Crossed Paths

It's about a girl, super fan of his idol, Zac, a singer super famous.
Manuela is a girl very proud, excited and creates a lot of expectations, those expectations she always manages to turn them into reality, but not others.
Manuela and her best girlfriend, Luiza, enter a life of a super famous pop star, Manuela did not expect we could get into a life as a famous fast, especially for an idol that she so loved.


2. Doubts

Hi, what's your name?
- It Manuela.Meu god I do not believe you, my god I love you so much ...
At this time Zac turned to me and began to look into my eyes, I saw my reflection in her green eyes and said:
Calm down, do not despair, I'm just a regular guy who has talent. That was his motto, was his eyes shining.
When we landed at the picture he whispered softly in my ear "I love you too"
I was very happy over something inside me made me sad, I remembered I had bought clothes, which I had arranged all just to find him, and had no response, and I love you? That simple sentence he spoke for all wing, was sad and told me that Luh, created more expectations.
When I hear a tall, strong man, all in black, I suspected that could be a safety
-Hello, I'm sorry, I got more Mr. Zac sent this note to you, he said he wants to answer, when I read:
"Manu, really wanted his number, I liked you, your personality, your
style, would like to know you better "
When I read that I was very happy, after all my expectations turned into reality, and of course I wrote my cell number.
Rushes out there that like a child when it came out of a candy store with your sweet preferred.
-Manu, what happiness is all this?
-Luh, my god, he asked for my number, he found me attractive!!
That was something unexplained, you could not explain my feelings were so happy that ....
Really Manu? ? ? my god you got.
I got a question mark on his head, the look was kind of Luiza thoughtful.
- Manu, do not rush too much, you may end up maguando, he is famous he goes out every day and ...
- What are you insinuating Luh?
- Nothing ... forget.
We went out for pizza, wanted to celebrate, after all, the boy of my dreams, my idol, my prince liked me.
Luh and I were talking when I receive a mnsagem:
"Hi Malu, wanted to know ... you know the park from the city center?
I'll have a picnic, wish you were there
See you to 14:00, I hope there Kisses "
Said, and could not wait to arrive tomorrow ..
When I woke up, I thought it was all a dream, but when I looked up my phone and saw the message from Zac, I began to think it happened, all I wanted to know it happened, and especially to have a meeting with him, Zac.
I went down for breakfast:
Daughter-Good Day
Yes, living with my mother, Melissa, my mother she always supported me in everything, she loves it when I get to tell my novels to her, she enjoyed.
How was the show?
I made a face like, happiness, my mother began to stare at me.
Mother, Zac, my idol, he called me for a meeting.
At that time my mother did not believe me, grabbed my cell phone and showed the message, and yes, I speak English. When my mother saw, she looked at me with a happy face, she knew I loved it so much, but at the same time with a face of doubt, worry.

-What was the mother?
-Know daughter, afraid of you stay away from me, the novels that you told me was with his school friends, normal people, not famous, and if you ever decide to move away from me, I feel very homesick.
My mother separated from my father when I was 7, my mother then became very lonely, I always did the best I could to stay with her and let her happy.
-Mom, I'll never leave you alone, I will not move away from you, I could stand nis, I would feel a lot of nostalgia for you.
At this point we hit a hug, my mother and I were very attached.
When I finished making the breakfast looked at the clock and saw it was still early, 9:00, still had time pro meeting, when I receive a message:
"Manu, I need you to come here at home now, is on the ZAC ..."
At that moment I was curious, I wondered, did he say about me? Will he tell everyone that he met a girl that could change his life?
I went up to my room to get dressed and go out, I went straight home from Luh.
When I saw the TV, I saw Zac with a singer holding hands walking in a quiet place when I saw it climbed a lot of anger and sadness.
What will you do Manu?
I'm pro-date!
I know I should not go, but I was not of those girls who were crying in the room watching the time go by and do nothing, wanted to take satisfactions.

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