Crossed Paths

It's about a girl, super fan of his idol, Zac, a singer super famous.
Manuela is a girl very proud, excited and creates a lot of expectations, those expectations she always manages to turn them into reality, but not others.
Manuela and her best girlfriend, Luiza, enter a life of a super famous pop star, Manuela did not expect we could get into a life as a famous fast, especially for an idol that she so loved.


1. Expectations

According to the noise of the alarm was dead sleep, went to bed late last night, after tomorrow would be a memorable day, why? Because tomorrow my favorite singer would do a concert here in my country, Brazil, I was crazy about him, my dream was dating him, most everyone I spoke no chances aunt, first because he was American and I was Brazilian, according I even thought I was not pretty enough, because the famous whom he dated were very different from my style.

My name is Manuela'm 17, I have long dark brown hair, dark eyes and had a style not unlike most unique, not like anything you copy, style, clothing, personality, ultimately what defines a person is not beauty, hair, and yes character.

Zac, that was the name of which singer I was crazy, loved him, and as I was in M ​​& G's show him I wanted to be as beautiful as possible just to find it.

My best friend Luiza last night slept at home, and I and they were thinking everything, EVERYTHING possible that could happen, of course our imagination, after all who would not want a love story with a guy you dreamed of dating.

One day before the show we decided to go shopping at the mall, he wanted to be beautiful, but when I pick a gorgeous dress, and I look in the mirror, began spending a lot of things in my head.


I know there Luh ... started thinking, what if I have more expectations? and all that I had expected to meet him, he liked me, and nothing that happens?

At that time, the look of Luh thought the same, more like she did not want to hurt her said that nothing is possible and what is to happen, will happen.

-Manu, you never know what can happen, just do not create expectations of more, I know you dream too loud, really, just do not create expectations of more, after all, do not want to see my friends be disappointed because of a boy.

All that I heard I was thinking along the purchases that we were doing, I had such a passion for it, I forgot that he was famous, he was just a normal kid, not crossed my mind that he could just take a picture with me, and just live the moment, or call me, it's hard to have a love from a distance, it moved away, it sometimes got upset when I thought I knew what I was creating expectations of more, never know, anything can happen ... nothing is impossible, just try.

We arrived early in the show, my friend was not going to the M & G, she made sure to wait for me outside, and I had done that when I was supposed to meet her.

Meeeu Luh-God, I do not think I'll see Zac, is a dream, and if he likes me, and if he finds me beautiful, and ...

At this point I interrupted Luiza

-MANU! Do not create expectations I ever told you that you may be disappointed later, do not want that to happen to you Manu.

Luiza was a friend too worried, it seemed my mother, but I knew she was right, but I was very proud and I was confident in myself.

Was in line at the M & G, I was freaking out, I was not seeing it on television or the computer, I was seeing him in person, it seemed like a dream, kept giving me pinching, because it seemed a dream.

When I was about to close my heart was almost out the mouth, not the simple fact that I was going to meet my idol, embracing, more so because I Zac was looking at me, I felt the most beautiful girl in the world.

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