His Other Side

Haley has been bullied since 6th grade. So as she enters the 12th grade, she is just ready to end it all. But then a handsome, geeky plot twist named Marcel Styles totally changes her life forever. But she soon starts to notice some odd behavior in her new friend. Does Marcel have a dark secret? Will Haley discover something in him that she never imagined?


21. Truth Or Dare

~This Is Us is actually the best movie I've ever seen. It made me gain so much appreciation for the boys and what they do. It made me love them even more. I loved every second of it. I really hope you guys get to see it cause it's totally amaZAYN, phinomiNIALL, exraordinHARRY, fabLOUIS, and brilLiam!~


"Hey are you awake yet?" a deep, raspy voice whispered. I opened my eyes. "Yay you're awake!" Harry said smiling. "I have good news." Harry told me. "What?" I asked. "We won't be riding planes anymore. Because we now have a tour bus." he said happily. "You just now got a tour bus?" I asked curiously. "No it was just in the shop. But it's fixed now! And no more hotels, either." he said. "We will be sleeping on a bus?" I sighed. He nodded. I groaned. 

I got out of bed and saw that my bags were packed. I looked at Harry. "When are we leaving?" I heard a honk from outside. "We're leaving now?! But I look like a wreck!" Harry chucked and walked over to me. "No you don't. You look beautiful." he said. I blushed and he pecked my lips. I heard another honk. "C'mon already!" rang Louis voice from outside. I grabbed my bag and we walked out into the large tour bus. 

"Well look who finally decided to wake up, miss bedhead." Zayn said. I glared at him. Harry showed me around. It was basically divided up into four sections. The drivers seat, then the living room type area, then the beds, and lastly, the bathroom. It had a working shower and everything! "Wow, fancy." I said. I went over to a couch and sat down. The other boys all were sitting down around me. 

The bus started and we drove to the arena the the boys were preforming at. We got out and went into the arena. I looked around at all the seats. "Wow." I breathed. "Amazing isn't it." an Irish accent said from behind me. "And every one of those seats are going to be filled." I looked over at him. He was looking at me. He looked away. "What?" I asked him, giggling. "Nothing." he said blushing. 

Him and the other boys walked onto the stage and I took my seat in the front row. They started rehearsing. Although I wouldn't call it rehearsing. I'd call it goofing off. Right before they started to let people into the building, Harry came up to me. "Good luck." I told him. He smiled. I stood up and gave him a hug. He walked backstage and people started piling in. Just after a few minutes almost the whole arena was full. 

A group of rather loud girls came up and sat next to me. A young girl sat down next to me. She was talking to her friends and then she turned and looked at me. "Oh...my...god. Aren't you...? she stuttered. I smiled and nodded. She and her friends started freaking out. "Can we have your autograph?" they asked. "Sure." I said. I started signing t-shirts and notebooks. After a few minutes they lights went dim and the show started. The crowd screamed. 

The boys came out and started to sing What Makes You Beautiful. Towards the middle of the song, the boys all went to the middle of the stage for Harry's solo. He started singing. All of a sudden Liam looked over at me and winked. I gave him an odd look, but then he grabbed Harry's pants and pulled them down! The crowd went crazy! I started laughing my head off and looked at Liam and gave him a thumb's-up. Harry was still singing while trying to pull up his pants. After Harry's solo, Liam came over to me and gave me a high five. I looked at Harry. He finally got his pants up all the way. 

The rest of the concert was just normal. After it was over I went backstage to the boys' dressing room. They were all in there. "Nice one, Liam." I said, closing the door behind me. All the boys started laughing. Except for Harry. I walked over to him and kissed his cheek. I sat down on a chair and looked at the boys. It was quite awkward sitting there surrounded by the biggest boy band in the world all in their underwear. But at the same time, it was quite sexy. Once they were done dressing, we went back to the tour bus. We all sat down and waited for the bus to leave. We left the parking garage and saw thousands of fans everywhere. The boys stuck their heads out the windows and waved. After we got through the crowd, the boys sat back down. 

"Hey wanna play a Truth or Dare?" I asked, feeling a bit mischievous. "Sure." the boys agreed. We all sat on the floor in a circle. "Harry, truth or dare?" I asked. He thought about it for a while. "Truth." he decided. "How many girls have you kissed?" The other boys started laughing. "Umm...I don't know...maybe like...10?" he said, but it came out more like a question. Louis laughed. "Yeah right. More like 100." he said. "I haven't kissed that many girls." Harry said defensively. Louis rolled his eyes. 

"Niall, truth or dare?" Harry asked. I didn't really listen to them. I was trying to listen to Louis, who was whispering into Zayn's ear. Zayn was nodding and smiling mischievously. "Haley truth or dare?" Louis snapped. He kind of caught me off guard. "Huh?...Oh dare." I said. Zayn chuckled. "I dare you to snog Niall." he said smiling. My eyes widened. "I can't do that. I have a boyfriend you know." I said. "It's just a game. Nothing serious." Zayn told me.

I looked over at Harry. He lightly nodded. I could tell he didn't want me to do it, but he just let me do it anyway. I sighed and shrugged my shoulders. I looked over at Niall, who was sitting next to me. I could tell he felt sorry for me. But oh well. A dare's a dare. I leaned over to him and pecked his lips quickly. "Okay now..." "Longer." Louis interrupted me. "What?" "Longer. A snog is at least ten seconds." he said. I looked at Niall and just kissed him again. Nothing passionate. If it was anything it was quite awkward. 

I counted to ten in my head and started to pull away. I felt Zayn's hand push my head back into Niall. Louis laughed. I finally realized what they were doing. They were trying to make Harry mad. And they were doing a good job of it. I could see him out of the corner of my eye. He looked pissed. 

"Enough." Harry said harshly after about ten more seconds. He pulled Zayn's hand off my head and pulled me away from Niall. "I know what you guys are trying to do." he said to Louis and Zayn. His eyes were filled with anger and his fists were clenched tight. He looked back at me. He stood up and walked to the bathroom. I went after him. "You guys are dead." said Liam's voice. 

I followed Harry into the bathroom and closed the door. I could tel he was very annoyed. touched his arm. He looked at me and his eyes softened. He could tell I was as annoyed as he was. "I'm sorry I let them do that to you." he said softly. I shook my head. "No I'm sorry I let them do that to you." I told him. He pulled me up to him and held me tightly in his arms. I stood on my tip toes and kissed his cheek. He moved his head so I kissed his lips. 

Fireworks. Every time. 

He kissed me very passionately. I pulled away and smiled at him. "I love you, and only you." I said. "I love you, too." he said smiling. He kissed me one last time before we walked out. I opened the door and found Zayn and Louis standing there. I felt Harry tense up. I squeezed his hand to tell him that it was okay. "Oh, sorry. We weren't eavesdropping. We just wanted to say we're sorry. What we did was childish and stupid." Zayn said, looking at the ground. "It's okay." I said, giving him and Louis a hug. "Thanks for apologizing." They smiled and nodded and walked away. 

I walked over to Liam. "Thanks for getting them to apologize, daddy direction." I whispered in his ear. "No problem." he whispered back and winked. I sat on a chair and got out my phone. "Where's Niall?" I asked. "He went to bed." Liam said. I went on twitter. Hate, hate and more hate. I went on Instagram. Hate. Someone had actually made an account dedicated to hating me. I read their posts. My eyes started welling up with tears. People can be so mean.

I put my phone away and decided to go to bed. I climbed into my bunk. Harry was already in bed. I started crying softly. Harry turned over and opened his eyes. "What's wrong love?" he asked, his voice filled with concern. "Hate." I said. He wrapped his arms around me and looked into my eyes. "Don't listen to it. It's all lies." he told me. 

I nodded and sniffled. "I want to be a girl that doesn't care what people think. But I'm just not that girl." I said frowning. Harry sighed. He pecked my lips. "Please don't listen to what the people say. I know you don't think that you are beautiful, but you are. You are everything the haters say you're not. Remember that, okay? Promise?" I smiled. "Promise." He kissed my forehead and closed his eyes. Right before he fell asleep, I softly kissed his lips. He smiled. I closed my eyes and fell asleep into the most beautiful dream ever.

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