Are You Insane?

This is my diary. Why are you reading it? Everyone always wants to know everything about me. Why can't anyone just leave me alone? I didn't kill that boy. Or that girl. Or those twins. I didn't kill that old man that kept talking to me. Why can't you see that I am talking to someone? There is somebody there. I know that I always have someone with me.


11. December 31st 2011

Dear diary,

It is almost midnight. Just an hour until the appointed time. Everyone else will be partying, celebrating, getting drunk... And I will... Cease to exist. I hope that the police find me and find this diary. I'm going to go with it in my pocket, so they'll find it when they examine me. I've written my confession letter too, and I'll hide it in this diary. I hope they find it, so they can stop looking.

Okay, I'm ready. This is my goodbye.

It's been a good one, hasn't it?

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