Live While Were Young (Harry Styles Love)


Its Kylies Birthday And Kelly Her Fraternal Twin Sister's She Decides To Surprise Her Parents And Sister By Staying The Whole Summer. What Kylie Doesn't Know Is Harry Styles Decided To Stay The Whole Summer As Well. What You Don't Know Is They Used To Be Best Friends What Happened Well Read To Find Out What Happens While They Try And Live While Their Young. <3 <3 :*


4. Chapter 4). Fuzzy

I woke up the next morning with a groan my head pounding and clothes gone, I bit my lip and thought to myself that he better be hot, I turned slowly after I saw the arm on my waist and saw Harry. I brought my hand up to my mouth and slipped on my clothes and slipped out quietly as soon as I was out I started to cry.


I said rushing down and past everyone coming back from breakfast.

"are you crying love"

I heard Lou say and I shook my head.

"where are you going"

I heard my sister say as I saw Harry get off the elevator.

"Hey Kylie wait"

I let another sob leave my lips letting my sister know what happened and I rushed out of the hotel and to my car and I sped off before he could reach me leaving him to his fans.


I said with a sob driving back to the camp and hopping into my trailer and into the shower before my mother could ask how it went. I heard the door open and close and I heard a knock, I knew it was someone I didn't want to see.

"go away"

I heard a sigh.

"come on Kylie"

I sobbed.

"haven't you done enough go away Haz"

he sighed again.


I heard the slam of the door before I heard heels.

"hey its Kellie are you okay"

I sobbed.


she heard the sob.

"Oh honey"

I walked out in a towel and she hugged me.

"now I need to shower and once im done were talking"

I nodded and got into black sweat pants and a white V-neck which you can see my pink bra under and some slippers, I blow dried my hair quick putting it up into a bun.

"im putting on a movie"

I said walking past my sister and Gemma walking into the bathroom probably for a shower and I sat on the couch and turned on Netflix and put on Click and my sister sat neck to me in the same thing except in white pants black shirt and you could see her blue thong sticking out the top of the pants.

"click alright"

she nodded.

"why are you so sad"

I shook my head.

"I promised myself never to let Harry screw with me again after what he told me and he did and he got into my pants"

she gave me a light smile.

"but at least you got laid last night don't let him know your upset tell him it was a mistake and don't let him know it phase you"

I nodded.

"your right"

she nodded.

"am I not always right"

I snickered.


she nodded.

"no problem its what twins are for"

I cuddled her in close and Gemma joining half way through the movie thank god she has seen this movie before.

"Lunch girls"

I heard Stanley said walking in Naked, I busted out laughing.

"where are your clothes"

I saw him scoff.

"the boys stole my clothes and towel because I took a shower before them I told them I wasn't afraid to walk in here confidently naked so here I am"

I snickered.

"nice ass"

I said watching him walk into the back getting clothes on and walking out with us I pecked his cheek when we walked out and stared at the one direction boys.

"thanks boys that was a good view"

I said slapping Stanley's bottom making him roll his eye walking to the table and grabbing food and all of us did the same.

"hey can I talk to you"

I heard Haz say sitting in front of me.

"thanks but Haz it was no problem we fucked no big deal"

he looked stunned.

"it was a big deal to me"

I held up my hands.

"wow Haz its sad your getting attached it was a drunken hook up like I said it was no big deal so stop making it one"

he looked extremely mad when I said what I said and I just gave him a kind of mad look and I was slightly raising my voice.

"what do you want me to do Harry get on my hands and knees and beg you to be my boyfriend.. you already stole my virginity and shamed me what more could you possibly want from me"

he looked a bit upset now.

"what you did to me was unacceptable and you know what your pretty dahm lucky to be near me if I knew you were coming I would have never came my birthday or not because no matter where you go Harold Styles you will always be a bully to me and what you say rings through my brain every day and I was hopeful I would never see you again" 

I looked at my family who was breaking me and Harry apart almost to the point where I was gonna swing on him.

"Kylie back up"

my twin said grabbing me and backing me up.

"its no problem I'm leaving I don't hang around fakes"

I glared at Harry and grabbed my keys people screaming for me I got into my car starting it .


I zipped up and sped out dirt flying up everywhere, I felt tears of anger fall down my face I couldn't stand him being there I couldn't be around him.


I screamed hitting the steering wheel after pulling over beating up my car.

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