His Other Side

Haley has been bullied since 6th grade. So as she enters the 12th grade, she is just ready to end it all. But then a handsome, geeky plot twist named Marcel Styles totally changes her life forever. But she soon starts to notice some odd behavior in her new friend. Does Marcel have a dark secret? Will Haley discover something in him that she never imagined?


25. Reunited

Harry's P.O.V.

I woke up early the next morning. My jaw was hurting but it was definitely not as bad as yesterday. I leaned over and grabbed the pills off the bedside table. I took one and set them back down. There was a piece of paper sitting there. I picked it up and read it. 


You were tossing and turning last night and I couldn't get to sleep. I went to go sleep in the tree house with Niall and Lou. Love you.

xx Haley

I frowned, feeling bad that I made her leave. I got out of bed and went downstairs. The boys were all sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast. "Hey, Haz. How's your jaw?" Liam asked. "Better." I told him.

"Is Haley up yet?" I asked. All the boys gave me a weird look. "What?" I said. "Well wasn't she sleeping with you?" Niall asked. "No. She left me a note saying she couldn't sleep and went out to the tree house to sleep with you." I told him. He shook his head. "Well she didn't." Louis said.

I gave him a confused look. "Haley." I called, walking out of the kitchen. No answer. I walked around the house calling her name. "She's not answering her phone." Liam said, holding his phone up to his ear. I walked outside. "Haley!" I called, a little louder. I went to the tree house. No Haley. I was starting to get worried.

I was about to go back inside when my foot stepped on something hard. Haley's phone. She never goes anywhere without her phone. I picked it up. The screen was shattered. I tried to turn it on but it was broke. I ran back inside.

"Haley's phone was on the ground outside." I told the boys. "Maybe she just went to the store or something." Zayn suggested. "She never leaves without leaving a note, or taking her phone." I said. I started to panic. "Harry calm down. I'll go look around for her." Louis said. He stood up and walked out to the car and left.

I sat down next to Niall. "It's fine, mate. We'll find her. I'm sure she's somewhere around here." he said. I nodded, trying to figure out where she'd be. Louis came back about 20 minutes later. "Did you find her?" I asked, hopeful. "No. I checked your mum's house, the mall, the grocery store, and every other place around here. She couldn't have gone far, though. She doesn't know her way around here very well."

I stood up and started pacing back and forth. "Harry." Liam said. "Let's try to figure this out. She couldn't sleep so she left you and note and got her phone. She went downstairs and outside. She probably wouldn't have dropped her phone on accident. Even if she did she would've heard it break and picked it up."

My head shot up and I looked at Liam. I felt all the color in my face disappear. "Y-you don't think she was...k-kidnapped, do you?" I stuttered. "I don't know." Liam said. We talked about all the possibilities of what could have happened to her. Her being kidnapped seemed like the most realistic answer. 

"We need to call the police." I said. "Let's call Paul first. He might know what to do." Louis suggested. I pulled out my phone and called Paul. "Hello?" he answered. "Paul. It's Harry. I think my girlfriend's been kidnapped." I told him. "What happened?" he asked. I told him the story. "Yeah. It's sounds like a kidnapping to me. I want you boys to go down to the police station and tell them. They will know for sure." he said. "Thanks, Paul." I said. "Anytime."

I hung up. "He said we should go to the police." "Then let's go!" Niall said. We all piled into the car and drove off. We arrived at the police station and we went in. I told an officer everything that happened. "I think you should file a missing person's." he told me. "Let's do it." I said. We filled out a report.

"The next news show starts in about an hour. I think we should fit your situation in." he suggested. I nodded. He brought me over to a room with a camera man and a blonde woman in it. "Barbra, this young man's girlfriend is missing and we need to fit in a report on it during the next show." the officer said, handing her the report papers. She nodded. "Of course, Officer." she said.

She scanned through the papers. "I'm really sorry to hear about your girlfriend, Harry." she said walking outside to the parking lot. I followed her. "I have a good idea on what to say today. Don't worry. We will do everything we can to find her." she said. I nodded and she got into her big news van. "We will be live at noon." she told me right before she closed the door.

I walked back inside. "Let's go." I said. We all drove back to the house. I went into the living room and sat on the couch. The boys followed. "Now all we can do is wait." I sighed.


Haley's P.O.V.

"Haley." a soft voice said. My eyes fluttered open. I must have fell asleep while I was thinking about Harry. "Good morning, sleepyhead." Benny said smiling. "Good morning. What time is it?" I asked waking up. "Well, it's actually 10am." he said, giving me an odd look. I cocked my head. "Why is that so weird?" "Because you slept through all of yesterday." he said chuckling.

"What?" I shot out of bed. "Harry must be worried sick!" I went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked terrible. "Why didn't you wake me earlier?" He looked at the ground. I could tell he felt a little guilty. "I figured you needed your beauty sleep." he told me. "Beauty sleep is so fake. I sleep like 10 hours every night and still wake up looking like a trash can." I said aggravated. He started laughing. "Well it's true!" I exclaimed. He just rolled his eyes.

"Umm, what should I do about clothes?" I asked, looking down at my dirty pajamas. "You can wear one of my t-shirts." he said. "Well I can't walk around pant-less." I told him, walking into his room. I closed the door and started looking in his closet. I found a small, white t-shirt that said 'New York' on it. I put it on. It actually fit me quite well. I searched his closet for some sweats or something. I found some and put them on. You could tell they were for a guy, but I honestly didn't care. They fit, that's all that mattered. 

I stumbled upon a familiar looking hat. It was a black snapback with multicolored paint splatters on it. It hat the letters 'N' and 'Y' on it, for New York, in white. It used to be my favorite hat when I was little. Benny had gotten it for my for my 10th birthday. I wore it everywhere. To school, the movies, hanging around the house. I even remember wearing it to church once. I had lost it one day and I was so upset. I never told Benny that I had lost it because I was afraid he'd be mad at me. He must have found it somewhere and kept it.

I picked up the hat. I carefully put it on my head. I was surprised when it slipped on with no problem. I looked in the mirror and smiled. I looked ridiculous but whatever. I walked out into the kitchen. "What do you think?" I asked. Benny looked at me and chuckled. "I see you found your hat." he said. "You left it at my house right before I moved and I just forgot to return it."

I went into the bathroom and brushed my hair and teeth. Luckily I found an unused toothbrush in one of his drawers. I walked back out. "Jacob came yesterday." he told me. "What did he say?" I asked nervously. "He just wanted to make sure you were, I guess, safe. I told him you were fine and he seemed satisfied so he just left. I was really worried he was going to want to take you."

I sat down at the table and ate a bowl of Lucky Charms; my favorite cereal. We both sat in silence for a while. "So what I'm going to do is take you to a park that's not far from here. There's a telephone booth there and you can call Harry to come and get you. I would stay there with you but you are dating a celebrity, and I know that the paparazzi would be all over you if you were seen with another guy." he told me. I nodded and finished my breakfast.

"Let's go." I said. We went outside to his car. "You were on the news yesterday." he told me. "What do you mean?" I asked him. "They talked about you being...kidnapped. It was pretty basic. Just talking about what you looked like and stuff." he said.

I grabbed his phone out of his jeans pocket. I went on my Instagram. Loads of follows, comments and likes. I had a lot of photos tagged to me which was quite odd. I looked at all the photos. They were pretty much all the same thing. A picture of me and Harry with words written in white on it. It said,

'Haley Reagan, Harry Styles girlfriend, has been kidnapped. Harry is devastated. Please re-post to spread the word. Hopefully her kidnapper will come forward and she will be brought home to Harry. #PrayForHaley #BringHaleyHome'.

It was really trending. Over 1000 re-posts. The car stopped and I looked out the window at a small park. "We're here." Benny said. I handed him back his phone. I looked at him and smiled. I couldn't wait to see Harry, but at the same time, I really hated to leave Benny.

"Thanks for everything." I said, putting my hand on his. He leaned over and gave me a big hug. "Text me sometime." he said, handing me a small slip of paper with his number on it. He handed me some change too so I could pay for the phone call. I put them in my pocket. "I love you, Ben. Well, you know, as a friend." I said. "I love you, too, Haley-bug. As a friend."

He gave me one last hug before I got out of the car. I waved to him as he drove off. I sighed and walked over to the phone booth. "Haley?" a familiar voice said from behind me. I turned around. "Zayn!" I cheered and ran up to him. I jump into his arms. I pulled away after a few seconds. "Oh my god, are you okay?" he asked, his voice filled with concern. I nodded.

"I'm fine. What about you?" "The boys and I have all been worried sick! And Harry, well, he's been a nervous wreck. All he's done for the past few days is sit by the phone, waiting for someone to call saying they found you." he said. I gave him another hug. I felt his lips press against top of my head. We walked over to a bench and sat down. I laid my head down on his lap. He pulled out his phone and called someone. I was pretty sure it was Harry.

"Hello? Haz? Yeah it's Zayn. I found her!...yeah...we're at that park downtown, you know, the one on the corner...yeah that's the one...great...oh, sure."

He handed me the phone. "He wants to talk to you." I put the phone up to my ear.


"Haley. Oh my god, babe are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine. Are you okay?"

"I am now. You have no idea how scared I've been. I thought I lost you forever. It's so great to hear your voice again."

"It's great to hear yours, too. I've been through quite a lot in the past few days. I'm surprised I'm still alive."

I could hear him starting to get choked up.

"Baby, it's okay."

"I love you so much."

"I love you, too."

"We are on our way there. See you soon, love."

"Okay bye."

I hung up and handed Zayn back his phone. "If you don't mind me asking, what are you doing here?" I asked. "I was looking for you. I've been driving around like crazy trying to find you. I was about to give up but then I saw a girl and decided to ask if she had seen you. But as I got closer I realized that it was you." he told me. I smiled and held his hand in mine. I was just so happy to see one of the boys again.

He softly sang to me until Harry and the other boys showed up. Harry got out of the car. I got up and ran to him. I jumped into his arms and he spun me around. He pressed his lips against mine. I never wanted to let him go. I pulled away and smiled. "I've missed you so much." I said to him, starting to cry. He cradled my head in his warm hands. He softly rubbed his cheeks with his thumbs.

"I've missed you, too." he said, pecking my lips once more. I wrapped my arms around him. I pulled away and went up to the other boys. I hugged them all. "Hal, what exactly happened?" Liam asked me. I sighed and looked down at my feet. I walked over to a big willow tree and sat under it on the soft grass. The boys followed.

I told them everything. Every little detail. When I got to the part about Joey raping me, Harry got a little upset. "He r-raped you?" he stuttered. I nodded. "Did he use...well...protection?" Niall asked. I lightly shrugged. "I honestly don't know. All of it's just a big, horrible blur. I can't say he did, but I can't say he didn't either." I told him.

I continued on with my story. By the end, all the boy's faces had different expressions. Harry looked like he was about to cry. Liam looked like he was going to faint. Zayn looked like he was in another world, just looking off into space. Louis looked like he wanted to say something, but he couldn't find the right words. And Niall, well, Niall looked like he was going to kill somebody.

"I'm so sorry." Louis eventually said. "It's fine." I said. Harry held my hand tightly in his. "Let's just go home." he said to me. I could tell he wanted to be alone with me and I think the other boys got the message. "We actually better be getting back to our homes." Niall said. We all stood up. I gave all of the boys a hug. "Bye." I said. They all followed Zayn to his car.

Harry and I went to his. We drove home in silence. I knew he wanted to talk when we got home. We pulled into the driveway and got out of the car. We went inside. Harry stopped me before I could go anywhere. He picked me up and carried me bridal-style up to our bedroom. He carefully set me down on the bed. He sat down next to me.

"Haley I..." I cut him off by kissing him. I wrapped my arms around his neck. Our lips moved perfectly in sync. I pulled away. "You have no idea how much I've missed you. How much I've wanted to be home, in your arms. How much I've wanted to kiss you and tell you how much I love you." I said to him. He smiled and wrapped his arms around me. "I love you so much, Haley." he said. I smiled. "I love you, too." 

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