His Other Side

Haley has been bullied since 6th grade. So as she enters the 12th grade, she is just ready to end it all. But then a handsome, geeky plot twist named Marcel Styles totally changes her life forever. But she soon starts to notice some odd behavior in her new friend. Does Marcel have a dark secret? Will Haley discover something in him that she never imagined?


8. I Wish I Never Saw That

Marcel spent the night that night. The next day we both got up and went to school. Marcel didn't have anything to wear so he was forced to wear my brother's clothes. When we walked inside, almost immediately people started to stare at Marcel. Girls were whispering to their friends and giggling and guys were pointing with disbelief in their faces. Marcel had the same outfit that I gave to him yesterday except his glasses fell and broke so he was forced to wear his emergency contacts. He had the same hairstyle, though. He had his arm tightly wrapped around my waist to protect me.

We went to our lockers separate. When I finished with my locker I started walking towards his. But on the way I saw something I wished I had never seen. My boyfriend was making out with the most popular girl in school, Brittney Meyers. I dropped my books and ran.

I ran outside crying. I went to a little park by my house. I sat on a bench and cried. I didn't know what to do. He said he loved me and he wanted to make me happy. Well he was failing both. "Haley! Haley!" I heard in the distance. It was Marcel's voice. I didn't move. I just kept crying. It wouldn't stop. "Haley! Is that you?" he asked coming near me.

"What happened to wanting me to be happy, Marcel?" I asked him, tears streaming down my face. "Haley please listen to me! I didn't kiss her. I was on my way to your locker and she stopped me. She wouldn't let me through. She told me she loved me and she wanted to be mine but I told her no. And then I saw you coming and I was just about to call your name when she grabbed my head and shoved her lips on mine. I tried to get away! Especially when you took off crying. Finally she let me go. Please, Haley, listen to me! I am telling the truth!"

He was crying now. He slowly walked over and sat down next to me. "Please..." he said softly. "Please believe me?" I looked at him not knowing what to do. I wanted to forgive him but I didn't know how. He sighed and stood up. He slowly started to walk away.

"Wait!" I said quickly. I stood up and walked over to him. "I believe you." I said to him with a smile. His eyes immediately lightened with joy. He hugged me and picked me up off the ground and spun my around. Both of us started laughing. He fell backwards and I landed in top of him. I leaned down and he closed the gap between us. After about two minutes he said to me "I love you, Haley. I lot more than you think." "And I love you too, Marcel. A lot more than you love me." I told him. He laughed. "I highly doubt that's possible, babe." he said to me right before he kissed me again.

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