Be Mine

17 year old popular girl Kate has never found her Soul Mate. But she wishes she find her soul mate soon. What happens when she find three soul mates at the same time. Their Shane the school handsome bad boy with dark secrets, Romeo the school cute lover boy and Marcel the school geek. Who is not what he seems? Who will Kate pick? Read and find out.


2. Shane

Kate P.O.V

I wait for my French class to end. This lesson was the most boring. Maybe this was because this was the only lesson that Marcel wasn't in my lesson. I wait for the clock to ring. It rings. I stand up quickly, causing my chair to fall. Then run out of the room. I wait for Marcel in the next room. He takes extra French. That basically means he's gifted at it, and takes on the harder course. Marcel is really smart, and at the top set in everything. He gets the highest marks in everything, and is sure to succeed in everything. I wait for Marcel, and watch the class come out. No Marcel. But that's only because Marcel is so smart and has an extra ten to fifteen minute talk with his teacher.  I feel someone staring at me. I toss my long brown hair, and see that a tall dark handsome guy is staring at me. He has cold black eyes that pierce into me. He leans on the lockers and stares at me. I tuck a strand of my long brown hair behind my ear, and strand quietly nervously. What could be taking Marcel so long? I tap my foot on the ground, impatiently. I watch the tall dark handsome walk towards me, and stand quite near me.

"I've seen you before haven't I? Your name's Kate. Right." the tall dark handsome stranger asks.

"Yes. But I don't know your name. Have I seen you before?" I ask back, pointing a finger to my lip, still in my train of thought.

"Yes. I'm Shane. I'm in all of the same classes that you are in. You’re the one that stood up to Amy and is friends with the geek right." Shane questions.

"Yes, and if you mean Marcel yes I am, and he is not a geek. Okay." I point out clearly, my eye brows raising hopefully that he gets it.

"You really care for him don't you?" Shane points out, fidgeting with his fingers.

"Of course. He is my best friend, and well the only friend I have, and I can't stand the fact that people bully him calling him a geek. He's not a geek. The people who call him, who bully him are the real geeks. They hurt Marcel. Who's innocent, and can't stand up for himself. But I'm not like him. I'll stand up for him." I answer back.

"I can see. But you know that he doesn't need you to protect him." Shane tells me.

"Yes he does. He needs me to protect him. You might not think so. But do you think he deserves to get bullied for nothing? Do you think he would stand up for himself? Do you really?" I ask.

"I guess not." Shane mumbles, thinking.

"See. He needs me, as his friend, and I need him. He's sweet, kind, caring, and handsome." I tell Shane.

"Can I be friends with you and the geek?" Shane asks.

"Only if you stop calling Marcel geek, and be friendly with you. He's my best friend." I tell Shane, pointing it out very clearly.

"Okay." Shane replies.

Suddenly I spot Marcel walking out of the classroom. He smiles when he seems me, but the smile turns upside down when he sees Shane. Marcel walks towards me.

"What's he doing here?" Marcel asks me.

"He has a name." Shane mumbles.

"Shane going to be our friend, and he has promised he won't be horrible to you, or call you geek." I tell Marcel.

"But are you sure. He's you know bad, rude, mean." Marcel tells me.

"I can hear you know, and I've decided to stop being bad or rude to you. I'm sorry Marcel. Do you forgive me?" Shane asks.

"I guess." Marcel mumbles, looking down.

"Don't worry Marcel. You'll always be my best friend forever." I tell Marcel, holding hands with him.

Marcel P.O.V

"See. He needs me, as his friend, and I need him. He's sweet, kind, caring, smart and handsome." Kate tells Shane.

I walk out of the classroom. My teacher Ms. March told me that I was very gifted, and would do big things. I see Kate with Shane, and walk towards her. I hate Shane. He's always been horrible to me. In fact, he was one of the first people to bully me. He used to be my friend, but betrayed me, and for that I could never forgive him. I pretend to smile, when Kate tells me she's going to be his friend. Kate says she needs me. Me. I Marcel. The quiet, smart, not geeky guy. I smile inside. She called me sweet, kind, caring, smart and handsome. I felt like I was glowing inside.

"I can hear you know, and I've decided to stop being bad or rude to you. I'm sorry Marcel. Do you forgive me?" Shane asks.

"I guess." I mumble.

"Don't worry Marcel. You'll always be my best friend forever." Kate tells me holding hands my hand tightly.

I don't know what Shane is playing by. But I will protect Kate. I won't let Shane hurt her too. But Kate said I'll always be her best friend forever. But I wish it was more. I wish Kate would fall in love with me. But I have to settle with being her friend. I could never let our friendship jeopardize because of me.

Shane P.O.V

I've fallen in love with Kate. The way her brown eyes smile warmly at everyone. The way Kate tosses her lovely long brown hair that rests beside her waist. The way she's brave and stood up to Marcel. The way she blushes pink when she's happy. The way she raises her eye brows when she surprised. I want Kate to fall in love with me. I'm Shane the school's bad boy. But I can be kind and lovable inside. I just want Kate to love me. Me.

"Don't worry Marcel. You'll always be my best friend forever." Kate tells Marcel, holding his hand tightly.

I fidget nervously with my fingers. Why can't Kate hold my hand? I can't believe I'm so jealous of a geek. I mean Marcel. Marcel smiles when Kate holds his hand. I just want to wipe that smirk off his face. I try and calm my anger. Stay cool Shane. I tell myself. Behave. I will make Kate fall in love with me. What Shane wants he gets, and now I want Kate. I smile mischievously at Kate. She will be mine.

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