Beyond the painted smile

A collection of my poems .



In shadows I have walked for far to long

I have wondered in the space between

spirit and faith and hate and trust

in grief I called to the universe


Great power for the open mind

To learn and live and love

To seek, search and find

A guidance full of love


To question and answer

To beg and plead

To suffer the world

To sometimes bleed!


To hold and love the one you choose

Does not mean your God has turned from you

The heart it beats with the blood of truth

This you have given us all to use


I feel fire and anger I long and I lust

Does that mean we have no trust?

For in my heart you show my soul

The paths I walk with you in tow


I have found I can not listen to the opinions of the world

For they will fill the mind with doubt

I will not take in their humanity (or lack of)

I just follow my truth, love and let live


My truth may not be the truth of you

You must seek, you must walk and be still

You must read, find the path

No one has the right to say "Follow me!"


Follow the rivers of your passions

Your spirituality

Your hope

Your heart

Your journey is key!

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