Beyond the painted smile

A collection of my poems .



we wrap ourselves up in dark fluid

A cloak that hides our essence

we put out fake interpretations

seek out peoples congratulations


why are we ashamed to show who we really are?

is it the fear of rejection?

Do we fall into the trap of being puppets?

Moving to the tunes of other people


We should fight for our right to individuality

to stand out from a crowd of Zombies

Those who are dead to themselves

the faceless

the nameless


it's time we stop being the door mats

to fight off the dusty shoes

to say that we are not above

but we are not below -YOU


seek out those words locked inside

another voice adds to the volume

Speak up like a brave person

See how shocked people become


force your issue if they don't want to hear

SCREAM above them

Then state your case, very clear!

that would be the start

The fire inside your heart

to burn your views and to be heard

You will soar like the free bird


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