Beyond the painted smile

A collection of my poems .



He know what will happen

Nothing ever changes in the world he knows

It seems the more he loves

The more is taken


Sleep well my little one

In fields you must run

Eat the hay that's always there

Free from danger, have no cares


You brought us joy for six good years

We know you were happy to see us near

We want you to know you will never leave our hearts

Nothing could replace you

We wouldn't even start


To know you are at peace

Makes us sad and happy too

You were a special piggy

We will always love you


So go be free

We will meet again one day

In green fields we will play

So much love upon your face


We know how much you loved us

We thank you for the joy

I wish we could have helped you

Our special little boy


We have video and photo's

to cherish for our lives

We need to just remember

All those happy times




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