My Demonic Neighbors

Alex Ray has had a normal life. She's an only child and has a reasonable amount of friends. She is well liked at school but does get bullied sometimes. But when she gets a new neighbor, everything changes. There have been murders in the town ever since her neighbors moved in. Is she safe? Will she be next?


5. 4. Following Her

Harry's P.O.V:

After school I got into my car and drove to my new house. Once I got there I saw the movers putting my boxes in the front lawn. I guess today was unpacking day. I had quite a few boxes to carry in and I regretted keeping alot of things.


Once I got half of the boxes in the house, I sat on the steps in the shade and relaxed. One of the perks of being half demon and half angel is that I get all of the qualities a demon would have. Like turning into a black cloud of mist, I can hear from miles away if I have to and I get to read peoples minds.


From the angel side I get the power to heal myself and other people and the ability to feel emotions.  I was snapped out of my daze when I heard girls talking not far away. I looked up and saw Alex with some other girls. They were talking about be, saying I was a hottie.


I couldn't help but smirk but what Alex did made my smirk drop. She just rolled her eyes and spoke sarcastically. Was I really that appalling to her? I decided to finish with these boxes and follow her if she leaves the house again.


I turned into a black cloud and floated up to her bedroom window, getting under her window and hiding in her closet. I know this is creepy but I have to take precautious measures. Before I went into her closet I took a look around her room.


The wall was a dark purple and her bedding was the same color with black carpet. She had pictures of her and her brother on her desk. I opened the drawer in her desk and found a brown book with a black angel on it.


I didn't have the time to look in it as I heard foot steps coming up the stairs. I quickly closed the drawer and went into the closet. Time went by and I was kinda regretting staying in her closet. So far I have listened to the girls prank call Caroline's ex and another person and now they were just sitting on the bed.


When Alex got up off the bed the girls followed her down stairs. Once they were gone, I left the closet and went to follow Alex. I over heard them talking about pizza and Alex saying she was going to go get the sodas. I stayed in one spot and watched her.


I was currently waiting in an alley but I think she saw me so I turned into a cloud. I took this as my opportunity to follow her again so I walked right behind her. She stopped for a minute and turned around. I was afraid she was going to see me but she just turned back around and started walking home.

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