"He kept on talking, but his words faded away. They were drowned in the loud buzzing in the back of my head.
“Caleb” I meant to say his name normally, but my voice sounded weak and shaky. The room shifted and turned, my head was spinning and my stomach dropped.
“Rose, are you okay?”
I blinked once, twice, thrice, but it didn't help. I reached for the coke but didn't have the strength to lift it. I fell backwards against the floor, but through I could hear the bump in my skull, I didn't feel the pain. I could no longer hear Caleb talking to me, but I watched his face as the edges of my vision darkened until I could see nothing but utter blackness"

After a sudden blackout, sarcastic occult-fan 'Alyce with a Y' finds herself somewhere very far away from home, discovering truths about herself she'd never thought possible.

(Tilmeldt Fantasy-konkurrencen, valgmulighed 1)


5. Confrontation

“You're not yourself” Isebel concluded after a few moments of awful silence. We were in her office - Another beautifully decorated room with big windows that gave a great view of the park.

“Oh no, uh, Mentor. I'm afraid that I might be ill. I feel slightly out of sorts” I babbled, repeating the words I'd used when talking to Nate and Callie.

“But you're not yourself at all” Isebel pressed.

“No, I don't feel entirely myself” I pulled my face into a frown.

“Sweetie,” she said with motherly affection “that's something you might convince Nathaniel and Callista with, but not me. I know what's going on. So tell me, what's your name?”

“My name?” I repeated.

“Yes, your name. I know your soul landed in Luna's body, but the body you came from must have a name as well”

“Wait, so you know that I'm... Well... Not Luna?” I said hesitantly.

“Yes, I know. But you've been clever to keep it a secret. If you'd told the truth you would've created a big mess for the real Luna to clean up if she returns”

“But this is just a dream” I argued, “you're just something my imagination created. How can you know something I don't?”

She laughed. “Oh sweetie, it's most certainly not a dream”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because I'm like you”

“Like me?” I raised my brows.

“Yes, exactly like you. I came here sixteen years ago, thrown out of my body and into this one with no warning. Just like you”

Her words made me feel dizzy. I didn't want to hear more. She was crazy, I told myself. Things like that didn't happen. Couldn't happen. It belonged in books, in movies, in my imagination. I grabbed hold in the corner of her desk to keep myself from falling as I sat down.

“But if we're not in my dreams, where are we?” I asked so softly it was almost a whisper.

“We're in a different dimension from yours. The next layer”

“The next layer” I repeated, shaking my head. “And what am I doing here?”

“See, this is the interesting part. The reason you ended up here is because you're connected to Luna. You have a piece of her soul. A very small piece that was ripped from her when she was created”

I frowned, not following. “How can that even happen?”

“We don't know, really. But the two dimensions are just next to each other. I imagine that during her creation, the vacuum of your dimension was so strong it tore off a piece of her soul”

I gulped, not sure whether to believe what she was saying. I had been much more willing to believe her if this was some crazy awesome dimension with zombies walking around at night, I told myself. But this...

“And why now?” I said after a while to break the silence.

“As you've noticed, something big is coming up for Luna. The Harvesting is the time where the new leaders of the Moonland to be selected, and-”

“Let me guess, Luna is the perfect candidate who's destined to take over?” I said, interrupting.

“Not quite, actually” Isebel replied, surprising me. She was silent for another moment, obviously considering how best to explain.

“You've realized by now that the Moonfolk is different from humans, correct?”

“Yes, I mean, you all look freakishly alike, and-”

“I mean besides our appearance”

I thought about it.

“Well, you all have a very... Intimate behavior” I noted, staring out the window.

“I know this must all be hard to believe if you're considering the fact that you still think you might be in a dream. I didn't believe it at first either. It took me almost a week to accept the fact that I wasn't going to wake up in my bed. But for a moment, just listen. The truth with catch up to you eventually”

I nodded, vaguely encouraging her to continue.

“The Moonfolk is different from humans in a way that you might see as “magical”. When a son or daughter of the Moon turns eighteen, their powers awaken, but no one knows what they will be like. What kind of powers they will have or whether they will be strong or not”

“Wait, powers? You guys have powers?” I asked, barely hiding the humor in my voice.

“We do” Isebel replied indifferently.

“But you seem so... So...”


“I would've said lame, but weak works too!” I said a bit too honestly. “I mean, you're not like the supernatural creatures in books and movies. You're not like witches, zombies or demons”

“No” Isebel said, “but the Moonfolk is demonic too”

“You are?” I asked skeptically. She nodded.

“Yes, we are. Don't underestimate us just yet. Our powers are the result of the demon blood that surges through us”

“And what kind of powers are we talking?” I asked.

“For example, I can see the future” Isebel answered plainly. That shut me up. The future?

“That is the reason I knew someone else would end up in Luna's body, hence I came talking to you earlier to see if it had happened”

“But I still don't understand” I gulped, “what am I supposed to do?”

“The problem is,” Isebel began patiently, “my ability tells me there are three possible futures awaiting, all pending on who is Selected. Luna, Callista or Sapphire”

“Wait, Callie? That girl?”

“Yes, Luna's friend”

“And the bitch, of course” I said, rolling my eyes. “But she seems like she's got it all right. Why can't she just be... Uh... Selected?”

Isebel smiled. “That is what I want to show you if you'd be quiet for a second”

She then proceeded to take both my hands in hers and staring into my eyes. I was just about to ask her what the hell she was doing when my vision zoomed like the vertigo-effect in movies, closer and closer until I was in her eyes. Then everything around me changed.

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