its about a girl names callie whom travels with her mother to paris for her aunts wedding which would be in a month of time her mother lets her have fun and explore paris by her own do you think she can be all alone would she find love or a trouble maker?


6. chapter six ~

"do you trust me" harry said holding my hands "i don't know you" i replied "well if you did would you" he asked "yea i would" i replied "then don't let go of my hand" he said as he started running "are you crazy you will jump" i screamed as he held grip of my hand "don't stop running and don't let go" he demanded , i agreed so he kept running. 

there was a small space from the building we were on and the one next to it, harry kept on running till he jumped pulling me with him and landed safely he kept on running as i turned around to check if they were behind us, i nudged his arm "they are behind us" i screamed "don't look back ill keep you safe" he yelled and kept on running while dragging me with him. 

He's like a sweet disaster which seemed complicated, i still don't know anything about him but the weird thing is I'm starting to feel pity on him. just looking at him his life is like a movie that never ends, "HARRY" i screamed while he was about to jump a very big gap that looked impossible to make it without killing our selfs. 

"we wont make it" as he stopped and told me "stay here ill try first, if i didn't make it keep running just find a way to lose them" he said as he lets go of my hand and goes back and sprints while i looked behind him as the guys were catching up with us, i started to jump in panic while harry took a deep breathe and jumped, barley making the other side as he caught the edge of the building making his body fall down "Harry" i screamed "i got it" he shouted back as he climbed back up to the other side. 

"come on jump" he demanded "ill hold you" he continued i turned around as i saw if i wait any second later they would catch me so i sprinted like my life depended on it and jumped, i caught harrys hands as i scream "don't let go" i yelled at harry "i wont" he pulled me up and gave me a hug saying "don't worry" whilst i look at the other side of the building "remind me to thank you when this is over " i said pointing at the guys coming towards us

"lets go" harry said as he went in the door that took you inside the building going down the stairs really fast made me really dizzy it felt like it could keep going and going. 


"thank god we lost them" i said "well its not over" harry responded "what wont they just give up" i asked "not really" harry replied as he sat on the floor "now the questions can be asked" he said as he smirked and looked at me i giggled "alright, why did you follow me?" "well i wad bored" i glared  at him "okay then why were they beating you up" "well its a long story but ill just tell you since you got your self into this, they work for some old guy who is trying to get rid of my family and most important me and well a few years ago i saw them kill my mother and aunt in front of me but i was hiding in the closet as they didn't know i exist, so i just ran away and well they found me" 

i was shocked that i couldn't respond on what he has just told me "then how come they just didn't kill you" he frowned and answered "because i have something they want and i wish i never took it" "but you told me that you did something bad enough to get arrested" i asked " i  lied so i could make you run faster " he replied with a grin as i nudged his arms "and I'm sorry for your family" i told him whilst looking into his eyes that sparkled like a star he smiled and said "its ok" 

"one last question" "go on" he replied "well why do they call you a trouble maker you don't seem bad you seem nice" i asked looking at the floor "well I'm easily tempered and i do beat up guys that either hurt my friends or just did something bad and well i used to get myself into lots of trouble at school" he answered "so if i ever get angry please don't look at me" 


Authors note~ 

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