Q & A with Heather! :D

Its not a story, Its more like a game. You guys ask questions, And I answer! It can be about any thing c:


1. Er meh gurd.

OKAY SO BISHES C; Jk. Guys, I've been wanting to do this for a while now. Ever since my first book, 'Directioning A Directionator' Got a lot of attention. THANKS BTW!<333333 <-< Ew... ANY WAY, Lets take a trip into the mind of Heather.... Nothing.. Nothing, I see nothing. Its blank. Yeaup.. Blank. BUT THATS NOT THE POINT c:

You guys ask me questions, I answer them as honest as possible. UNLESS ITS ABOUT MY MOMMA, CAUSE DAT BISH IS CRAY. XD

Any whore, Comment..Rate and subscribe. Oh.. This aint youtube. BUT I SHALL MAKE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL SOON! :D And I'll make videos.. And vlogs... And.. Penis. O_O <-< No.. Just no.

Okay love you guys, Bye my Little Randomz. <3

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