Vanessa's ear. "That's disgusting, how did you know that?" Niall shrugs. Louis leans over and whispers in my ear. "Oh my god that is disgusting, Zayn your disgusting!" I screech oh god I'm scarred for life, like forever. Zayn chuckles and winks at me. Dude like that is so disgusting! "Okay, okay children, calm down, I gave her an actual necklace!" Harry says gesturing to the necklace around my neck. "That's pretty!" Vanessa exclaims trying to reach across the table. "Yeah babe, I don't think that's working out for you!" I tell her. She nods and sits back down. "So what does it mean?" My dad ask. "Nothing!" Me, Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall, Vanessa, Daniela, and Louis all say at the same time. "I don't think we should leave a child we you two, you are kinda irresponsible and Harry is right there behind you." My mum says. "Hey!" I say offended. "It's true!" My mum says. "I don't see how you two take care of yourselves." "Well you see mum we have money, and we go to the store, we get food, and we buy the food and eat it. Then we sleep in our bed, and buy clothes, that pretty much covers the basic needs." "Oh really?" She says sarcastically. "Yeah really." I say, she just laughs and turns away to talk to Anne. "Trade me spots?" I ask Zayn. "Yeah sure." Zayn says getting his drink and climbing over Harry. "Man your ass, is something I don't want in my face." Harry says, Zayn backs up a little and shakes it a little. I giggle and Harry glares at me. I get up and push my tea over to my new spot. "I think I loosened your boyfriend up a little." Zayn says kissing my forehead as he passes by. "Yeah he needed a lap dance from the best." I say giggling. I slide my way past Harry but Harry pulls me in his lap. "Stay here." Harry says hugging me. "Gladly." I say.



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