Forever & Always

This is the third and final book to the series 'Brother's Best Friend' Justin and Becca, now have two children. Jesse is now out of jail. Lyssa now has another baby she wants. Justin has some problems. An accident could ruin their family...

Okay guys, I decided to make this because I realize how much you all love it. This is probably the last book. I'm not quite sure yet. I love you all so so so much. You guys are absolutely amazing <3


18. The Hospital Room.

I waited outside the hospital room. Waiting, just waiting to see if Justin was going to survive. I just sat there, crying. knowing either he was going to make it, or I was going to lose him. I bit my nails. I couldn't wait any longer. I ran through the door into his room. THe doctors were all talking around Justin.

Doctor: M'am, you can't be in here.

Becca: Yes, I can.

I started crying even more.

I saw a hand push one of the doctors. I saw Justin's eyes, barely open. I walked over to him and the doctors just stared at me. I took Justin's hand and tried to stop crying. He looked at me and smiled as much as he could.

Justin: Hi, baby.

I smiled and started crying again.

Justin: No, I don't want to make you cry.

He was weak but he could still move. He moved his hand to my face and wiped my tears.

Justin: I'm still here, don't cry.

I calmed myself and stopped crying. One of the doctors came up to me.

Doctor: You can't be in here right now, i'm sorry.

Justin looked up at him.

Justin: If she can't be in here, then i'm not staying here either.

He started to stand up and I made him lay back down.

Becca: You can't get up, yet.

Justin: But I want Becca loves.

I smiled at him.

Becca: When we go home, you can get as many Becca loves as you want.

I smiled and he smiled back.

Justin: Really?

I nodded my head.

Justin: Um, excuse me, doctors, when can I go home?

I smiled at him and stood up.

Justin: No- Where are you going?

Becca: I have to leave or you'll never be able to leave the hospital.

Doctor: We've just got to run some tests. So just a little over an hour..

Becca: Okay, i'll see you in a little bit..

Justin: I want a kiss.

I smiled and gave him a kiss.


I was finally getting to take him home. To be honest, I thought Justin was going to die, but i'm glad I was wrong. Okay, so I texted everybody that Justin was alright, and Pattie said she wanted to throw him a welcome home party.

Becca: We're almost home.

I looked over at him and smiled. He smiled back as he leaned back on the chair.

Justin: I just want to go home, and cuddle.

I looked over at him and smiled. The I focused back on the road in front of me. I felt him lean closer. Then he whispered in my ear.

Justin: Or something else that includes the bed.

He sat back in his chair and grinned at me.

Becca: You just came back to life, after you died, and all you can think about, is sex?

Justin: All I can think about if you.

I smiled at him again.

 Becca: We're almost home, then we can CUDDLE.

Justin: I do love you Rebecca.

Becca: I love you, too.

I smiled and kissed his lips as we pulled into the driveway. We got out of the car and Justin picked me up and made me wrap my lets around his waist. He smiled and pressed his lips to mine.

Justin: You're minneee.

Becca: And  you're mineee and you're not allowed to leave me.

Justin: Dealll.

I smiled and pecked his lips.

Becca: Set me down, i've gotta unlock the doooor.

I pulled out the spare key and unlocked the door. As Justin walked through the door with me he held me close.

Then everybody screamed "Suprise!" Justin jumped and almost had a heart attack.

I laughed and he looked at me.

Becca: Welcome home, baby.

I smiled at him and gave him a kiss. Everybody came over to us.

Becca: I'll let y'all say hello.

Justin: No, come back.

Becca: I'll be back in a minute, okay?

Justin: Promise?

Becca: I promise.

I walked over to the fridge to get Justin a drink. I looked around at the crowd of people. It was a lot of Justin's friends, mainly the famous ones. Selena was standing in the crowd, looking directly at Justin. I walked back over to Justin and handed him his drink. I saw Selena better now, she was with that 'Lyssa' Chick. Atleast Drew and Carter weren't here so they, couldn't take them... but where was Drew and Carter?






*AN NOW JUSTIN'S BACK... BUT WHERE ARE THE KIDS!?? OHMyGosh..I asked for 100 comments in three days and I got like 800 OVER NIGHT! You're amazing! IILYGSM!*

Stay Beautiful Xx

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