Be Mine

17 year old popular girl Kate has never found her Soul Mate. But she wishes she find her soul mate soon. What happens when she find three soul mates at the same time. Their Shane the school handsome bad boy with dark secrets, Romeo the school cute lover boy and Marcel the school geek. Who is not what he seems? Who will Kate pick? Read and find out.


3. Romeo

Kate P.O.V

I watch a pretty glossy blonde haired girl with hair that reaches to her waist, walk towards us. The girl has dark blue low lights in her hair, and dark blue eyes. A pair of sun glasses stand from her hair. She wears a dark blue dress, and has a massive Louis Vuitton handbag, on her arm. She is very slender, and tosses her blonde hair behind her back. She stands in front of Marcel. Among us, she looks very rich and designer. But why would a popular girl talk to us.

"Marcel." the girl calls him.

"What do you want Rhianna?" Marcel questions.

"I need to talk to you." Rhianna answers.

"You can speak to me here, these are my friends Kate and Shane after all." Marcel tells Rhianna.

"I think she wants to speak to you in private Marcel." I mumble to Marcel.

"In private." Rhianna points out.

"If you want to talk to me in private, you can say it now." Marcel answers.

"But." Rhianna pouts like a sad lost puppy.

"Just speak to her Marcel, we'll wait for you." I tell him.

"Fine. You have five minutes." Marcel tells her, before dropping my hand, and walking towards her.

I watch Rhianna talk to Marcel, and my heart pounds rapidly. What does she want with him? If she hurt him, I'll cut her long mane of blonde hair without a doubt. Marcel was my best friend, and I kind of liked him a lot.

"How does she know Marcel?" I ask Shane.

"They used to date." Shane replies, playing through his black hair.

"How long?" I questioned curiously, standing closer to Shane.

"About four years, it was pretty long. They were childhood sweet hearts, couple that everyone thought would be inseparable." Shane answers.

"Was it serious?" I asked.

"Whew, I did not know I was under questioning and yes they were." Shane told me.

"Who dumped who?" I asked.

"Marcel dumped Rhianna." Shane replied.

I look at Marcel then at Rhianna discussing a far. I wonder why Marcel dumped Rhianna. She was pretty, blonde and I guess beautiful. Though she sparked a jealousy in me. Three years, and serious. I raise my eye brows in doubt.

"What are you thinking?" Shane ask me.

"Who said I was thinking?" I ask back.

"Well, you raise your eye brows when your thinking." Shane told me.

"I'm not thinking anything now." I lie.

What I really was thinking, was if Rhianna wanted to get back to Marcel, and if he would say yes. Please no, I beg.

"Kate." Shane calls me.

"Yes Shane." I told him.

"Are you single?" Shane questions me.

"Yes." I answered.

"I" Shane begins to say.

I take a step back.

"Love." Shane continues.

I stand back, and bump into someone. The person catches me from falling. I turn my face, to see a boy my age, with brown hair and a single rose in his hand. He smiles and lets me stand back.

"Sorry." I apologize.

"It's fine. I'm Romeo." Romeo told me.

"Seriously." I declared.

"Yeah. Romeo is my name. Love is my game." Romeo told me.

Shane stood right behind me in a over protective way.

"Here's for you young lady." Romeo told me, handing me the single rose.

"It's Kate." I told him.

"A gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl, you mesmerize me." Romeo told me, kissing my hand before walking off.

I stand there holding the rose, speechless.

Romeo P.O.V

A girl bumps into me. I catch her in my arms, prepared to be angry. But it evaporates when I see it's a beautiful girl with lovely brown hair, and brown eyes that twinkle.

"Sorry." the girl apologize.

"It's fine. I'm Romeo." I told her.

"Seriously." she declared.

"Yeah. Romeo is my name. Love is my game." I told her.

Shane stood right behind her in a over protective way. Does he love her?

"Here's for you young lady." I told her, handing her the single rose.

"It's Kate." she told me.

"A gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl, you mesmerize me." I told her kissing her hand before walking off.

I was in love with this girl. Kate. She mesmerized me. I love her. She would be my Juliet.

Shane P.O.V

"A gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl, you mesmerize me." Romeo told her kissing her hand before walking off.

I stand there in envy, as Kate held the single rose. She blushed pink. Did she like him? I hated Romeo. More then I hated Marcel. Romeo was the school lover boy, and got any girl he wanted. Well he was not getting Kate. Kate was mine.

Marcel P.O.V

"Harry." Rhianna tells me.

"It's Marcel now." I tell her.

I used to be Harry Styles the school's bully. I bullied so many people, and hurt them. That's when I decided to be Marcel, the victim of the school bullies. So I understood how much it hurt.

"Marcel, Harry. I don't care what's your name. I have a daughter." Rhianna tells me.

"How old is she?" I questioned curiously.

This could not be my child. No way.

"She's three and yours." Rhianna told me.

"No. No." I repeat.

"I love you Harry. Marcel. Whatever. I want to be your wife. I want my daughter Darcy to be your daughter." Rhianna tells me.

"Darcy." I whispered.

"I have a picture of her." Rhianna told me, handing me a picture.

I look at the picture. Their stands a gorgeous two year old with brown curly hair, and cute dimples. She's smiling into the camera.

"She's gorgeous." I declared.

"I know, and she's ours." Rhianna told me.

"You hurt me Rhianna by kissing another guy." I told her.

"And I'm sorry. I was stupid. Their is no other guy in my heart but you Styles. I love you." Rhianna told me.

I turn around, going to walk. I was so confused. What? How? Why? Rhianna holds my wrist tightly.

"I love you Styles, and your mine. You better be Darcy father." Rhianna tells me, before letting go.

I stand their confused, or what had I done?

Rhianna P.O.V

"And I'm sorry. I was stupid. Their is no other guy in my heart but you Styles. I love you." I told Marcel.

I really loved Marcel/Harry. We dated for three years. That was when I got pregnant with Harry. I wanted to abortion the baby. But I couldn't. I loved kids, and I'm glad I didn't abort. Darcy is the best thing in my life. She's beautiful, sweet, the ray of sunshine in my heart, and helped me realize that the kiss I had with Luke was just a lie. He kissed me, and I kind of kissed him back by accident. Now I realize I had everything. I had Styles. His gorgeous fern green eyes, and his cute brown curly hair. Not to mention his cute dimples on his face. I remember Harry cute fern green eyes fill with tears, when he saw me kissing Luke. I could never forget that. I'm so sorry Harry. So sorry. Please forgive me. I want another chance to be with you. But your mine Styles. I love you Styles, and this time I won't let you go.

I watch Marcel/Harry turn around, and hold his wrist tightly, desperately.

"I love you Styles, and your mine. You better be Darcy father." I tells Harry/Marcel, before letting go.

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