His Other Side

Haley has been bullied since 6th grade. So as she enters the 12th grade, she is just ready to end it all. But then a handsome, geeky plot twist named Marcel Styles totally changes her life forever. But she soon starts to notice some odd behavior in her new friend. Does Marcel have a dark secret? Will Haley discover something in him that she never imagined?


14. She's Gone

Harry's P.O.V.


She drove off. I was in total shock. The one girl that I really loved, the one girl who really loved me for me, gone. And it's all my fault. I felt someone touch my shoulder. I turned around. Louis.

"Hey, it's alright, mate." he told me. "No it's not." I said, shaking my head. "I tried to tell her it wasn't true, but she didn't believe me. I would never cheat on her. Stupid people just make up these stories. And even if it was true, there isn't any pictures to prove it." "It's her loss for not believing you." he responded. "If I had just told her who I was, this would never have happened. It's my fault." I cried.

I walked back inside the house. I went to my room and started packing my bags. We were leaving tomorrow for London. Once I was done packing I got into bed and went to sleep.

*The Next Day*

I woke up feeling terrible. I got out of bed, grabbed my bags and brought them to the car. "Are you ready to go?" an Irish accent said from behind me. "I guess." I mumbled. I gave my mum a hug and a kiss. "It's going to be okay, Harry. Just have fun." she said to me, kissing my forehead. I smiled. "Okay, mum. I will." I got in the van and we drove off.

The car ride to the airport was dead silent, which was really unusual. Once we got to the airport, we checked in our bags and went to the gate where we wait for our plane. There was a T.V. hanging from the ceiling. The news was on. The story was this plane crash that happened over in the U.S.

"A deadly plane crash happened in New York late last night. The plane was flying out of Cheshire to New York but it had a malfunction and landed in the Hudson River. The plane held 62 passengers. Three passengers are dead and one is missing. She has been identified as a young 18 year old girl. Rescuers say that she most likely drowned while trying to swim to shore. Her body has not been found but they are continuing to look for her. This young girl's named is Haley Reagan."

I froze. "No." I whispered. "Harry...is that...oh my...is that your Haley?" Liam asked. I stood up. "No, no, no." I said, my eyes welling up  with tears. "It can't be, no, this isn't happening." I looked at Liam. "Harry, I..." he started.

I ran to the bathroom. Luckily no one was in there. I sat on the floor and ran my fingers through my hair. "Harry!" Louis said running in after me. "It's her. She's gone. For good. This is all my fault." I sobbed. "Harry, I'm so sorry." Louis said. He sat down next to me.

The other boys came in. "Mate, the T.V. said she was missing. That doesn't mean she's dead. She could still be alive." Zayn told me. "But it said she probably drowned." I cried. "I can't believe this. I-It's all my fault." "Hey. Don't blame yourself." Niall said. I shook my head repeatedly. "It is! It's all my fault. The girl that I really loved is dead because of me!"

I kept sobbing into my hands. Louis rubbed my back. "What are we going to do?" Liam asked worriedly. "Well, let's get to London, and then we will figure this all out. Our plane will be boarding soon." Louis said. "C'mon, Harry. Let's go." he said standing up. I stood up and hugged him. We walked over to the gate and boarded the plane. I took my seat and stared out the window. "It's going to be okay. I promise." Louis told me. I looked at him and then back out the window. I just couldn't believe that she was gone.


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