Why me? (Book1)

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  • Published: 27 Jul 2013
  • Updated: 5 Jan 2014
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Lexi Moon is 17 years old. No one knows what she is just that she's not like everyone else.
Her eye colour changes and in the full moon, no one wants to be in her way.
When she was 5 a group of werewolf's found her, and the alpha decided that they would protect her.

But what will happen' when they find out what Lexi is and that she is a danger for the pack?.

Read and find out!

(Book 1)


11. The Arena

Lola took me outside the academy, it looked gorgeus. Just like a old castle with alots of stones and flowers outside. Behinde the academy was a building, it looked like a huge ball. Like a fotball, but it was made of stone and it didn't have a cealing. 

"Dont freak out when you get inside", Lola said and opend the big glas door. 

I had no idea what she was talking about, I just followed every step she took.

Inside of the arena was it alot of stairs and doors. "get in", Lola said when we was on the second floor. I did what she said and saw alot of people, it looked like everyone was there. They screamed and shouted at something. I walked closer to see what everyone was so excited about. 

"But thats... Thats James!", I shouted. "It is", Lola said calmly. "Let's take a seat and watch the show". Lola and I sat down on the first row. 

On the other side of Arena sat Master Joe with a gigantic cat and another human.

"Lola whats going on?, tell me!". 

"You'll see, he will tell you".

It started to get dark and the hole arena lighted up with a white shine.

"Welcome to the ARENA!", Joe shouted. Everyone started clapping their hands and screaming. 

"Tonight the witch hunter James Wood will fight!", he continued. 

"Fight!?, Lola what is he talking about?". 

Lola looked at me, "It's a punishment", "Punishment?, for what?". 

"Taking you to the basement without Master Joe's approval, you know the basement is a secret thing. No new hunters can go down there, they have to earn it."

"He did something without my approval, and you all know that in this academy you need to have rules and he broke one!", Joe screamed louder and louder. 

I could hear my own heart beating. "What will he fight a witch?". 

"No thats to simple for someone as good as him, it has to be something different something stronger". 

I could barely hear what Lola said, it sounded like everyone in the Arena was shouting and screaming. They was so excited. 

"He will fight something more dangerous and more evil than a simple witch, BRING OUT THE DEMON!", Joe looked so proud up there while screaming. 

I was a new on this hole hunting thing but everyone knows what a demon is, it's not that hard to figure out. 

"Demon!?, Lola we have to do something!". I looked at Lola and she was like stone with big eyes, I couldn't even see her breath.

A big stone door opened down at the field, it got cold and you could hear some noice. Like screaming. A black creature got out, you could barely explain how it looked like. It was like a shadow with claws and big eyes, or something like that. 

It attacked James as soon it saw him. James was running and jumping, to avoid the demons attackes. Everyone got quiet when the Demon tore his arm. James screamed of pain and fell to the ground. You could see the tear mark on his arm, he was bleeding. But it wasn't normal blood, it was purple?. But the demon didn't stop, it throw James into the wall. 

Everyone started to scream again, some screamed "James James!" while some of them screamed "The demon will rip you apart loser!". 

James got up and took his dagger and attacked the demon. I couldn't look so I kept my eyes closed until it was over. something screamed it didn't sound like James so I guess it was the demon. Now I heard alots of clapping and shouting, I opened my eyes and saw James standing beside the demon who was slayed. James won... "James really won", I was so happy that I stood up and started to jump up and down. 

After a few minutes James fell to the ground and some doctors got in and took him away. 

"Lola what happend?, what happend with James?!". 

"Demons are full with poison, and it ripped James arm", she mumbled. 

I ran out from the Arena before anyone else, Out to the yard and in to the hospital hall. 

I saw James lying on a bed in one of the rooms, his arm was swollen. "Simone?, what are you doing here?", I asked while entering the room. 

"I could ask you the same". 

"Did you see the..."

"Demon?, yeah I did. And i'm next, why did I take you down there?".

For the first time I actually felt sorry for her, no one should punish this way like they do. 

"Maybe you should talk to Master Joe", I said while looking at James. It looked like he was in a deep sleep. "I could talk to Eddie but i'm not a vimp, so I wont do that".

Could that be the guy I saw next to Master Joe today, he looked like he was in our age. Maybe he is the hunter for the month or something.


"Master Joe's son, he have a crush on me since we was fourteen. I dont think he want me to be killed". 

Either way Simone said that she wouldn't go and talk to Eddie. Nurses and doctors came in and out from the room to look after James. "Will he be okay doctor?", I asked. He had big glasses with white doctor clothes."He is in a coma right now, but I think that he might wake up tomorrow. I hope", he sounded really concerned. 

"I dont get it why Master Joe does this with his hunters, they cant protect the world when they are laying here fighting for there lives", he took some notes and walked away. 

A girl came running in to the room. "Lola?, what is it?", she had a weird face expresion. "You have to come with me now!". "What why!?", I asked while Lola grabbed my arm. 

"A witch hunter is fighting with Eddie!". We ran outside and Simone followed us, she would never miss a fight. 

When we came outside it was dark, but we could still see a big circle on the yard. We got a closer look and we saw Eddie on the ground with bruises all over his face. On the other side stood a guy, he had big muscles and long black hair to his neck. "Who is he?", I whispered to Lola. "Logan, he and James practise together. They are like brothers". 

"I cant fight your father but no one said that I cant fight his son!", he shouted. You could see on his face that he was hurt and worried about James. "Wait, fighting?. Isn't that against the rules?". "Not really", Simone answered. That rememberd me about what Master Joe told me earlier. "If one pisses of the other one someone will die or get to the hospital hall". 

The crowd was shouting and screaming Logans name, like a song. You could see that Logan got a kick from it. "But it is his son", I said and looked at the guy on the ground. "It doesn't matter, he lives here", Lola said while jumping in front of Logan. 

"What are you doing?, do you think that James would have wanted this?", she said with a strong voice. "I dont care I will kill this bastard!", Logan growled. 

Lola picked up her dagger and kicked Logan to the ground, "Calm down!", she shouted while the dagger was against his throat. "Let me go Lola or I will hurt you!". He was so angry. 

"You wont hurt me cause your loyalty is with the witch hunters, and I am one!". 

I knew that Lola could be kinda like a bad ass but that was not expected. Slowly Logan calmed down and Eddie ran away. "What a vimp", I thought while watching him running inside. 

The crowd walked away and now it was just me and Simone there. Lola helped Logan get up on his feet. "Sorry Lola", he said. "Dont worry about it I just dont want you to kill him", she smiled and put away the dagger. 

"This is Lexi Moon, werewolf hunter". 

"Really?, we haven't have one of those for a while know", he looked impressed at me. 

"Hi", I said and gave him a silly smile

"I'm Logan Scott, witch hunter". 

"Yeah I know". He was kinda scary to look at, with all that muscles of his. 

We all walked inside laughing, "Well I see you later", Logan said and walked to the boys dorm. 

"Talk to you later guys I'm kinda tired", Simone disappeard too. "I will take you to your room, it is midnight after all". I followed Lola to the girls dorm. It was really quiet I thought everyone was asleep at this hour. "The others are in the practise center". "Are they training now?", I was chocked who trains in midnight?. "Yeah it the best time to be training but I suggest you go to sleep". Lola stopped infront of a door, 202 was the number that was printed on the door. 

"Here is your room, no roommate just you"

"No roomate?", I was so used to a roommate. 

"We have a roommate until we get thirteen then we have to get used to, dont trust anyone blablabla". 

I carefully opened the door, the room was beautiful, big windows with white curtains. One single bed and a wardrobe. "You also get one bathroom", Lola said while opening another door. The bathroom was very bright it was all white with blue towels. "You have seen alot for just one day". 

"Yeah I have", I sat down on the bed. It felt like sitting on a cloud. "The time goes very slow here too, so get use to it", Lola said while looking out from the window. 

"Are you my friend Lola?", I asked. It most have sounded very stupid. 

"Maybe, but remember dont trust anyone. I'm not of your kinde. I'm a witch hunter". 

"Right", I smiled. 

Lola was about to leave the room, when I stopped her. 

"Wait!, do you think James will be okay?", I was very worried about him. He didn't deserve that at all, and he comfort me when I was sad. 

"Yeah, he is a fighter don't worry". Lola didn't look me in the eyes, for me thats a sign for uncertainty. She walked away and closed the door after her. 

No way I will get some sleep tonight, I was too worried about James and the fact that all these rules was so stupid and that you will fight a creature and maybe die if you break one. 

But I was really tired after all, I kicked my shoes off and lade down on the bed. I took the black blanket over me and turned off the light. I immediatly fell asleep. 





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